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11-year-old boy bullied for liking ‘gay’ My Little Pony attempts suicide, may have brain damage

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Reader comments

  1. That There Other David 5 Feb 2014, 2:38pm

    This is just heartbreaking. That poor kid must have felt so alone to do this. I hope he makes a full recovery. Whether he does or not he needs love, lots of it.

  2. Agreed and I hope the bullying b@stards can’t sleep at night

    1. That There Other David 5 Feb 2014, 3:04pm

      To be honest I can’t wish that on those that bullied. This is a classic case of children not knowing the effect their actions have on others. Right now many of them, if not all, will be hugely upset that their behaviour has led to this. Remember, these are 11 year olds we’re discussing.

      Broken. The whole damn thing :-(

      1. Only the beta bullies who followed due to peer pressure / herd mentality will be reflecting on their actions.
        The alpha bullies are more than likely psychopath who don’t feel no guilt or remorse.

        1. … wow, the grammar became totally mangled in editing. I don’t speak like that, I assure you.

  3. How many more incidents like this in the so-called ‘civilized societies’ of the West is it going to take before something positive is done? I suppose, particulalrly in the United States, where religion still appears to have carte blanche to stir-up homophobia, it will continue unabated. Can you imagine the heartbreak being felt by this kid’s parents? And for what? Persecuting someone for simply being who they are? What a truly sick and heartless world this is. Nothing will change until politicians have the guys to challenge religious ‘belief’ and lock people up for spreading religious homophobia and hatred. It is as disgusting to incite homophobic hatred as it is for race. It HAS to stop.

    1. Guts – not guys

    2. Helge Vladimir Tiller 5 Feb 2014, 4:00pm

      YES, Truth ! Religious belief must be more challenged. In The States and everywhere else.

      1. Angel Dust 5 Feb 2014, 6:21pm

        It is not religious belief that should be challenged. There’s nothing in my faith that sanctions this kind of behaviour. We’re all free to believe what we want to believe and rightly so if we say we live in a civilised society. However, it’s the use, misuse and abuse of sacred texts to support all sorts of idiotic, harmful and downright dangerous ideologies such as the inquisition, racism, apartheid, homophobia etc. that should be challenged. It is too easy to use the bible or the Q’ran to batter people over the head with, and it is indeed a very powerful tool.

        I’m gay, very happily gay with a wonderful partner who does not have a belief system of any kind, but I do. What I am unhappy about is the silence of mainstream liberal churches on this very dangerous atmosphere of homophobia and moral panic that seems to be gathering momentum the world over.

        1. Helge Vladimir Tiller 5 Feb 2014, 11:23pm

          Homophobia always boils down to religion. The Bible has been used to torture, kill, bury alive , suppress people, degrade people etc. etc. ( millions-) ! —for hundreds of years. ( And so has Islam ) I knew 7-seven- persons who committed suicide ( Norway ) mainly ’cause of “Christian suppression”- Hatred against LGBTQ persons is rooted in religion. That is a FACT !

        2. Of course religious belief should be challenged. Religion is at best superstition, and at worst cultism.

          There are multitude wrong methods of acquiring knowledge, but there is only one right method. The scientific method.

        3. Frank Boulton 6 Feb 2014, 10:58am

          Well, Angel Dust, you can’t honestly say, “There’s nothing in my faith that sanctions this kind of behaviour,” until you start printing Bibles with Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13 edited out of them, because those verses sanction much worse behaviour (i.e. killing) than mere bullying. These two verses are used by many mindless, homophobic bigots to justify behaviour, which can be justified in no other way. I’ve heard plenty of homophobes, who neither attend church nor believe in God but happily justify their violence and hate-mongering with the words, “It’s wrong, because it says so in the Bible.” If you want to wash your hands of the blood of innocents, then put your money where your mouth is and rewrite your holy book so that it can’t be used to justify tragedies like this.

