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Comment: The equal marriage vote was a proud moment for Scotland

  • Louise

    Honestly is this guy still going on about this. Good job mate, time to move on – one trick pony.

    • carly may

      in fairness, It happened six days ago…

  • kenthomes

    Louise….honestly,get over yourself!! This is a very big deal and deserves more coverage. Some of us appreciate the work they put in here.

  • BennieM

    The Equality Network did a great job in fighting for equal marriage in Scotland, and they started in 2006 or 2008, so it’s not unreasonable for them to be excited and happy that they’ve achieved their goal.

    I know there are some other things to fight now, like St. Margaret’s catholic adoption agency, but surely we can let the Equality Network have a wee break before they turn their attention to other matters?

  • Colin

    Congratulations to everyone involved in making this happen. It is awesome and life changing for many. The Scotland I knew growing up and left has turned a corner.

    I shed a tear in New Zealand when gay marriage was voted on. I cried painfully and angrily (don’t know where it came from) in London when the vote came through. Bit soppy but I cried when Scotland came through.

    All the lonely years and being careful as to what I said in front of family or at work others will not feel going forward. I listen to my two gay nieces who came out in their teens and boy they take no prisoners. Awesome. I am convinced an inclusive society is the way forward. Religions must become inclusive or die. (die-my preferred route)

    Filled with joy but others are not so lucky and we remember that. 10million people have recently become law breakers in Nigeria and worse. They are now open to blackmail and forms of slavery to protect themselves. And Russia and….

    But Scotland Celebrate. Human rights for all.

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