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Mississippi football player ‘looks down on gay football players’ including recently out Michael Sam

  • Nick

    What a tool. A moron who can’t deal with reality and then tries to backpedal when wiser heads intervene by issuing a non-apologly. He’s shown his stupidity. A gay man can’t play American Football? Just watch…

    • Solemn Unvergesslich

      you may play anything you want, just dont spread your disease and sick mind onto society, why do we even have to care that you are a homo and like to have another man’s penis in your colon area to feel loved ?!?!

  • jbd

    50 + years ago he wouldn’t of been seen anywhere near that rugby ball , yet he’s got the nerve to say gay people shouldn’t play sports because it’s not seen as a man’s sport …, what an idiot .

  • dtnorth


    No more need be said.

    • MJ

      As if African-Americans in Chicago and NYC are any less homophobic.

      • Steve_R

        20 years ago, I used to see an African-American from Buffalo NYS in Toronto clubs weekly. When I first expressed interest in why he came to Toronto each week-end, he replied “At home I’m twice cursed!” “Ain’t no Black supposed to be Gay” and “No gay supposed to be Black’
        My how times have changed “not!”

        • MJ

          Yup. He must have adored white men.

  • Mike Dalgarno

    Ignorance is this guy’s middle name, and it goes to show that there is a lot of educating that is still required.

    The connotation that being gay lessens you as a man goes back to good old fashioned stereotypes. Michael Sam is not only going to be an educator by showing that a gay man CAN play football but also become a good role model for fellow gay athletes and educate people like Rufus Warren that Stereotypes can be wrong!

  • Steve_R

    One of life’s little ironies, life comes back to bite him!

    Spoke out demeaning a fellow sportsman, had to apologize…deleted tweets and then secured his account!

    Recently a comment made on “Eastenders” when Johny came out, was “You just made enemies you didn’t know you had” Some how I think this is a good example of what Rufus Warren did to himself. Foot in mouth = Ridicule as reward!

  • Truth

    It’s sad how many black people – especially from the southern USA – see no irony or hypocrisy in being so disgustingly discriminatory. It’s a pity they are not educated to understand their own history of persecution.

    • Erica Cook

      Not all, the NAACP was the first group unrelated to the LGBT community to state that our issues were a matter of civil right. One person has said that whenever a new social community takes on a cause of civil rights the previous community tends to react badly because they feel it cheapens the cause. It is true that the black community has a bad history with the LGBT community, but aside from the civil rights issue I think a big part of it has to do with their connection to Christianity.

      • Truth

        Yep – I agree that religion is totally responsible … as it most certainly is in Africa. I just wish more people would have the guts to challenge the black community when they are being homophobic and point out how hypocritical they are being with regard to their own persecuted history …..

        • Quadee

          TBH, white gays, well gays in general, are no different when it comes to racism. Black people may have an excuse because of religion, but what are gay people excuses.

    • MJ

      igion can be a big part of it, yes, but also gangsta rap culture. Gangsta rap has always had problems with lyrics espousing killing gays.

    • Cristian Moro

      I agree 100%. As a triple minority myself (gay, Jewish and Latin) I couldn’t imagine myself discriminating on another minority that’s fighting for equal rights, it would be just as hypocritical as me condemning “Latin immigrants and denying them an amnesty” when I myself had to go through hell to get my green card and later American citizenship through my family, or if I condemned any other race or ethnic group that has suffered a massacre after what my people went through at The Holocaust. It only takes a little bit of sympathy, just a bit, especially when your own people have suffered the same, and we are not talking thousands of years or centuries, just 50 years ago. A lot of people choose to turn an blind eye to their own history and they only use it when it’s convenient for them to defend against racism.

  • Pet

    OK, who in their right mind would care what this unknown little man has to say? Yes, he is a straight man, and yes, Michael Sam is a gay man. They are both men and they are both players, BUT Michael is a hell of a good player, known for his capacity as a sportsman and for his marks as a student. This Mississippi thing was unkown until his homophobic outburst a few hours ago, and will be forgotten by tomorrow morning.

  • Cal

    These idiots are so stupid. They are always forced to remove the tweets and apologise. Just as well we know who the homophobic neanderthals are. Shame he seems so totally unaware of the irony of a person of cloud saying things like that.

  • Jordy

    You look down on gay football players? Just don’t look to far down, you might be tempted.

    • Solemn Unvergesslich

      you just professed yourself that you are a very SICK person, why would anyone get tempted ? weak psycho homos do, but normal people, do not get tempted, don’t forget that,

  • Christopher in Canada

    If being a “real man” means only enjoying half a sex life trapped in one position with someone who just might be faking it for a fur coat, then call me gay!

  • Erica Cook

    I hate footbal, US that is, what you call football is cool. But I look forward to hearing about the first time this guy is taken out by a gay player. Then we’ll see what he think about a gay man’s manlyness.

  • Andrea

    Pretty sure they used to hang black people for the hell of it in good ole Mississippi, they clearly do not teach history at his university, probably too hard for this meat head, shut the hell up and stick to basket weaving manly man.

  • Stu Lister

    Ian Roberts was the hardest Rugby Leaque player in the toughest sport in Australia, NRL. He was openly gay all his playing career. Rugby League is a real mans sport. Not that fairies game they play in the USA. LOL.

  • Jones

    “I don’t have a problem with gay people.. Be happy! But I look down on gay football players..”

    As far as I’m concerned, that’s having a problem with gay people.

    • Solemn Unvergesslich

      That’s a fairly decent statement as far as I am concerned….gays have a disease and the worst thing is that they are mentally and emotionally unable to understand that…how’s that for a starement

      • Jones

        When you’ve got the scientific proof that we have a disease, then I will listen to you.

  • Fjalur

    That’s depressing, there was as time when white folk didn’t consider black people people but cattle.

  • Rehan

    You always say that about black people, but if you’ve made similar observations about the Irish or Palestinians in Israel or Hungarians I haven’t seen them.

    The truth is that people who are or have been oppressed seldom have the grace and sympathy to understand the oppression of others (individuals may, but societies in general usually don’t), and usually just seek someone else they can oppress in turn.

    • Rehan

      That was intended in response to the post by ‘Truth’ below – sorry, haven’t go tthe hang of this new format yet.

  • Oh look, another bigot who seems totally confused and can’t spell either. What a surprise to see once again that bigotry is inexplicably linked to illiteracy and lack of basic intelligence!

  • And, someone should remind him that Rugby is a REAL mans sport, they don’t need crash helmets, padding and armor to play a similar game. And yet, Rugby is incredibly open and supportive of its gay players.

    If this guy wants to see what REAL men look like, and what a real mans game is, he should take a look at British Rugby and stop trying to inflate his own ego.

  • michael35

    Another hypocrite who happens too be African American it is truly a travesty that there are some African americans who intentionally ignore that they persecuting condemning and discriminating against us the same way the KKK did. Pathetic really.

  • rapture

    He was probably a slave owner /KKK member in a previous life

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