    3. it is in no hands cause to many hands are in it there is no real true law here it is basically a marshal law land/world and the law that has come here and formed behind and in front off are backs to supposedly help whitch are stopping and detaining the help well letting the criminals ex-cap the bad get away with everything the only way for this to stop is to stop others period so how is it we stop it when are own government witch we where to have formed fallowing them are preventing use and stopping us there is nothing wrong with pink and or gay it is the Julius in the world and man problems a the world this world is a cowerd world full of them evein are goverment in manny more ways then one this is note what my father fight against his hole life its a hard world and like the big man said only bad boys and girls go there son. stay away

    4. School isn’t part of society though.
      It’s a place separate from it, where children are sent so they don’t impede its function.
      Case in point, schools are rife with assault, though almost no student is charged with assault. It has its own set of rules.

    5. Where does this article say anything about religion? Stop trying to spread hatred yourself and stir up the pot. This is a bunch of kids from all kinds of backgrounds. Don’t you remember the playground at that age. Kids stir each other up and gang up against one another all the time for all kinds of reasons. It’s nasty out on the playground. My own little girl was taunted her entire year of third grade by two girls who had been her best friends. Those girls turned the entire class against her that year and then the two continued to be mean to her the next several years. Bullying is not just a ‘gay’ thing. It’s anything the kids can think of to abuse someone. We, as parents, need to instill in our children respect, kindness, compassion, gentleness and love. Your remarks are fueled by an agenda and it’s not the list of things I just mentioned that are for all people in all circumstances. That includes not ‘hating’ either homosexuals or Christians. Christ is love.

      1. Frank Boulton 7 Feb 2014, 4:06am

        Barbara, get your facts right. Gay people do not print and disseminate a books demanding the death of people that they don’t like or agree with by some of the most horrific means imaginable. I don’t see anything hateful in my assertion that literature, which suggests that various social groups should be exterminated or mistreated, should no longer be published in this day and age. Read your holy book before condemning other people’s opinions of it.

  4. Kids can be awful bullies at that age. Those who say “just ignore them” have somehow forgotten that we are biologically programmed to spend our tween and early teen years desperately trying to fit in with our peers.

    Young Mike knows that the right way to be is to be kind, warm, and open-minded, just like the characters on his favourite programme. His mother knows him to be such a kind and forgiving person that she can’t even bring herself to be harsh with those who have destroyed his life.

    But even though Mike knew that the bullies are utterly wrong, he still couldn’t “just ignore them” because almost everything in an 11-year-old’s world tells him or her that unless you fit in with your peers, you are worthless and should disappear. Children are especially vulnerable to bullying and need special protection from it. Instead they get less, not more, protection than adults.

    Hoping against the odds for Mike to make a full recovery. He’s exactly the sort of person this world needs.

    1. That There Other David 5 Feb 2014, 3:06pm

      Well said, on all counts.

      1. Sinead Harkin 5 Feb 2014, 3:46pm


    2. James Campbell 7 Feb 2014, 5:17pm

      Well said. I work with these kids (and the bullies & their parents). In the real world, avoiding/ignoring evil is the best way to allow it to flourish.

  5. floridahank 5 Feb 2014, 3:19pm

    Truth, you said, “challenge religious ‘belief’ and lock people up for spreading religious homophobia and hatred.’ Why do you people always jump on the “religious homophobia” accusation. My bet is that none of the “bullies” have any kind of
    Christian foundation and spiritual belief system in their families. One of the biggest reasons for all this type of violence is for a lack of strong Christian principles that are promoted by Jesus Christ. Too many UK churches are weak and non-Biblical. People have no sacred fear of God anymore — they just do their own thing without any conscience and this kind of bulling will continue when they hate God.

    1. Jesus promoted closet. He was a self-hater. He can’t help anyone.

      1. I find it most distasteful that when anyone replying to a comment post mentions religion they are attacked with so much vitriolic abuse.
        The gay community quite rightly bangs on about equality – please allow those with Christian principals be just as equal.

        1. Dave North 5 Feb 2014, 3:55pm

          Perhaps it has escaped your attention but we “gays” have been defending ourselves from your “religions” for all of our lives.

          AND WE ARE SICK OF IT.

        2. When religion stops being the primary cause of homophobia and anti-gay bigotry in the world, we will be quite content to leave it be – as we do with all the other demonstrably false and laughably ridiculous but broadly harmless beliefs in this world.

