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Channel 4’s Hunted – the Russian gangs who hunt gays for sport

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Reader comments

  1. This is what happens when a government puts laws in place to legally discriminate against a group of its citizens. It supports the social condemnation which turns into unjustified attacks and murder.
    Hitler knew how well this worked during WWII and Putin is doing the same. That man is pure evil.

  2. Helge Vladimir Tiller 5 Feb 2014, 4:16pm

    I have been grateful and said “thank you” to Channel 4 some days ago ! I very strongly feel I must say THANK YOU one more time—and maybe repeat that in the future. In Norway we say, “Tusen takk” ! (—a thousand times thank you )

  3. …how can these so-called people be serious? They don’t even understand or know that the person next to them could be secretly GAY! Why are only the obvious homosexuals targeted, abused and tortured?? Because a man acts straight does NOT mean he is…society needs and MUST learn this, and respect the FACT that real men have sex with other men….

    1. Russians are so backward and uneducated they don’t stop to think logically, they are driven by insane levels of egotism and chauvinism, ignorant to the very core, which is all supported by voodoo religious nonsense.

      This is why Russian birth rates are declining, they are a dying society because they have not socially evolved. It’s the natural order of things, societies which cannot evolve become extinct. It’s manifest in many different things, with failing healthcare, lack of social structure, alcoholism, domestic violence, economic hardship… societies with these kinds of pandemic problems will eventually die out because they cannot compete in a global way with nations that ARE evolving and improving.

      Thousands of Human populations and societies have died out over the history of our species, and for reasons not dissimilar to what we see today in places like Russia. When people are not happy and free, they generally stop reproducing.

      1. This is a racist comment. Minority groups being scapegoated by politicians who are scaremongering the population and the Orthodox Church and others making erroneous links between Pedophilia and Homosexuality is diversion tactics away from a whole raft of human rights problems Russian people face. It is unfair to stigmatise a population due to the circumstances they find themselves in. This drives a further divide between Western Europe and the ideological differences that Putin is managing to bring to law. Anti-Putin, Anti-Homophobia, Anti-Fascism but not Anti-Russian.

  4. I’m not shocked by the torture being inflicted in fascist Russia. But , I found the grotesque way in which channel4’s bad journalists did not debate/challenge(or give an accurate account) the ludicrous claims by the Russian natzis which made frequent association between homosexuality and paedophilia. To let this go unchallenged , will leave naïve, impressionable , easily malleable people watching vulnerable to sharing this view. These “journalists” did a disservice to LGBT by their refusal to challenge, maybe they are assuming , everyone in the uk lives in their quasi tolerant, insular , media bubble.

    1. See it from the journalist/ crew’s point of view – these were dangerous fanatics whose trust they had to gain and keep. The main objective was not to try and change their views by verbally challenging them (one might as well have a debate with a forest fire) but to observe and record, sometimes at personal risk to themselves.
      I salute Dispatches for this film and the further attention it should bring to the living nightmare in Russia.

      1. If they were too fearful to challenge during the filming, they could have added accuracy on editing, post filming . Instead the natzis were given an open platform to suggest the link of paedophilia and homosexuality, which is unfounded and very , very dangerous for the dispatches team to to not add clarity. Just a brief glimpse of these type of torture videos on youtube comments shows that the linking with paedophilia is reaching many who are also using the association to garner hatred.

        1. Mediatype 6 Feb 2014, 1:07pm

          No, I’m sorry, but it was excellent reporting. It is NOT for reporters to tell interviewees that they’re wrong, but let them hang themselves with their own words. The only way people could come away from “Hunted” thinking the associations and hate spouted were real would be if you already carried those prejudices already. Those of us with sense know there’s no link between paedophillia and homosexuality. One of the best documentaries in a long time.

          1. I would like to be in your world, and I guess from your name , you are biased, but as we see on this publication frequently, there is much homophobia and incredulous/nonsensical accusations levelled at lgbt family units from within the uk. only last week in harrow a protest against 2 lesbians adopting a neglected child, I wonder how many would use the link to justify their homophobia and feel encouraged to do so by such a programme. I hope I am wrong, but I believe you are over optimistic in being aware of how stupid people can be , even in the “civilised” uk .

