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Graham Norton: ‘Unbelievable’ that anti-gay marriage group were paid damages for being called ‘homophobes’

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Reader comments

  1. FYI that tweet is from an Iona Institute parody.

    1. jonnielondon 4 Feb 2014, 11:23pm

      I was going to ask who is the drag queen, Panty Bliss or Iona Institute? Lol

  2. can gay people claim when this group refers to them in a negative way

  3. Presumably, they object to the word because it implies they dislike gay people when, as we all know, they love us. Perhaps we need a new word to describe religious groups who oppose equality … gay-equalophobe?

  4. bobbleobble 4 Feb 2014, 10:49pm

    I wonder what Pat Rabbite will say when those against our right to marry liken us to paedophiles, start comparing homosexuality to bestiality and incest, start suggesting that we’re going to bring about the end of the world and so on. Will he be quick to condemn that too or will that be OK as part of the ‘legitimate public debate.’ I suspect it will be the latter, we can’t offend the religious and the bigoted now can we?

    1. Just threaten him with a lawsuit, clearly he’ll settle out of court.

  5. Absolutely the same as if a neonazi group was awarded damages for being called anti-semites.
    But then again we are the ONLY group who has been victimised to the same extent as the jews and black communities since WW2, while large proportions of the two others have actively participate and still do in discriminating against us. there actually lies the cruelest part of it…

  6. Is pat rabite, a homophobe as well, homophobe supporter?

  7. Senator Norris was correct yesterday in the Seanad. If he said such things about Jews, Protestants or on Race, he would hounded out of the Chamber.

    It is very dangerous that RTÉ used taxpayers (be it the licence fee or the direct grant from the Irish State) to silence the IONA Institute.

    The troops were mobilised within the Catholic Hierarchy! But who are these troops ?

    The fella from my class at school (a Knight of St. Columbanus) who loves to be a bottom in his spare time; the now priest with whom I played when we studied together or perhaps my friend is a gay Catholic Primary School teacher who can be fired from his profession under Section 37!

    The smell of hypocrisy is awful!

  8. He said: “It is too loaded a term to be used to categorise those who hold contrary views on what is a matter for legitimate public debate”.

    And therein lies the problem – no persons sexuality is a MATTER FOR PUBLIC DEBATE! Especially by a religiously deluded section of society attempting to force their moralistic will on the rest!

    When even ministers have this pathetically biased notion it’s no wonder Ireland is in the mess it’s in.

  9. Well if gay people can’t call homophobes “homophobes”, what are we supposed to call them? Personally, I shall revert to old fashioned terminology, and now refer to this particular religious group as “a bunch of old cu–ts”. Anyone else care to join me?

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