          In the world we currently live in, however, it is the “christian principles” (or “muslim principles”, or “jewish principles” or “scientology principles or whatever) of an awful lot of people that lead to abuse, murder and oppression like this. Religion is rightfully deserving of scorn and deprecation when it leads to such things.

        3. Yeah right, because christians are so persecuted by gay people. We stop christians from having marriage equality. We interfere in governments around the world to make sure there are anti-christian laws are in place.

          Please stop playing the victim, you’re not nailed to a cross – Christians have dropped more bombs on the planet than any other belief system – you’re one of (along with islam) the most violent belief systems that has any power on the planet. You talk about christian principles, when all I see is christian hypocrisy. And then you have the audacity to say you’re attacked with vitriolic abuse – wake up moron – it’s christians and muslims who are the abusers.

        4. Colin (Queenstown/London) 6 Feb 2014, 2:59am

          For me religion does not exist. It’s never proven anything and causes wars, pain, hurt, division, power play and seeks to control people thoughts and hearts. It’s a sickness.
          Also for weak people who do not take responsibility for their own life and world.

          We live real lives, feel homophobia from religious nuts.

          When religious principles “apologise” for all the wars, 10 million Nigerians criminalised overnight by good christians and your christians do NOTHING etc they caused I just may get there and give you one minute. And yes I am probably as blind now as your lot.
          We are fighting to find a way through respect for ourselves. You lot rely on books written 3000 years ago and stand against us even in 2014. Shocking.

    2. That There Other David 5 Feb 2014, 3:39pm

      Give it a rest Hank. Nobody cares.

    3. Dave North 5 Feb 2014, 3:40pm

      No. They are driven to do things like this because your precious Churches and religions spout homophobic cr@p at every opportunity, fostering an environment for kids to think that this behaviour is sanctioned by said churches and religions.

      They are the ROOT cause as are appeasers like yourself.

    4. Floridahank, considering that religious hatred has far and away been the main force behind the homophobia plaguing the world today, just open up mostly any related story from around the world and see why religious hatred and beliefs have been ‘jumped’ on.

      Also, Christian Principles change depending on the version of the religious text that the individual is accustomed to. Versions of those principles have included ‘laws’ about how to sell your child into marriage, owning slaves from the ‘lesser’ races, that a woman must be stoned to death if she was not a virgin before her wedding night, the list of principles that are truly insane and atrocities all done under the banner of those Christian and other Religious Principles could go on until the end of time.

    5. John Antrobus 5 Feb 2014, 3:58pm

      The only person I have spoken to this week who has said inky thing homophobic to me is my local vicar.

      1. John Antrobus 5 Feb 2014, 4:02pm

        Who has said anything homophobic… Flipping iPad!

      2. The same with me. It was a Christian lady who told my sister, who she works with, that I, a person she never met, am “not normal” because “homosexuality is not normal”.

    6. Sorry – but from where does homophobia stem? Oh yes – that’s right – religion. If religious taboos about being gay didn’t exist, neither would homophobia. Don’t you get it? Homophobia begins and ends with religion. It is not a coincidence that in countries where religion has (rightly) bitten the dust, homophobia has all but disappeared. Why are you such a self-hater? It’s because your religion has taught you to be so. Sad.

      1. I agree with you that a lot of homophobes use their religion to justify their homophobia at the moment. But I’m not sure homophobia will end once monotheistic religion ends, its a nice idea, but very naive – it’s more likely that religion in whatever form will never go away – science will one day be religion, and when it is, homophobes will use their science to justify their homophobia. Homophobia doesn’t stem from religion, if it did then why are some atheists homophobic?Take China? – hardly gay friendly, especially whilst it was being controlled by king atheist Mao. Japan? – again hardly gay friendly.

        1. MarkY, you wrote in support of a religion that you say is “a personal relationship with a God/man who lived 2,000+ yrs. ago and showed mankind how to live a life that will let them find eternal salvation.”

          Two MASSIVE idiocies lie in your statement:

          1. a relationship with a God. There are no “Gods”, MarkY. “Gods” are just the fantasies of deluded human minds.