        2. I suppose the implication is that the vast majority of people in the UK are sensible and educated enough to know there is no link. Watching Dispatches, I think it is more or less impossible to feel any empathy or association with these monsters, so no clarification is really needed in a civilised society.

  5. This is how pogroms start.
    That manipulative red head bitch is definitely a candidate for a bullet in the face, she was actually enjoying herself !!

    1. She referred to herself as “pretty”. she was the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen , rotten from the core. I wish her unbearable pain and misery, evil bitch.

      1. I’m going too ahead and assume she lives in a house with no mirrors.
        Just your average neo-nazi scum claiming to be on some moral crusade.

        If I was being exceptionally generous I’d say that her and her acolytes were proof that the Milgram experiment holds water, that people are capable of any atrocity if an authority figure gives them permission, though they didn’t seem to have any qualms about any of it.

        They revelled in their sadism.

        The bit that struck me was the way they projected their own moral shortcomings onto the victim, at one point calling him sneaky for not taking the bait for their pre-arranged lynchmob straight away.

    2. she needs a taste of her own medicine. Pure evil. Never wanted to slap someone as much in my life

    3. Nick Davis 6 Feb 2014, 3:19pm

      Now comes the debate the the Jews had in the early ’30’s in Germany. Do we lie low and hope it doesn’t get any worse, or do we form our own vigilante squads and go after these fascists ?

    4. That bitch must be a psychopath

  6. Joanne R. 6 Feb 2014, 8:43am

    Watching this was heartbreaking and it left me feeling saddened and also very angry.
    I cannot believe those groups are able to commit crimes, post online and walk freely
    to boast about what they have inflicted.
    It seems that discrimination will affect all aspects of their lives, it really is shameful.
    Everyone needs to be reminded of this ongoing abuse of human and civil rights happening
    in Russia.

  7. This dispatches documentary is still available on 4od. Found it made me very upset and angry. Can’t believe this is happening in 2014. What the hell is wrong with people.

  8. This is still available on 4OD:
    Don’t think I have seen anything that has made me this angry and upset in a long time.
    As an earlier commenter mentioned the red headed female ringleader is evil personified. Can’t believe this is happening to people in 2014. Very depressing :(

    1. If anyone can find out details of the loopy red head bitch, please post on here.

        1. Thank you , time for the hunter to become the hunted.

        2. That’s simon. Going to the alternative Winter Olympics for the peter tatchell foundation in hackney tonight.
          I have added this info to flyers including her ugly mug. Will try and hand them out to people or leave them dotted round the venue t help spread the word. It’s payback time

          1. Good man, or leave her details on appropriate youtube clips for other outraged decent people.

    2. Glenn Sontag 7 Feb 2014, 9:15am

      Thanks for the link. Don’t want to watch it but I will (know it will make me angry).

      But anger drives us to counteract the hate in this world and I strongly believe anger fuels us self-belief and confidence to hit back.

  9. Although it needed to be done and I’m glad they’ve highlighted this for the UK – and potentially a global audience – at the right time, I think they did a bad job of challenging the views of these disgusting Russians.

    Where was the discussion about where this comes from? Where was the proposals about the mentality of Russians? Where was the factual information about the far-right, the lack of education, the power of the Orthodox Church, the challenging of the opinions…

    It seems as though they went purely for the shock factor, and did little to explain the mentality of these bigots and fascists. You cannot fight an enemy unless you understand that enemy.

    Dispatches should have added more information about what drives these sick people psychologically, and the social background to these attacks.

    It’s not good enough to just show the violence and ignorance of these gross people, it has to be actually CHALLENGED with morality and education.

    1. Frank Boulton 6 Feb 2014, 12:39pm

      Well, Bloke Toys, you hit the nail on the head, when you used the words “ignorance” and “uneducated”. Let’s not forget that the LGBTI people, about whom we are so concerned are themselves Russian. The politics of terror are at work here. No, resident of Russia can now safely challenge the violence and propaganda of these thugs. Who would challenge this behaviour, knowing that doing so would bring this terror upon themselves, their families and their children? Ignorance and lack of education are two of the tools used by fascists such as Putin and Hitler. The Russian people have not chosen to be misinformed and uneducated. This misinformation and terrorisation are turning Russians against Russians. It’s no longer safe for Russians to be pro-gay or gay-neutral just as it wasn’t safe under Hitler to take a stance against anti-Semitism. But let’s not forget the part that western evangelical churches have had in orchestrating this scenario.

