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Spiked Editor Brendan O’Neill is against ‘gayness, the gay lifestyle and queer imperialism’

  • Rich

    What is “Spiked” and why should I care what its editor thinks?

    • GulliverUK

      Let’s put it this way. I monitor as many LGBT RSS feeds as I can find, but I also monitor anti-gay sites. Spikes is listed under my “Right-wing Crackpots” folder. It’s not a pleasant place so I take a deep breath and put a peg on my nose when I go in there. :D

      • Trofim

        Right-wing crackpots?!!! Spiked originated from the Revolutionary Communist Party! Free-thinkers, more like. People who allow themselves to think outside the habitual boundaries which most adhere to under social pressure.

        • battlepriest

          It’s no big deal to think “outside the habitual boundaries which most adhere to under social pressure” – any street thug can do that.

        • GulliverUK

          Have you actually read it? Have you commented there? Brandon O’Neill did actually start on the far-left, and then he did what some ungrounded shallow fickle people do, he went extreme right-wing, but claimed he was really a) libertarian (he isn’t) and b) still part of the left (he isn’t). There is a big difference between free-thinking Guardian, Independent pieces, and the sort of “I can be as bigoted as I want” Brandon O’Neill pieces. He has said quite horrible things about the LGBT community – please don’t try to justify his rank bigotry under t he “Free-thinkers” banner. I will NOT be told what to think by anyone, so I value free-thinking and free-thinkers, but homophobia, racism, xenophobia, etc., no thanks. This is not Russia, people can express their views freely, Brandon takes it to the limits of hate speech and incitement to hatred.

          • Trofim

            Listen up cock. I spent a lot of time in the USSR in the 1970’s, and spent a year studying there. Russians are incomparably freer than they were then, freer than at any time in their history, unless you can produce an example from previous centuries. We, on the other hand, are far less free than we were 40 years ago, shamefully so. Russia is on the way up. Britain is on the way down. As I tell my Russian friends – who in the 1970’s only travelled to the eastern block, and then only if they were politically reliable, but who now travel all over the world – in Britain you can be jailed for the wrong kind of tweet – you don’t need to desecrate a cathedral. The wrong kind of joke can bring the boys in blue to your door.
            Incidentally, you have certainly produced the usual standard, trite, predictable, tiresomely repetitive lefty tropes – racism, of course, xenophobia, of course but haven’t you forgotten something – Islamophobia? No self-respecting lefty should leave out “Islamophobia” when they are admonishing one of the unenlightened community.
            The world consists of numerous phenomena, and human beings are so constituted that they like some things, and dislike others, approve of some things and disapprove of others. Some people like rice pudding, others can’t bear it. Some approve of logical positivism, other decry it. Some people are enamoured of homosexuality, others disapprove of it. Homophobia is simply a neologism thought up strategically to demonise those who don’t approve of homosexuality. There is disapprobation of homosexuality, as there is is approbation, but there is no such abstract entity as homophobia. An overwhelmingly majority of the population of the world regard homosexuality with various degrees of distaste. That is the reality.
            Bigotry? Bigotry is simply the lefty’s way of referring to the views of those who disagree with him.
            “Incitement to hatred”? For Christ’s sake, grow up and try to stop hogging the victimhood. Let somebody else have a bit.

          • Shouldn’t you be back on Spiked writing some bollocks for your confused readers? Everything you’ve written there is the usual nonsense I would expect from a political student desperate to be noticed for being “radical”.

            If you’re over the age of 30, you should be a little concerned about your own views. You’re doing nothing but presenting yourself as a parody of a 1970’s political radical.
            Thankfully, your opinions make no difference to public life and society, so if you did study politics as I believe you did (or possibly still do) it was a waste of money.

        • PJM

          Being a member of RCP (or any other tiny irrelevant fringe party led by a university professor) does NOT make you a ‘free-thinker’. People join such parties so they can ‘adhere’ to the party line and not have to think for themselves. The writing on Spiked is average at best, dimly obvious at worst and only gains wider attention by taking the contrarian point of view. A bunch of (ex student) desperadoes who have finally realised that their ‘revolution’ (a mixture of muddled immature left and right nonsense) never came and the world carries on nicely without their guidance. It must hurt!

        • David Zwicker

          Spiked are right-wing crackpots pretending to be left-libertarians/communists. They take unpopular views just to be unpopular.