          2. eternal salvation. When you die, MarkY, that’s going to be the end of you, mate. You ain’t going to be eternal! Get used to it.

          1. Erm, what are you talking about?

            Two MASSIVE IDIOCIES lie in your statement.

            1. I didn’t write anything that you said I wrote.

            2.I think you need to stop putting words in peoples mouths and then discrediting them for something they haven’t said.

      2. floridahank 5 Feb 2014, 7:08pm

        Mark Y, when you say,” Christians have dropped more bombs on the planet than any other belief system ” you show your ignorance of who/what/ Christianity truly is. Jesus Christ is not a religion as it’s thought of by the majority of people. Jesus Christ is a personal relationship with a God/man who lived 2,000+ yrs. ago and showed mankind how to live a life that will let them find eternal salvation. The “religions’ that you keep referring to are only man-made ” religious labeled organizations” who most of the time have no truthful idea of who Jesus Christ really is and what His Gospel offers mankind.
        Until most “religions” give up their biased and unscriptural beliefs, we will not have any peace and understanding in this world.

    7. Robert in S. Kensington 5 Feb 2014, 4:03pm

      Poor kid. No child should have to go through that. Religion is one of the primary key players in promoting homophobia if you dig deeper.

    8. Robert in S. Kensington 5 Feb 2014, 4:12pm

      Are you demented? It’s religion that is primarily responsible for centuries of promoting and supporting the criminalisation of homosexuality, just as it did slavery and misogyny. I don’t see any of the major Abrahamic cult leaders condemning it and taking a pro-active role in stamping it out. When they’ve done that, we’ll leave you to your delusional world of invisible beings. What person in their right mind would want to believe that one has to be afraid of a supposedly loving God? F_cked up one if you ask me, just like you. Your Fred Phelps preaches hatred and calling for the death of gay people in the name of your God! I don’t hear any of your lot condemning that either.

      1. floridahank 5 Feb 2014, 7:20pm

        Your comment, “Fred Phelps preaches hatred and calling for the death of gay people in the name of your God! ” He is not a believer in Jesus Christ to begin with. If he calls himself a “Christian” he is a false teacher and a liar. Labels mean nothing in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He never said to start a “religion” He only said to believe on Him and His words and you will find salvation. But mankind hates God and only wants to do what pleases himself — make your own rules and live your life with pleasure without thought of what Jesus Christ offers to sinful and incomplete man. Your life will soon end and eternity will be next. You will be rewarded or punished for your deeds so make your decision now for yourself. Don’t let “religion” stand in your way.

        1. Colin (Queenstown/London) 6 Feb 2014, 3:06am

          This guy is a nut job. Probably best not to reply to him in future. I feel I am wasting my time on this one.

      2. Frank Boulton 6 Feb 2014, 11:19am

        Yes, Robert in S. Kensington, I agree entirely. I would add that Christianity is still promoting and supporting the criminalisation of homosexuality. In not speaking out against the violence against, torture of and killing of LGBTI people in Russia, Uganda, and Nigeria, they are supporting this. To me, it sounds like the Inquisition is still alive and kicking.

    9. nixi otemba 5 Feb 2014, 4:17pm


    10. Helge Vladimir Tiller 5 Feb 2014, 11:31pm

      Even Hitler said, “Gott mit uns”- ( God is on Our side )

    11. Frank Boulton 6 Feb 2014, 11:31am

      It’s quite simple, floridahank. Whether homophobes are Christian or not, they inevitably use Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13 to justify their egregious behaviour. Until you rewrite your hateful holy book, stop whining about being called a homophobe. If you don’t want to be burdened with responsibility for the consequences of what you print, stop printing it.

    12. What you said is truth floridahank. We both know what Jesus, the Bible and the Holy Spirit within us teaches. Those responding here are naive about those teachings. The children doing these horrible things to this little boy obviously have no foundation in the love and compassion that comes from knowing Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. May God bless and heal this little boy, physically, emotionally and spiritually. And may He also heal his persecutors.

