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Russia: ‘Lesbian’ duo t.A.T.u tipped for Olympics opening ceremony

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  1. Colin (Queenstown/London) 5 Feb 2014, 11:49pm

    Don’t care. Boycotting the whole thing and yet would love to watch it. Human rights over money and party anytime.
    And Remember you too could protest. take 2 minutes. Delete the channels that show the Olympics for the duration of the Olympics. Hurts Russia as it gets no visibility, hurts sponsors as they only care about money and hurts broadcasters as they paid to be there. If every gay person did this and asked one straight friend and one member of their family that represents 18% of this planets population = 1.3BILLION people. Biggest protest in history. 2 minutes and you matter

    1. Boycotting the Olympics takes up none of my time. In fact it will save me quite a lot of time.

      Russia is so unbelievably corrupt and lacking in human rights they shouldn’t be given international events to host period.

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