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Ban Ki-moon to Olympic Committee: ‘We must all raise our voices’ over anti-gay attacks in Russia

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Reader comments

  1. “Mr Ki-moon was the first Secretary General to address the matter of Russia’s anti-gay legislation before the committee”

    How many Secretaries-General were at this committee meeting, exactly?

    1. I think this means that this was the first meeting of its kind, in that no previous UN Secretary General has ever raised LGBT issues with the IOC.
      I agree it’s not exactly good wording.

    2. Plus, it’s Mr Ban, not Mr Ki-moon.

  2. The IOC is an immature, innately racist, sexist and homophobic group of men. They are like almost every other sporting body on the planet – corrupt to the core, all about money, they couldn’t care less who is harmed in their quest for holding a money-making party.

    You only need to read the comments and see the attitudes of those involved in the IOC to see that it’s a private members club of rich white men (with the occasional token woman or black person to give the impression of inclusiveness) whose sole mission it is to make a few million $’s while claiming to be something it isn’t.

    It’s exactly the same as FIFA, immature, teenage boys trapped in grown mens bodies, pretending to be “noble” while being all about banking another million off the backs of the proles.

    1. Totally agree and that’s what I came on here to comment. There are many global institutions that should be investigated and whose existence and operations are rotten to the core, I’m convinced. The IOC and FIFA are just some of them. Totally corrupt and do not operate in the spirit they were created. It’s really sad.

  3. convenient he does it just one day before: Like any Country, Sponsor, Athlete is going to back out now…

    If they was they would have done it already…

    Money talks while the LGBT’s will be buried… The MONEY is way more important then our Gay Civil Rights.. that has already been proven..

  4. The recently introduced gagging law means only negative things can be said when mentioning homosexuality in Russia, if anyone says anything positive or neutral about homosexuality then they are deemed to have broken the law.
    Putin’s corrupt regime vilifies and dehumanises gay people while encouraging others through example to do the same, the right to respond to the vile lies and hate speech has been removed from gay Russians by the gagging law, they cannot defend themselves against the lies nor against the organised vigilante groups who target gays with impunity in Russia.

  5. ItchycooMark 6 Feb 2014, 4:03pm

    too little too late

  6. Helge Vladimir Tiller 6 Feb 2014, 7:11pm

    Anyway, it is a beginning.

  7. Glenn Sontag 7 Feb 2014, 8:32am

    Blue Eye Osteopathy prides itself on tolerance and acceptance of all types of client. Obviously, the standards are shockingly poor by both The Russian Government, The Olympic Committee and the commercial sponsors of these games – all flouting the message of The Olympic Charter.

    I personally have already switched from Coca-Cola to Pepsi and will not be purchasing anything from the Olympic Partners listed on this link

    Sochi – Stinks Of Corruption, Homophobia and Incompetence.

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