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Scottish Tory leader: I wept with relief when Holyrood passed equal marriage

  • Colin

    My congratulations to you and everyone in Scotland who worked for Gay marriage. Well done and as a Scot who left Scotland because I am gay I admire you and the Scottish people.
    You worked directly for marriage. I worked indirectly in England for marriage and found myself in tears of anger, and emotions I did not know I could feel when the vote came through. I have an insight as to how you must have felt and feel. I wish you and yours every happiness. I have two gay Scottish nieces and am sure they would join me in congratulating and thanking you.

  • Stephen

    Does this Davidson person condemn the homophobic extremist bigotry of the Tory Party in England?
    What does she think to the fact that over 50% of her Tory colleagues in England think that she is a 2nd class citizen, undeserving of equal rights.
    How does she plan to purge the Tory Party of the vicious homophobes that make up the majority of this party.
    Or is Ruth Davidson merely an opportunistic hypocrite.

  • Stephen

    And considering how minute the Scottish Tory Party is; why is this Davidson character being given a platform to spout her nonsense.
    Does Ruth Davidson accept that no LGBT person in their rights mind should EVER vote for a candidate who voted against equality?
    More than half the Tory Party hates us you know.
    Yet Pink News keeps pushing the Tory Party line and promoting them.
    This is a Tory website which is too cowardly to admit it as it knows full well that whatever shreds of respect this website has left would be destroyed (although the endless parade of articles stolen from better written US websites has damaged this website pretty badly already. )

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