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‘This country is rampant with homophobia’, this Irish politician deserves a standing ovation

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  1. This was an amazing attack and well done that Senator!

  2. Richard Pearse 5 Feb 2014, 12:01pm

    Good speech, I admire his passionate honesty. But, Pink News, with this headline and with yesterday’s ‘This drag queen’s brilliant response to homophobia will move you to tears’, you’re veering dangerously close to ‘…what happened next will SHOCK you’ style reporting. I expect more from you. I come here to read news that’s relevant to me as a gay man, not to be instructed in how you think I should be responding to the news. Stop it please.

    1. Hear hear!

      Credit us with adequate intelligence to make our own minds up about what we see.
      We don’t need someone standing in the wings with a metaphorical cue card labeled “applause” or “boo”.

      That said this speech was a good one and a timely one, I’ll grant you that.

    2. Agreed. If Pink News start with that Upworthy-style linkbaiting, I’ll be very disappointed.

    3. Also, the over use of the word “inexplicably.”

  3. Richard Pearse 5 Feb 2014, 12:13pm

    Great speech, I admire his passionate honesty. But, Pink News, with this headline and with yesterday’s ‘This drag queen’s brilliant response to homophobia will move you to tears’, you’re veering dangerously close to ‘…what happened next will SHOCK you’ style reporting. I expect more from you. I come here to read news relevant to me as a gay man, not to be instructed in how you think I should be responding. Stop it please.

  4. Jan Bridget 5 Feb 2014, 12:21pm

    Go for it, David. You must feel pretty outnumbered.

  5. If only there were more bold politicians like this, prepared to stand-up to religious bullies. When are ‘believers’ finally going to accept that they do NOT have a monopoly on ‘behaviour’; they do not ‘own’ marriage; they can no longer burn heretics. Those days are OVER! Get used to it. Believe whatever you want. Just stop trying to impose your belief on those of us who have decided it’s a lot of childish nonsense (in our opinion) and who wish to live our lives without your constant bleating and criticism. People are born with blue eyes – they are born gay. It’s how your ‘god’ made them … IN HIS OWN IMAGE – as you are so oft inclined to tell us.

  6. jonnielondon 5 Feb 2014, 12:50pm

    Thank you Senator Norris (Ireland) for speaking the truth and standing up to tyranny!

  7. Lolek Ltd Trading as The IONA INSTITUTE Irish Company Number 424940, accounts and annual returns can be located at the Irish Company Registry online http://www.cro.ie/search/CompanySearch.aspx
    and enter company number 424940 in the “Number” field.

    The two notables in this organisation are Sean Ascough http://www.meetup.com/KEEPTHEFAITHDUBLIN/members/48566542/
    his brother Tom, http://ie.linkedin.com/in/tomascough who is listed as Chairman of Sprit Radio Ltd.
    “In response to calls from Pope John Paul II and repeated by Pope Benedict XVI, The New Evangelisation Trust is a registered charity that focuses on raising funds and disbursing them as grants to promote the New Evangelisation in Ireland.
    It operates a ”zero overheads” policy, paid for by the members, whereby every cent raised is passed on to the home missionaries who spread the Catholic faith in Ireland”.

    Lolek Ltd trading as The IONA INSTITUTE is at the same address as St Joseph’s Young Priest Society.

    1. The answer to the question asked by Sen. David Norris regarding who funds the IONA INSTITUTE (Lolek Ltd) is the Catholic Church. The accounts for Lolek Ltd show funding annually of around 250 thousand euros.
      Once I have completed a full investigation of the funding and people involved I will post up the findings.

      1. thank you, Yesh U R

        1. You are more than welcome. I hope that someone will point Sen. Norris to the information? I will do a more detailed posting soon as possible. There is a strong Polish link to the funding also worth mentioning now. Lolek means Karol in Polish. As can be verified on the Clerical Whispers site as provided previously, the following can be read, Kieran McCartan – Editor
          Marcin Owiski – Deputy Editor
          Sotto Voce – Ireland & UK News
          Jonas Worski – Vatican & Europe News
          Celine Zabucki & David Matthews – USA News

          1. http://www.solocheck.ie/Irish-Company/Clonmacnois-Publishing-Limited-478365
            Directors Tom and Sean Ascough Companies with the same Director.
            The New Evangelisation Trust
            Spirit Radio
            Bosco Vision
            Commissioning Management
            Ascough Design

            I suggest the Catholic Church is the prime source of funds for the IONA INSTITUTE although it is probable that funds are being provided out of other Catholic based business operations.