  6. Poor, poor little child. What a dreadful thing to have happened. I just can’t get over what the kid must have been going through, and how utterly heartless were the perpetrators of this crime – for it is a crime brought about by biggotry, ignorance and a need to have a victim in their lives. Unfortunately, this story is nothing new and education embracing the need to accept everyone as equal and worthy of the same respect and appreciation is the only answer.

  7. Why is bullying tolerated in this country? I have a Romanian friend who told me that his former primary school still keeps a zero-tolerance anti-bullying policy, one in which this means bullying leads to expulsion.

  8. This brings to mind a sensationalist Guardian article from last year about the phenomenon of men who liked this cartoon show. It said somethig like: “Guess what’s next? Grown non-homosexual men who like My Little Pony”. Clearly, even the “liberal” Guardian is prone to homophobic statements like that, which imply that all gay men like the show already and that the odd straight guy is something newsworthy. This is not the only time Guardian has been homophobic (thanks to some of their editors, rather than the general policy itself). Still, that is how the culture which resulted in this tragic event is being built and sustained.

  9. Children bully anyone who they sense to be in any way “different”, be they gay, red headed or whatever. There really needs to be a zero tolerance approach to all bullying, including real life consequences for those who bully. It is important that they are made aware that bullyingcan have life long or terminal consequences for the victim, and although the perpretrators may only be children themselves, maybe criminal sanctioning of those who bully should be introduced, asin some cases it’s not that far removed from murder.

    1. I’d put their parents in prison. It would be a great deterrent.

  10. GingerlyColors 5 Feb 2014, 5:15pm

    Regardless of whether of not religion had anything to do with this appalling case or whether or not Michael Morones was gay the sad truth is that children are by nature some of the worst bigots playground bullies will pick on any child who is different whether it is accent, ginger hair, overweight, a different race, religion or disability. Come one we ALL behaved like that when we were at school at some time or another but as part of our learning curve we were taught that such behaviour is not to be tolerated and by the time we step out into the wider world most of us are wise not to behave like that.
    As for Michael Morone’s fondness for ‘My Little Pony – Friendship Is Magic’ I would like to point out that the show which was marketed primarily at girls does have a male fan base as well and in the USA there are conventions attended by ‘Bronies’ (portmanteau of bro and ponies) which attract large crowds in much the same way as sci-fi and other conventions do. Google Bronies.

    1. I have a 16 year old brony. It is just one of those things.

  11. “My Little Pony” was one of the favourite shows in my childhood. But since no one new the word “gay” and stereotypes associated with it, every child used to watch it freely and without being bullied.

    1. I think you got off lightly then. By about 8 gender roles were definitely being “enforced”, and I knew to hide my preference for non-gender conforming TV-shows.

      By 11 I’d certainly heard gay being used as an insult.

  12. I don’t think liking my little pony and being gay are linked. An 11 year old boy should be able to like whatever he likes without being ridiculed. People need to sort their attitudes out and think about the kind of people we are growing!

  13. PretaniVirago 5 Feb 2014, 7:00pm

    That poor kid…I really hate people sometimes. :(

  14. Reading this took my breath away. Remembering the horror I experienced being bullied every day, and the hopelessness of having it shrugged off by adults, saying it was a phase and I’d be tougher for it., was unbearable. I blame his parents, and every adult who interacted with this and every other bullied child, obviously seeing their pain and dismissing it as trivial; something to be gotten over and move past. Well, I survived to tell you, it doesn’t work that way. Bullies are stalkers, and as a child forced to engage them, for what amounts to an entire adult work day, there seems to be (seeming being a childs reality) no escape, aside of that which is most permanent; death. Resurrecting the pain associate with the torture children inflict on each other is bringing tears to my eyes, because I attempted suicide, more than once, and luckilly failed; but the pain and anger it filled me with has never left…it’s a scar I’ll never be rid of.

    1. Colin (Queenstown/London) 6 Feb 2014, 2:47am

      Thanks for sharing this with us. It must be very painful. I’m sorry mate and in a small way understand. Hug.