        • Cel West

          If you’re a “free thinker” who turns out to support any Golden Dawn policies you need to think a bit less freely and a bit more critically.

          • Trofim

            I confess – I support Golden Dawn, eat babies, and made my grandmother into a sandwich, with Dijon mustard.

        • Spiked is the Westboro Baptist Cult of “free thinking”.

          It is basically retardation of political ideals. You cannot possibly consider yourself to be a “free thinker” and open to debating things outside of the “norm” or “sheep mentality” AND believe in subjugating groups of people under your specific brand of insanity.

          The two concepts are fundamentally opposed. In order to be a forward thinking person you cannot believe in any potential subjugation of any group of people.

        • David H

          Let’s be honest, there’s very little difference in terms of lack of freedom and high levels of bigotry between the extreme right and the extreme left: fascism v totalitarianism = nobody wins.

  • One wonders what he’s trying to compensate for…

  • RBrown

    He puts the P into Rick!

    • dtnorth

      And most likely also puts the Pr!ck into Rick.

  • Jones

    You can tell by that stare that he’s a homophobe.

  • Robert W. Pierce

    Having a little tantrum is he because he discovered nobody paid him any attention during the equal marriage debate last year? I deeply suspect he has unresolved issues to do with his sexuality. Most homophobes do.

  • Doug

    Just another former altar boy obsessed with homosexuality. What else is new?'neill_altarboy.gif

    • RAY

      Shame he’s now an atheist , an atheist however who speaks a lot of common sense about the homo-fascism of the homosexual lobby .

      • “Homo-fascism” is an interesting concept, I think the right-wing have been taking cues from 1984 and started adopting “double-speak”.

        • rumbelow

          It seems to be official policy now for extremist anti-gay loons to disarm and confuse by speaking utter nonsense, and they are really good at it too… speaking nonsense I mean.

  • Truth

    As Jack Straw said on Any Questions on Radio 4 over the weekend, rabid homophobes really should take a long, hard look at themselves and address their self-hatred. He said he’d always found those who shouted the loudest were the biggest closet cases. That is certainly MY experience too ….

  • John

    The lady doth protest too much, methinks

  • Tim Hanafin

    Oh boo hoo! Welcome to the 21st century

  • Wow, he calls himself a “journalist”?
    The guy is clearly a fruitcake, and not the nice kind either.
    Not to worry, he can bitch and whine all he likes, his kind are a dying breed and the intelligent are taking over. That’s why they’re being so outspoken right now, they know they are losing the battle and pretty soon people like this nutter will be no more relevant to society than the BNP.

  • P.S. Glad to see you’ve adopted a decent commenting system now too. ;)

    • dtnorth

      Not if your using an android tablet it isn’t

  • JD

    Just another Vile backward, closeted A hole

  • GutesBuchBrenner

    Culture wars? Gay agenda? Has someone also told him the sky is falling? This poor soul has the signs of a paranoid schizophrenic homophobic closet case. Poor dear

  • soapbubble

    Unsuccessful is the key word here. Shut the fuck up, homophobic turd.

  • Tim Hanafin

    Having read the article I do think he makes a fair point that a lot of politicians, media and corporate businesses are wrapping themselves in the pink flag, so to speak, though actually doing nothing and costing them little. I disagree with him on so many points I can’t be bothered to elaborate.

  • Gareth

    Why do right wing pundits always employ the same rhetorical device of “the slippery slope” when trying to add weight to their weak arguments?

    He says that because people are standing up for equal rights and protections for gay people in Russia etc that it will inevitably lead to Western nations bombing insufficiently gay countries. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that will never happen.

    However if he wants to know how long will it take before gay hate groups use the anti gay legislation in countries like Nigeria and Russia to justify public lynchings and pogroms, then I can inform him it’s already begun. That’s the true nature of the slippery slope; one which he is more than happy to add some grease to.

  • Scousebadger

    Oooh, get her!

  • GulliverUK

    Who cares what villainous mega-homophobe Brandon “fangs” O’Neill thinks? Nobody would employ the bigot so he had to start his own company to publish his vile tripe. His site is a magnet for the same putrid posters which infect The Telegraph when there is any gay issue being discussed – nobody agrees with their narrow-minded backward driven religious intolerant views. I need a sick bag every time I hear that name. He’s odious in the extreme.

