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Ireland: RTE boss defends €85k payout to Catholic anti-gay marriage group over ‘homophobe’ row

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Reader comments

  1. I think the LGBT community of Ireland should unite and counteract and sue RTE and these anti-gay organisations for defamation.

    After all, these organisations have said many untrue things about the LGBT community and RTE have provided them the soap box to say it.

    Surely it can work both ways?

  2. The Catholic ‘think tank’ the Iona Institute set up and run by Catholics will subscribe to the doctrine as set out below. I say the Iona Institute has all the appearances of being a hate group, and a mirror to other such like organisations in the United States of America. Homophobia is as homophobic does, and the LGBT Irish call it as it is in Ireland.

    The Christian teaching from the outset, has been that no homosexual acts are ever justified, even the acts of someone whose inclination to engage in them is “innate” (that is, present at birth) and, in one sense of the word, “natural.” Accordingly, the Church’s Catechism reaffirms that every such inclination, whether innate or pathological, incurable or curable, permanent or transitory, is an objective disorder,[9] an intrinsically disordered inclination.[10]

    1. Colin (Queenstown/London) 5 Feb 2014, 7:16pm

      Thank you for this….except I now want to kill someone!
      I’ve never read such rubbish in my life. How can these nutters get away with it. This organisation is against public health and should be closed down.

      Sadly I come from Parents in this sect. When my parents die I will not set foot in their buildings and this will cause further division in my family.

      I am who I am and I matter as well. It is my life and whether it is a success or failure that’s down to me.

      Religion/catholicism =Perverts.

  3. So if they advocated that black people couldn’t marry white people I suppose, that by their standards, wouldn’t be racist? UNBELIEVABLE!!

  4. RTE boss may defend it, “But” it certainly was neither warranted or justified! By doing so they both endorsed and rewarded the fictitious belief the actions and hateful thoughts of others as appropriate and justified.

  5. Contrary views???

    I don’t think people like you should be allowed the same legal rights as everyone else on the planet, I’m just being “contrary”

  6. They have received a payment but in fact they have lost. For we now all KNOW that the Iona Institute is an institute of homophobes. Only homophobes would have sued.

  7. I just don’t understand what the Iona homophobic institute could have sued for? – being called homophobic? But they are homophobic. So it’s true. It’s like one of those bad Irish jokes where they are stereotyped for being stupid.

  8. jonnielondon 5 Feb 2014, 7:14pm

    If it walks like a homophobe and talks like a homophobe, then it is a homophobe! No need to pay off a charity for calling it what it is. It defames itself very well on its very own!

  9. jonnielondon 5 Feb 2014, 7:17pm

    We should all write into this homophobic Iona Institute and proclaim that they are homophobic. Do you think they might get it then?

  10. Write to:

    My own simple email to them read:

    Dear Iona Institute,

    I understand that you have taken objection to being called homophobic.

    Issuing writs is not the way to deal with that charge.

    Examining your behaviour, and improving your behaviour, is the way to deal with it.


  11. Any group of people – religious- who ask us to bring them our children so they can tell them they are sinners and bad children are child abusers. The religious nutters should have no access to children. The Irish are now the leading bunch of mutters on this.

  12. Colin (Queenstown/London) 5 Feb 2014, 7:39pm

    I think in any right thinking persons mind, the Iona Institute and those who took the money from RTE damned themselves in the public’s eye.

    It certainly has to me and I will never give them or their work a seconds consideration in the future.

    These are the people to shame:
    Mr Walters
    Ms O’Brien
    David Quinn
    Dr Patricia Casey
    Dr John Murray
    Marie Steen
    Good catholics = money grabbing petty-minded homophobic bigots!
    Also Communications Minister Pat Rabbite equal small minded response the word “Homophobic is too loaded” If thats all he can say I know which side of the devide he stands on. Sad

    1. Colin (Queenstown/London) 5 Feb 2014, 7:40pm


    2. casey is a psychiatrist and lecturer in ucd. Does’nt that conflict with her ability to provide ethical care if she is involved with a homophobic/fascist group.

  13. The charge of homophobia is valid, not defamation. If they were a group that campaigned against equal treatment based on race, rather than sexual orientation, then a charge of racism would not be challenged in this way. If you campaign against equal rights based on race then you are a racist. If you campaign against equal rights based on gender, you are sexist. If you campaign against equal rights based on sexual orientation, you are homophobic. It is that simple. RTE’s reaction is appeasement. Appeasement of bullies who are now funded by RTE to continue with their bullying. It’s disgraceful and Killane’s explanation is cowardice and a dereliction of responsibility as a broadcaster to serve his audience. Shame on him and his cowardly company.