  15. I find this heartbreaking. That such pain is being felt by young gay and lesbian people today, in 2014, is so depressing. We keep thinking we have achieved so much in terms of gay rights, but the hatred out there lingers, and hurts. When the hurt is intolerable it leads to suicide. But before hurt becoming intolerable the hurt is severe. There are millions of young LGBTs hurting right now, and we don’t even know who they are. And they don’t know us. And they don’t know how to find us, to take from us some of our strength.

    There’s a young man on the tills in my local supermarket who just has to be gay, and he gives every sign of hurting inside. But what do I do, other than treat him with respect and a smile and warmth when it’s my turn to be served by him? The previous lot are still packing up their groceries at one end, and there’s four or five people waiting for me to complete my purchases: so how can I reach out to him? What more can I do?

    1. Colin (Queenstown/London) 5 Feb 2014, 11:40pm

      What a lovely thought. Maybe give him an envelope with a note inside and say look at this later when you have time. If he does great and if he does not you tried.
      Best Wishes

      1. That’s an idea, Colin. Will give it a go! Thanks.

  16. this is terrible! all the best for him and his family! being gay is okay! trust me, as I am! ill keep him in my prayers! <3 all the best! xox

  17. “Error establishing a database connection”
    Anybody else getting this annoying message when trying to load PinkNews pages in the last few days?

    1. Helge Vladimir Tiller 5 Feb 2014, 11:43pm

      Yes I’ve had problems several times in the last few days. Best wishes !

    2. James Campbell 7 Feb 2014, 5:07pm

      Yes, I have. I could access the main pages, but not the replies section.

  18. Colin (Queenstown/London) 5 Feb 2014, 11:35pm

    If this story of this poor lad does not move every person who has any influence over children, teachers, sports, arts and especially RELIGION then you are made of stone.

    Can’t you see what we do to young people before they are able to work out how the world works. Look at our similarities and preech that before you look at our differences.

    My respects and good wishes to the family and I hope a speedy recovery.

  19. Rochelle R 6 Feb 2014, 12:14am

    I love you Michael.

  20. Lynn Jo Chaney 6 Feb 2014, 12:47am

    No 11 year old should be treated like or have to live with that.11 like. You would think a child wouldn’t even know what suicide is or hanging is at that age. I know I didn’t. All my best to his family.

  21. Why do these magazines keep shoving ‘gay’ in the title of the article to try and make this a story about gay rights? The kid was harassed for liking My Little Pony, and they called him gay for liking it… tell the actual story. You don’t need to say he likes “gay My Little Pony” in the title… just act like a news source for 2 minutes and tell the story like it happened.

  22. It’s shamed for his age and knowing how to attempt hanging. Agreed go after the bullies from where in school or where. It’s school responsible have kids to say it. Wondering how the bullies feel after they heard what happened to him. This is need to be done now fix it

  23. Chris White 6 Feb 2014, 2:59am

    Well, I respect the mother’s decision to “not punish”, but if it was my 11 year-old son in that bed, I would drag his tormeters and their parents into that hospital and make them clean up the messes, deal with the bags of feces and urine, assist the nurses in any and evey aspect of that little boy’s care, and they would continue to do that until he was well – or until the end of their lives – whichever came first.

  24. Apparently nobody told these little brats that My Little Pony is an internet phenomenon, the coolest western animation made this decade, and very popular with the male 15-35 demographic.

    1. way to complete miss the point, mate. I’m sure your views on a young man’s attempted suicide greatly add to the debate. /sarc

      1. Granted. Sorry. Using humour against my own memories of being bullied.

        From my experience it’s never about “the thing”, or even about “being different”, but about power and dominance.
        A decade post-school I don’t even remember the alleged reasons I was bullied were, only that being small, slight, academic, effeminate, and from a “posh” primary school, made me an archetypal target.

        Schools are perennially unable to do a thing, and I can only conclude that bullying is an unsolvable problem. The way I eventually dealt with it was THE worst and it still haunts me today.

