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Madonna: World should stand up against Putin’s ‘blatant intolerance of gay rights’

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Reader comments

  1. Finnish lesbian 6 Feb 2014, 5:12pm

    True true Madonna! I won’t watch any sports of Sochi Olympics, because of their anti-gay law! Normally I would. I am from Finland, there are plenty of Finns competing there.

  2. This is either a last stand against equality on Putin’s part or the beginning of a backwards march. Hopefully the former. I don’t understand how Sochi was allowed to host.

  3. If Human Rights means anything in this world then the Winter Olympics should have been taken away from Putin’s Russia as soon as he passed this legislation! He has basically licensed the persecution of Gays in his name. Shame on you Putin, you are fooling no-one, shame on you Olympic Committee for abandoning Human Rights! I too will not be watching this Games on tv in UK whilst my imagination goes into overdrive about what may be happening in that country whilst the show piece goes on! Shame in those Ryssians who support this man.

  4. I wish Madonna and her fellow popstars would do a song to encourage people to boycott russia.

    They did it for apartheid with sun city.

  5. Dimitris T 6 Feb 2014, 6:52pm

    As Greek and gay, I am ashamed and concerned that the Greek President, Mr Papoulias, is the only President of an EU country -and the presiding one- who will attend in person the commencement of the Sochi Olympics. Greek government has no intention to pass an anti-hate-speech law whatsoever and is only trying to avoid pressure in a cloak and dagger fashion. Not to mention about civil partnership law, despite ECHR resolution. And it seems they manage brilliantly, since they are complying to austerity measures, that EU cares more about. Many people in Greece are fond of Putin and those ministers in gay marriages should certainly visit Greece too. But they don’t want to embarass the Greek government. Meanwhile there are some demonstrations in several Greek cities about the situation in Russia, but there are many people here who would like such things in Greece as well.

  6. “87 of my fans were arrested for gay behaviour — whatever that means.@

    Err, no they weren’t. you mad cow.

    1. How do you know?

    2. I hope you find whatever you are continually searching for here at Pink News fagburn, my hope for you is that you will learn to accept and like yourself for who you really are… maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but soon and for the rest of your life.

  7. GingerlyColors 7 Feb 2014, 12:10am

    I have just been on Google and I notice that their latest ‘Google Doodle’ celebrating the start of the Winter Olympics is in the colours of the Rainbow Flag! I hope Vladmir Putin sees it as he will be having kittens!

  8. Blatant intolerance (‘homophobia’) ?,The Russian laws branded ‘homophobic’ by the homo-lobby and it’s well funded media :
    Criminal Code: Sexual relations and other action of a sexual nature with a person under the age of sixteen (16), Chapter 18, Article 134
    Sexual intercourse, buggery [‘muzhelozhstvo’] or lesbianism, committed by a person over 18 on a person admittedly under 14 is punishable by limitation of freedom up to three years or deprivation of freedom up to four years [R1.2].
    The second is:
    Section 6.21. Promotion of non-traditional sexual relations among minors
    1. The promotion of non-traditional sexual relations among minors expressed in the dissemination of information aimed at developing in minors non-traditional sexual facilities, at the allure of non-traditional sexual relations, at a distorted picture of the social equivalence of traditional and non-traditional sexual relations…

    Sounds like common sense to me .

    1. Ray-pissed, you shouldn’t go near the internet when you’ve been drinking Ray, but you always head straight to the gay comments boards when instead you could be lapping up the distorted tripe at the Christian Institute site which would be right up your street.

      1. These are the laws the homo-lobby don’t want the public to know about – instead it’s the ‘homophobia’ smokescreen helped along with the homosexual child sex advocates and media luvies , and pop stars who milk the ‘pink pound’ (Tatchell,Fry & Co )
        I noticed Pavlos you don’t condemn the idea of someone over 18 having sex with minors (under 14) and probably think the idea ‘homophobic’ hence your horror at this child protection law which the militant homosexual lobby dislike so much .The wide ranging addiction problems associated with homosexual behaviour – drug use , HIV infection, self-harm , to name but a few ….ironic you label me as drunk .
        The Russian people suppressed for years by totalitarian communism don’t want the homosexual fascist ideology foisted on them or their children .They have said a firm ‘NO’ , while we in the west bow down to the demands of sexual deviants who make up about 0.001% of the population and who choose their unhealthy lifestyle through choice .

    2. Let go of the patriarchy there is no scientific proof or biological proof of a gender binary, sexual attraction isn`t defined by gender or gender role stereotypes which are merely a social construct derived from religion and patriarchy, there is nothing biological about blue or football for boys or pink and dolls for girls purely a social construct, there was no valid biological reason to oppress women until the late 1960s and there is no valid biological reason to oppress homosexual men other than patriarchy, the oppression of the feminine and promotion of the masculine Homophobia “The fear of being treated the way men treat a woman”

    3. The patriarchy strikes again, there is nothing biological about pink or dolls for girls or blue and football for boys its purely a social construct, patriarchy the promotion of the masculine and oppression of the feminine there is NOTHING biological about the” Gender Binary” because gender is not linked to sexual attraction but merely stereotypes, you want to restrict LGBT rights just as you once restricted women`s rights until the 1960s, homosexuality is found in hundreds of different species of the animal kingdom yet homophobia is only found in humans so take your unfounded unscientific homophobia and patriarchy and shove it where the sun don`t shine.