  8. That There Other David 5 Feb 2014, 1:22pm

    Oh yeah. No holds barred. Take the fight to their corrupt shadowy dealings and lobbying efforts. They love to spout the phrase Gay Agenda. People need to spotlight the Anti-Gay Agenda, and go at them just as fiercely as they do us. Throw their dirty web of lies into the public view for all to see.

    Well done Senator Norris.

    1. Will do my best to help with that.

  9. http://www.bai.ie/?p=1490
    The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (“BAI”) has today (Wednesday 22nd December) signed an eighteen month sound broadcasting contract with Spirit Radio Limited (trading as Spirit Radio) for the provision of a quasi-national Christian and religious sound broadcasting service on the AM band with low-power FM transmitter stations.

    May I respectfully suggest that Sen. Norris may well find a closer examination of this event to be of value with regard understanding the reasons for the incorporation and funding the IONA INSTITUTE and the parties responsible for its creation? The Catholic Church in Ireland it appears is mobilising the troops for the fight against Equal Marriage in the country.

    1. http://mamanpoulet.blogspot.co.uk/2005/09/time-to-name-it.html
      For a quick overview of David Quinn the founder and main mouthpiece of the Iona Institute. As might be expected the other main names associated with it are rabidly orthodox Roman Catholic Church members. They claim that they are not homophobic? I beg to disagree.

    2. AM? Preaching to the converted. No one under 50 will hear it.

      1. http://www.spiritradio.ie/on-air/listen-live/
        With a growing broadcast footprint we can currently be heard on the FM band in 5 cities, in Dublin on 89.9, Limerick on 89.8, Galway on 91.7, Cork on 90.9 and in Waterford on 90.1 on the FM band. We can also now be heard on the Medium Wave band (AM) on 549khz giving us good national coverage across the island of Ireland!

        There agenda is to propagandise against equality and to demonise LGBT with distortions and fake ‘expert’ reports, they intend and are doing a lot more than preaching to the old school Irish Catholics.

        1. It should be ‘their’ I was typing ‘the agenda’ but I changed it.

  10. He went to the European court in 1988, not 1998. But it was a fantastic speech.

  11. Derek Williams 5 Feb 2014, 2:50pm

    Amazing! Let’s have more of this.

  12. Out of interest, does anyone know whether the Iona Institute is linked to the Iona Community which often features in Radio 4’s Thought For The Day religious slot?

    1. I very much doubt it.

  13. We are watching the death rattle of the Catholic hierarchy in this country as Catholics and non Catholics stand up to these what can only be described a bullies and bigots, first we had rule from london then from the vatican in the last 20 years I feel we are really discovering what it really means to be a republic !

  14. Colin (Queenstown/London) 5 Feb 2014, 11:20pm

    Thank you Senator Norris (Ireland). I’m delighted to hear your views and that you have a voice in a place that people listen to.
    I wish all good things for Ireland especially the destruction of religion and the catholic stronghold. The ballot box unfettered by religion should rule Ireland.

  15. Erica Cook 6 Feb 2014, 12:24am

    I don’t live anywhere near this and I want to vote for him. If only we could get more US polititions who have the balls to speak out like this.

  16. David Hancock 6 Feb 2014, 12:53pm

    Respect to him. Wouldn’t it have been so much better had the headline been just one word different – ‘This country is rampant with homophobia’, this Irish politician RECEIVES a standing ovation. Hopefully, one day, we will see something similar

  17. Was it not the same Mr Norris who had to pull out of the Irish presidential race, after blurting out some fantasy about young boys? “Mentoring” them about sex, I believe it was.

    Is it any wonder some people have reservations about LGBT, when they hear such statements?

    And I see Peter Tatchell was trying to get the age of consent down to 14 again. At least he seems to have abandoned his attempts to abolish it altogether.

    Why would a gay rights champion continually attack the age of consent, I wonder? If I was LGBT I would not want my rights being associated with the sexualisation of children in this way.

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