    He doesn’t like being a loser, but got so heavily entrenched in fighting the right-wing religious wars that he wasn’t able to change sides – so now looks like an idiot. Like other wingnuts, Mrs Mission America for example, they are best flushed down the drain and forgotten. Life is too short. Mrs Odone, at the Telegraph, has changed her mind about “gayness” :)

  • lee

    why is he so hateful of gay people?

  • Rovex

    I thought homophobes gave up call us all camp and effeminte a long time ago, when it was shown its not true. Even if it were, most gay men are still more manly and brave than this weasel.

    • Micheleh

      Hey, hey, not fair to weasels.

  • Gerry

    Sounds like Sp!ked should be UK!P’s house magazine…

  • Jbd

    Isn’t it strange how these suppose heterosexuals try to make other peoples lives their lives .

  • Read

    Interesting no-one has taken issue with anything he wrote here…

    • Rehan

      Good of you to lead by example.

      • Benjamin Cohen


    • Lamia

      No, no one has taken what he has to say seriously, that’s all, thick Richard.

    • Raisinhead

      How could we? It’s all contrarian bleating…. his basic point is that no one listens to him and his revolutionary working class mob. He’s right about that.

  • Christopher in Canada

    This from a man who looks like of of the cast of The Boys In The Band?

  • Ray

    Thanks Brendan for writing a devastating critique of the homo-lobby with their Salem witch hunts and cries of ‘homophobia’ .They have politicised the games in the same way the Nazis did – expecting everyone to wave their rainbow swastika from every town hall .And all because of what ? – this law :

    Criminal Code: Sexual relations and other action of a sexual nature with a person under the age of sixteen (16), Chapter 18, Article 134

    Sexual intercourse, buggery [‘muzhelozhstvo’] or lesbianism, committed by a person over 18 on a person admittedly under 14 is punishable by limitation of freedom up to three years or deprivation of freedom up to four years [R1.2].

    The second is:

    Section 6.21. Promotion of non-traditional sexual relations among minors

    1. The promotion of non-traditional sexual relations among minors expressed in the dissemination of information aimed at developing in minors non-traditional sexual facilities, at the allure of non-traditional sexual relations….

    Sounds like a common sense law to me .

    • Lamia

      One would think from your likening of gay people to Nazis that in Russia it is gangs of gay people tormenting and torturing straight people on camera, beating them up, setting fire to them, murdering them, or suspending them from school, jailing them, removing their right to adopt , etc…

      …and not the other way round.

    • jjswin

      What rot. I doubt anyone has a problem with the first law.

      The second law you mentioned does two things:

      1. Prevents young gay people having an equal education to their straight peers – sexual health, relationship advice. It prevents groups letting gay people know that being gay is ok, and stops them from dealing with the endemic homophobia that exists in Russia. As a result, many gay people suffer.

      2. Having a law that targets ‘non-traditional’ sexual relations infers that there is something wrong or bad about being gay, which there isn’t. It therefore enables homophobia and makes things worse for gay people, but the law prevents anyone from doing anything effective about it.

      Whether you agree or not the above, it’s a very valid interpretation of what’s happened and a reasonable response with those that care about the lives and wellbeing of vulnerable gay people. You shouldn’t be surprised that there is a fuss being made about it.

  • Erica Cook

    Come on, when have we ever even hinted at threatening violence against a nation?

  • kenthomes

    Why are hatemongerors like Ray and fagburn allowed on this board?

  • rumbelow

    “Where once the world was divided between the civilised and the savage, now it’s split between the gay-friendly and the homophobic.”

    So in other words nothing has changed there.

  • 54footscray .

    agree with brendan o’neill

  • byguyhi

    just read up on this nobody. Another anti that wants freedom of speech as long as its his freedom of speech. He has poor arguments, which have very little standing. .

  • Don’t read fagburn

    OK Fagburn. His argument that the West is some kind of politically correct wonderland, where everyone is falling over themselves to be gay friendly is clearly nonsense. The idea that any country would go to war to impose gay rights on another country is complete drivel. It’s designed to frighten bigots who think that the next step for gay rights is to make homosexuality compulsory. And I don’t suppose anyone thinks that wearing a rainbow tie will topple Putin, but what would you rather? A chorus of people demanding that Russia has the right idea and that Clause 28 should be revived here? What is wrong with you that you are applauding an idiot pushing the gays should keep quiet for fear of antagonising people argument that self loathing gays have clung to for years.

  • IntuitionHost

    Oh this just irks mah nerve!

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