      1. The thing about Ray is he is obviously a self-hating closet gay in denial, he has been made to feel ashamed of his own same sex attractions but still they bring him to this gay comments board again and again.
        Poor Ray, he’s missed out on his own life and has become bitter and twisted, now he tries to convince himself and us that he is straight by coming to PN to make anti-gay comments, he imagines that if he’s manifesting homophobic words then he can’t be gay… right?…No wrong but Ray’s anti-gay stance legitimises his being here to himself, it’s his excuse.
        Ray is the big pretender but evidently not quite clued-up enough to understand his own psychology, he displays no grasp of his own or anyone else’s human condition and has no empathy for others which is a serious character flaw.
        My hope for Ray is that visiting these pages he will eventually discover himself and find some contentment in that, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but soon and for the rest of his life.

  9. Good for her for speaking out if only more British celebs had the guts to speak out instead of adopting the status-quo, it is utterly shameful that British celebs especially males can`t or won`t bring themselves to support equal rights for LGBT people a section of humanity who are oppressed it makes me sick especially the so called gay friendly ones who profess to be gay friendly yet stay silent when acts of brutal oppression and homophobia occur. I remember the “Rainin Men” campaign last week not one single celebrity publically voiced their support many supported it but not publically shame on them for being cowards because that’s what they are. silence never achieved anything for the Jews in the 1930s nor for Women`s Rights or the Civil Rights Movement, its time to stop looking the other way and continue fighting for our rights around the world. Fascism is a cancer and currently its spreading across Europe, Putin is a neo-fascist dictator people need to wake up and put a stop to this

    1. People who get involved get criticised, that’s why it takes guts to step outside of the much more common apathy.

  10. Putin’s corrupt anti-gay propaganda law silences anyone who speaks positively or neutrally about gay rights: “First they stopped us responding, and then they called us paedophiles and rapists.”

  11. Where are the british “celebs” with any conscience speaking out, apart from paul o grady of course and Stephen fry, I meant really straight people. And lady gaga seems very quiet about all this, I guess she’s made her money/fame now from being marketed as the self appointed gay diva.

    1. There are a lot of people with opinions on this, but not all of them seek out the means to express it. Be honest, if hundreds of celebs started looking for a chance to talk about this plenty of people would be attacking them for being opportunistic.

      I have seen Gaga talk about this at least twice. I don’t follow every word she says like some do, so if I have stumbled across two examples of her opinion then I think it’s fair to assume she speaks out about this regularly.

      Either way, it doesn’t change much. Madonna’s opinion won’t change anything, neither will Gaga’s. The only things that actually work to change societies are internal social evolution and international pressure. As the Russian people are so backward, social evolution is not likely. They have no free media in Russia, so having openly LGBT people on TV is not possible. The only option is international pressure.

      Hit them in the wallet, cease tourism, halt business deals, refuse the export of Russian products.

    2. glasgow1975 7 Feb 2014, 12:48pm

      Gaga’s too busy bleating about her depression after her album flopped, and how it was everybody else’s fault around her, but she’s fired them all now so everything’s OK, so buy my tour tickets pretty please!

  12. Here’s what should have happened…

    The moment it became clear that this law could pass in Russia, the IOC should have released a statement making clear that they would have to review their involvement in the country. The IOC DOES have a back up plan, to believe otherwise is ridiculous. What if there had been a disaster affecting the country in the meantime? The IOC would either lose out on a lot of money, or they would move it to the last location to ensure it continued. They COULD HAVE DONE THIS. Every good organization has a back up plan, so do they.

    When/if the law passed, then the IOC should have relocated back to the previous host nation, using the same facilities or spending a few months upgrading.

    The fact that they haven’t reeks of corruption. It’s risked their reputation and the future of the IOC with sponsors less likely to want to be involved in the future if they can be associated to it in such a negative way.

    The IOC has failed here, as have the sponsors.

  13. Madonna is an attention seeking talentless has been. Pussy riot have no decent songs either. Perhaps their protests should be in the form of speech only as they are crap performers.

  14. Monoman writes “The Washington Post reports, ‘The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics start tonight. But if you’re among the 9 percent of U.S. households who have broadband but don’t subscribe to paid television, it will be nearly impossible to (legally) watch the games online this year. … That’s because while NBC is streaming all of the events live online, full access to the livestream will only be available to paying cable subscribers. And thanks to a $4.38 billion exclusive deal NBC.

  15. alex saville 8 Feb 2014, 6:30am

    “What I realised was how lucky I was and am to live in a country where I can speak my mind.”

    And we are unlucky enough to stumble across the drivel of her mind when browsing the internet.

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