  14. I would very much like to see a copy of the advice RTE had claimed to have got. I’m an Irish media lawyer and it seems it me that there was a very clear cut defence of fair comment here.

    1. Sadly because there is very little investigative reporting people who set up organisations such as the ‘Iona Institute’ don’t get the scrutiny they should. There are individuals in the company who also run ‘Spirit Radio’ and have close connections with RTE’. It is a matter of concern that this pay-out has been made in the first place but the reasons stated by RTE’s Glen Killane and the statement from Pat Rabbitte the Minister for Communications I think would lead any reasonable person to suspect that there had been collusion between RTE’, Iona and Rabbitte to set an adverse precedence to help cut down in advance any opposition to the Catholic Church’s position on LGBT equal rights. Not a good day for Irish Free Speech. I agree with Senator David Norris that it is essential that the funding sources for the ‘Iona Institute’ be made transparent and known to the public as a matter of urgency.


        “You might have noticed in recent years that our national broadcaster, RTÉ, very often invites a speaker for the self-styled Iona Institute on chat shows, whenever the topic is something that the Catholic church might have a view on. Frequently, a member of the Iona Institute is invited to comment on current topics, such as the recent RTÉ documentary on abuse in creches. Indeed, not too long ago, on a morning radio show, RTÉ had two members of the Iona Institute out of the four participants”.

        “It’s not clear why a private lobby group (Iona Institute) is given so much access to the publicly-funded airwaves, but it seems that there are those in RTÉ management who believe such a facility should be afforded, for reasons best known to themselves”.

  15. Have a look at “What exactly is the Iona institute?” It’ll make your hair curl .
    I too would have thought that this comes under the remit of “fair comment” or as these right wingers in the US would say “freedom of speech”.

    1. Thanks for the link Lock, in addition the story is well written and the paragraph below worth restating.
      “Suddenly, instead of being a small American-funded prayer group with political ambitions, they’re exposed as an overbearing, narrow-minded crowd of backwater ideologues trying to impose their sterile vision on their fellow citizens”.

  16. Christopher Gough 6 Feb 2014, 6:32am

    RTE took advice – OK. I think they could have waited to see if defamation proceedings were actually issued before ‘caving in’. Surely, defences of ‘justification’ and ‘fair comment’ could have been properly tested?

    RTE is going to be severely weakened when trying to report on this issue in the future. Are they going to settle the potential claim of everyone opposed to change?

  17. So, they can’t call them homophobes. Call them what they are, bigots. Let them argue against that

  18. .....Paddyswurds 6 Feb 2014, 10:51am

    “legitimate public debate” I beg to differ; my human rights to a happy private life is NOT up for debate. It is time we sued the Government for breach of the constitution which clearly states at ALL men a born Equal.

  19. The only reason why RTE paid out the money was as a exercise in cost and time effectiveness. Thy didn’t really care about the issue enough to defend it. They didn’t want to waste their time defending the free speech of the gay community or the individual who made the comment. They know full well they could have put together a good case in defence of free speech and their right to broadcast honest opinions but it simply wasn’t important enough to the executives of RTE.

    1. Marco Luxe 7 Feb 2014, 5:22am

      Penny wise and pound foolish. Time will tell.

  20. .....Paddyswurds 6 Feb 2014, 10:55am

    Where was the bigoted and homophobic Iona Institute when catholipaedophile priests were wholesale raping Irelands Children. We didn’t hear a peep of support from them for the victims. Strange that!

  21. If gays can’t call homophobes “homophobes” then what can we call them? Personally, I am reverting to old fashioned terminology and just calling this bunch of religious bigots a “load of old c–ts”. Anyone else care to join me?

  22. Marco Luxe 7 Feb 2014, 5:15am

    RTE should have found a free speech organization to indemnify any potential losses from RTE choosing to fightthe case. Caving in sets a hideous precedent, and only encourages conservative ideologues to bully a historically powerless minority the way religions always do.

  23. BlokeToys 7 Feb 2014, 1:33pm

    Now is the time to pay close attention to what every member of that hateful religious group says, and when you get the first opportunity and example of defamation of the entire LGBT community, you ALL send legal threats.

    If they can do it, so can those they routinely attack with their bile and propaganda,

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