        1. That’s right, bob. Children will seek to establish hierarchies regardless of whether things are desirable or undesirable. Children are egotistical little “monsters” who have to be taught, instructed, “disciplined”. We all come out of the womb thinking we’re “Number One”! We don’t learn by ourselves that we’re not. We have to be told or shown by others. Adults have an important role to play. Otherwise all kids would be vicious towards each other, establishing all sorts of cliques and forms of behaviour. Education is SO important.

          1. floridahank 7 Feb 2014, 12:26am

            Hey Eddy, your comment was insightful, “. Children are egotistical little “monsters” who have to be taught, instructed, “disciplined”. We all come out of the womb thinking we’re “Number One”! We don’t learn by ourselves that we’re not. We have to be told or shown by others. Adults have an important role to play. Otherwise all kids would be vicious towards each other, establishing all sorts of cliques and forms of behaviour. Education is SO important.”
            But do you think our society, politicians, education, psychologists, priests, etc. can give the proper guidance and honest direction?
            No, if a person truly reads and study’s the Gospel Truth offered by Jesus Christ and his Apostles as written in the New Testament, one will see the truth as displayed. But mankind hates God and anything about Jesus Christ. — show me what He said that is anything against love, peace and salvation. The trouble with mankind is that it wants its own god and make its own rules .

  25. michael gyuricza 6 Feb 2014, 6:04am

    That This is a sham how is it that you people can do stuff like that to another one a your true blood relative beings who has and was doing no harm in anyway to you no wonder why your God who has been disgraced and shamed by u is calling for help hmm to think the help is for people who can do stuff like this to another one off your`d there own kind, hmm wow and doubt it

  26. David-Jack Fletcher 6 Feb 2014, 8:36am

    I had similar thoughts at his age, but never acted on it. My heart breaks at this story, that poor child must have felt absolutely isolated to do this. The cruelty of children can never be underestimated and not until public discourse about homosexuality changes that these tragedies might stop.

  27. David-Jack Fletcher 6 Feb 2014, 8:36am

    I had similar thoughts at his age, but never acted on it. My heart breaks at this story, that poor child must have felt absolutely isolated to do this. The cruelty of children can never be underestimated and not until public discourse about homosexuality changes that these tragedies might stop.

  28. Joanne kirkpatrick 6 Feb 2014, 9:14am

    I myself have a young boy who’s 8 with special needs he loves to play with barbie dolls and monster high dolls i am happy he has an interest people look at him in street because hes a boy but me i smile with a proud boy in front of me thats hes happy who cares what he plays with hes happy then im happy, thoughts r with u and the family and i hope this wee man fights and gets back on his feet soon heartbreaking people can b so cruel to kids xx

    1. James Campbell 7 Feb 2014, 5:02pm

      Your son is a fortunate young man to have a mum like you :)

  29. darleen tana 6 Feb 2014, 10:40am

    Blessings to u dear one xxxx

  30. White Wolf 6 Feb 2014, 10:53am

    I can’t bear the thought of this poor little child suffering so much. Children and animals are so defenseless and anyone who picks on either should be removed from society. Sending special thoughts to Mike and his family. Disgusted yet again at so called ‘human’ beings.

  31. I used to have a boy in my class who was “sparkly” (a term I prefer to use as gay, straight or whatever was for him to decide in the future) My proudest moment was when he brought in an article about his favourite toy, Bratz. He proceeded to explain in quite some detail for a seven-year-old how Bratz sales and popularity were overtaking Barbie. After one or two bemused “that’s a girls’ toy” he objected and defended his right to like whatever toys he wanted to. It actually turned into an interesting discussion in class. I guess what i am saying is kids will be kids. That’s not to say that what these kids did was acceptable but their learn from what they see around them, they are trying desparately (even at seven) to fit in…hell some of them just have strong opinions about how they think the world is. It is up to us as adults, teachers, parents , uncles, etc etc to discuss these ideas and challenge them to think about the effect of what they say and do on others.

    1. Frank Boulton 6 Feb 2014, 12:06pm

      I think that you have a good point, Lew. I don’t think that bullying exists to the same extent in different cultures. A lot of it depends on what we teach children to value. In 8 years of secondary school in the UK, I only recall suffering one appalling bullying incident. I stood out as being different but I was a sports champion and went camping, fishing and hunting all the time, pursuits which my fellow schoolboys were taught to value. I was also taught to be a bully myself and rather interestingly I never engaged in it. Our family was multicultural. Perhaps it wasn’t in my nature to bully others or perhaps some members of my family showed me a better alternative.

