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Watch a politician cut up his Visa card in protest at Russian Sochi Olympics sponsorship

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Reader comments

  1. Colin (Queenstown/London) 5 Feb 2014, 11:56pm

    Much respect Mr Cashman and the more people who stand up and say not in my name others will listen.

    I have just done the same…have a second card different company.

    1. Glenn Sontag 7 Feb 2014, 9:00am

      Great Colin – last week switched from coca-cola to pepsi

  2. Sponsors of the Sochi Homophobic Games are supporting bigotry and discrimination. I will be boycotting the products and services of EVERY single one of those involved. Can you imagine the international outcry if this was a racial issue? It just goes to show how acceptable homophobia remains. Disgusting that a person’s ‘god-given’ sexuality is still so controversial. Humanity has not grown-up very much, has it?

  3. After watching Channel 4’s Hunted I won’t be having anything to do with Russia or the Sochi Homophobic Olympics, or the IOC. The only Russians I will support are those fighting against this criminal thuggery Maybe the athletes attending Sochi would like to watch it. I somehow get the feeling a lot of them are going to say ‘nothing to do with me, I’m only here for the games’. Right..

  4. Good for him, if only others would make a stand and speak out because the silence from politicians and celebrities is truly shameful many of those who claim to be pro-gay or gay friendly where are their voices now eh condemning Russia? If these human rights abuses were directed at black people or Jews there would be a complete international outcry from politicians and celebrities alike and rightly so, but because its against LGBT people nobody bats a F***king eyelid not even here in Britain which supposed to be one of the most progressive pro gay countries in the world with the exception of Paul O`Grady Peter Tatchell and Stephen Fry and Boy George who else has spoken out on a public platform? where are all the so called gay friendly straight celebrities now? too busy thinking of their own interests that their “straight privilege” gives them because what doesn`t effect them doesn`t concern them just continue to look away whilst a section of humanity suffers oppression, utter hypocrites

  5. Helge Vladimir Tiller 6 Feb 2014, 8:43am

    I have -until now-4 lovely people making comments here , Colin, Truth, mike and Ciaran. For sure there will be others too ! I have had an extremely hard past, related some of it several times on PinkNews. So right now I’m crying.Both ’cause of our sisters and brothers situation in Russia, but also because of lovely persons LIKE YOU. Loneliness due to suppression and violence -SO MANY YEARS- when I was younger, has been haunting me. Sometimes all these bad feelings pop up, very strongly. ( PTSD ) Then ! I read comments from people like you. My loneliness disappears in a flash. And I say to myself, Oh, I have many friends everywhere, and THEY too, love Our friends in RUSSIA – Life can be wonderful, when we share heart and mind with others. When we realize that giving is “better” than receiving. You GIVE LOVE-dear beautiful FRIENDS !

    1. You certainly are NOT alone. I cannot pretend to have the courage to do everything I should, in a practical sense, to stand in solidarity with the oppressed people of the world (I have my own personal battles and demons to fight), but I am with you in spirit. Your courage is admirable, and I hope you find peace…

    2. Helga, thank you for YOUR response! YOU have brought a tear to MY eye.

    3. Colin (Queenstown/London) 7 Feb 2014, 5:11am

      The boys above my comment got it 100% right and we all have ghosts in our lives. Big Hug Mate and respect.

  6. Well done Michael Cashman. Now let us see every gay/gay friendly bar replace Coke with another brand. We may not be able to change the situation for gay people in Russia, but we certainly don’t have to be complicit in the ruthless money making machine that is the Winter Olympics. Switch to brand X cola. It has a secret ingredient: principles!

  7. Thank you Mr cashman ,you give hope & courage to all LGBT in Russia today.

  8. Some of his best acting

  9. Helge Vladimir Tiller 8 Feb 2014, 7:41am

    Thank you for your replies, berlake, Eddy and Colin. In moments like this, I really feel that WE are one big Family. Since I have no contact with my own family or any relatives at all-due to so many negative experiences- I’m fully able to understand and realize the importance of belonging to The Gay and Transgender International Community. We all fight for equality in different ways. And I’m so glad I still can contribute with some assistance !

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