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Stonewall: Gay teens more likely to ‘sext’ than heterosexuals

  • Christopher in Canada

    Sexting is the ultimate in safe sex. Let’s face it – the world the youngsters are inheriting can seriously hurt them. Though I do wonder that reality and healthy relationships are being left behind and that we will have a generation typing furiously with one hand, perhaps getting their jollies this way is better than the baths or the parks… Until gay kids can meet and court each other and learn the lessons of adulthood the same way str8’s do… (now why am I thinking of the famous back seats of cars?)… hmmm, maybe not a great comparison…

  • Philip Breen

    Furthermore, underage teenagers should have to prove their age, especially when downloading apps, if they are to avoid situations of grooming. Much of the difficulty the gay community faces is based on the false stereotype that gay men are inherent pedophiles. If underage teenagers who would lie about their age couldn’t access these apps, there would be no misunderstanding. Putin recently aligned homosexuality to pedophilia; On behalf of the UK government, the DBS does the same because it may not filter the spent, old, victimless specifically gay offences for fear that case notes may not have clarified whether a child had been involved in some cases of the distant past where notes were incomplete. So, the belief that gays and pedophiles tread a shared path is widely held by many in society. We have to combat this fallacy with all the means available if more lives are not to be blighted. Gays are no more likely to seek underage sexual partners than heterosexuals.

  • Brett Gibson

    Well when you’re in a world with only men you’re bound to get more sexting as there’s no female prudishness to deal with. Even my female friend who’s on pof and went on grindr for a laugh said that men in general are way more forward than women.

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