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David Starkey: Violence is required for rape, not just absence of consent

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Reader comments

  1. He has also said that people should be allowed to discriminate against gays.

  2. He’s nuts. He really lets the side down!

  3. David Starkey is proof that gay people are just like everyone else. Just because you are gay doesn’t mean you can’t be homophobic, racist, sexist or just plain nuts.

  4. That There Other David 7 Feb 2014, 2:45pm

    Starkey is so damn full of his own opinions he is incapable of listening to anyone else’s. Although he’s never been raped he still believes he knows what rape is better than any victim does. I can’t bear the man. He’s condescending, dismissive, and believes speaking forcefully and loudly wins an argument rather than rational thought.

  5. Tim Jones 7 Feb 2014, 2:51pm

    Rape is about forcing sex on someone who doesn’t want it. To me, that seems like lack of consent from one combined with violence from another. I think Starkey has his semantics about right, but his manner is very abrasive and patronising.

    1. QueerWeGo 7 Feb 2014, 3:15pm

      If one party is unconscious or incapacitated, for example by a substance, you could very plausibly make the case against violence, and therefore, surely, rape.

      Violence may or may not be a component of rape. See what you’re saying though.

  6. Good point, PinkNews, regarding Galloway being hypocritical in objecting so strongly to Starkey’s assertion when Galloway has himself said much the same in describing the sex assault claims against Julian Assange, saying they amount to little more than “bad sexual etiquette”.

    But Starkey does us few favours by carrying on like such a spoilt clever child when in front of the cameras. All that verbiage of his about him having special understanding of rape as a result of not being heterosexual and of being on “the other side” was irrelevant, unnecessary, and simply tripe.

    And generally Mr. Starkey needs to behave more professionally. He’s clearly been getting away with behaving however he likes for far too long, and probably because others have not wished to be afflicted by the edge of Starkey’s often vicious tongue.

  7. He’s not even right about the Latin root of the word.

    The Latin verb (rapio, -ere) means to snatch, carry off, abduct or steal. Often this was done violently, but it needn’t have been. “Raptor”, “rapacious” and “rapt” all come from the same root, the semantic commonality being in the act of taking what isn’t yours, not in perpetrating violence.

    Besides which, he might have noticed that we’re not speaking Latin anymore, and the meaning of words does change over time. Though since the pompous prick seems so fond of the language, he can go and se lateraliter pedicat.

  8. Erica Cook 8 Feb 2014, 2:51am

    How about a man rape him jently and see if he thinks the level of violence defined it with him. And no, he doesn’t know just because he’s been a ketchor. It isn’t until you’ve had a man, or four men hold you down why you cry out no over and over again, or wake up the next day hurting and not able to remember why that you will know what being on that side feels like. When your safety is dependent on how your partner sees you because you are strong enough to effectively fight back. Only then will you know.

  9. David Starkey has some embarrassing opinions.
    Unwanted sexual penetration is absolute violation, there must be many rape victims who submit simply to avoid what they know or fear would otherwise result in further physical violence. Starkey’s opinions regarding history may be interesting but he has no special qualifications or expertise to be commenting upon rape, he certainly appears to be lacking in empathy which is always a serious deficiency.

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