  32. why do people hate anyone “different”? That’s what makes us people

  33. spencer stonehouse 6 Feb 2014, 12:59pm

    So so sad. Fingers crossed for poor little Michael my heart goes out to him and his family. xx

  34. Heather Carden 6 Feb 2014, 4:43pm

    My husband loves my little pony the t’v show. He is 31, far from ugly, stupid or gay. There is nothing wrong with you but clearly the other children who seemed to have been deprived their innocence and childhood in turn depriving you of yours. I’ll send love and prayers.”

  35. CPL United States Marine Corp 6 Feb 2014, 6:16pm

    Wow! I cannot believe how tragic this is and how sad our world has become. Bullying is not right. There is nothing wrong with anything he has done. My heart goes out to his family and I am praying for his safe and full recovery.

  36. Karen Marie Vela 6 Feb 2014, 6:47pm

    what pisses me off the most, is, kids learn the gay hatred from he people around them. if the parents or other people around them are homophobic this is what happens, they repeat the cycle. A 2 year old or a 5 year old doesn’t care if you like boy toys or girl toys or specific colors, as long as you play nice they don’t care, but parents are one of the major influences of gay hatred ad it needs to stop. if you are homophobic, don’t have kids to perpetuate the hate. period!

  37. So upsetting. Makes me so angry!

  38. Can I get some source please?
    Unless all the sources were primary…

  39. Those bullies are the biggest “GAYS” cause they are simply insecure of that child and i do pray that he recovers fully and speed and god deal with those bastards

  40. So senseless and sad…can only hope for the best for this young man and his family, I’m not usually a person to comment but this just breaks my heart

  41. Michael, keep fighting sweetheart, never give up. I have a son who is gay and recently got married, we, his parents, love him with all our hearts just like your parents do with you. Don’t ever think you are less of a person because of who you are or who you’ll grow up to love. You are a very special young man who has the hearts of everyone who has read your story. Keep fighting, we love you:)

  42. Get well soon, Michael Morones!

  43. There’s currently a recovery fund for him. If you want to donate, there’s a link.

  44. This is very sad I have a five year old little boy whos favorite color is pink and also loves my little pony, the littlest pet shop, tinkerbell and so many other “girl” shows. My hopes and prays go out to thia little boy and his family

  45. “We said that we didn’t care if he was gay or straight he was our son.”
    That’s not the correct thing to say to someone in that situation. If that were my son I’d be reassuring him that liking a show/brand doesn’t mean he is associated with any of the stereotypes with that show/brand.

  46. Reading these comments I’m saddened to realise most of you blame this on the fact these were children. Children are lovely light-hearted creatures that often mimic their closest friends and relatives. There are bullies all throughout life and they only become more clever and ruthless as you get older.

  47. I pray he heals with no brain damage. May the bullying stop and the children learn to coexist! God Bless the family

  48. LumberingLumberjack 7 Feb 2014, 1:19pm

    by the gods its terrible to think that something as innocent as a child liking a tv show can end up like this. at 11 children seem to be very conscious of things that are different from what they are told is the norm, now more then ever its important to teach the next generation that difference is a positive thing. my best wishes to him and his family, I just hope that something positive can be gleaned from such a terrible event

  49. James Campbell 7 Feb 2014, 4:57pm

    One of the worst things one can say to a child who is being bullied is “either ignore them or stand up to them”. Most children want to be, need to be accepted by their peers. It is part of their overall development and thy should not have to fight for the right to be different. Anti bullying measures MUST target the bullies and the parents of bullies as well as the victims. Schools often shy away from confrontation as it publicises what is going on in their premises. I have worked with many children who are bullied almost to the point of being suicidal and the greatest obstacle to dealing with this menace are often the head teachers, classroom teachers and parents. Schools still do not undertake serious attempts to teach children to accept and even celebrate difference whatever benign form it takes.

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