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More than 200 leading authors condemn Russia’s anti-gay laws as a ‘chokehold’ on freedom of speech

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  1. Is that the same Gunter Grass that was in the Nazi Waffen SS?

    1. He was a teenager and didn’t have much choice. You on the other hand name yourself fagburner and by assuming that noone forces you to do that, it is clear how low, distorted and despicable you are, so shut up and troll somewhere else.

    2. Wake up to yourself fagburn.

  2. Gunter Grass has always spoken out against Germany’s Nazi past, he had just turned 17 when he was conscripted into the Waffen-SS … it wasn’t his choice.

    It’s great that these writers are making a stand against corrupt, dangerous and unnecessary laws and that they are signing their names to the protest.

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