    2. Agreed, as I said above , the programme seemed more intent on giving a platform to the Nazi , anti gay propaganda .

  10. I was incensed to see these animals “hunting” a human being – forget the therapy, forget the teaching them or being nice to them – just give them to me one at a time and I will take them and “teach” them to respect a human. 5 minutes in a MMA cage with me will sort them – I will inflict pain on them that will repay the torture they inflict on defenceless human beings

    1. That’s what these mindless people need – one to one – they’d be pissing themselves with fear

  11. GingerlyColors 6 Feb 2014, 1:37pm

    It is time that the west put real pressure on Russia to stem this rising tide of homophobia within it’s borders. I have just been watching ‘Hunted’ myself and I fear that if attitudes don’t start changing for the better soon then I will not be surprised if the Duma goes as far as to recriminalize homosexuality before the end of the decade. Even during the Soviet era when gay sex could result in a five year prison sentence things apparently weren’t as bad then as they are now.
    The main problem in Russia is the fundamentalist Orthodox Church which has reasserted itself after decades of Communist repression and now makes the Catholic Church seem tame. I just hope that for beautiful men like Dima who was blinded in one eye in a cowardly attack that things will get better. The documentary reckons that things will only get worse once the Winter Olympics are over but the eyes of the world will be on Russia again soon when they host the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Let’s keep the pressure up.

  12. Straight man living in London here but compelled to comment. Incredibly upsetting documentary. You could do 20 more docs on the why (regarding intolerance in Russian society) but I think as a glimpse to spotlight the situation, this was very necessary and bravely made.

  13. Andrew Clarke 6 Feb 2014, 2:13pm

    Lot’s of famous people in history have been gay writers inventors artist’s etc.Russia is driving out these talented people just because of their sexuality.When Hitler targeted the jews he lost the likes of Albert Einstein and we all know how that turned out for Hitler.Don’t judge people Russia or it will eventually come back to bite you.By the way my bro is gay and i have know issue with what he does and with who.I take him for the great human being that he is and i love him.Shame on the Russian church and government.

  14. Cassius Johnston 6 Feb 2014, 2:16pm

    How come Russia has become a haven for correctness? The hunting is wrong but the trap is set?

  15. Cassius Johnston 6 Feb 2014, 2:20pm

    Worryingly people wishing to stay in Russia has gone up 10% in only a year, The last safe haven on earth is gaining popularity.

  16. Nick Davis 6 Feb 2014, 3:25pm

    Is it possible to swear European Arrest Warrants for these scum in case they ever decide to enter the EU ?

    1. Thanks, please people pass on this neo Nazi terrorist details to relevant authorities in individual jurisdictions.

  17. There is an event tonight called the THE ALTERNATIVE OPENING CEREMONY / WINTER OLYMPICS in support of the Peter Tatchell foundation.

    Lots of like minded people going incensed with what is going on in Russia.
    Lime Wharf, Vyner Street, E2 9DJ London

  18. Glenn Sontag 7 Feb 2014, 9:16am

    Russia is another country, but this is the same planet and we must look out for one another – full stop.

  19. Papa Doug 7 Feb 2014, 4:36pm

    This is what churches/religions have wrought for centuries. They have taught that homosexuality is an abomination when THEY are the true abomination! It is obvious to us that God does not think it’s an abomination since if he did he could eliminate it in a single generation.

    There’s no “right” here just ignorant thugs with too much time on their hands. Maybe they could better occupy their time by making small rocks out of big rocks with hammers!

    Doug and Barbara

  20. this is normal russian people theyre one step from being serial killers,taking out their twisted,sick fantasys on gay people,they are the ones needing serious mental help thinking this is fun they are doing right by,attacking gay people what world are we living in when this can happen and nobody does anything,theyre on the way to rounding people up and putting them in camps,hitler did it now it’ll be russia and will anyone do anything then. There have been gay/lesbian inbetween people all through history,in every culture all over the world,so what does that say,wheter they have been burned at the stake or praised they have been here and always will be.

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