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Scotland: Same-sex marriages ‘could start by July’

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Reader comments

  1. Equality Network 3 Feb 2014, 3:09pm

    The Equality Network would suggest waiting to see what the Cabinet Secretary Alex Neil says about the timetable, in tomorrow’s debate. For England and Wales it will have taken eight months from the bill passing to the first same-sex marriages in March. A similar eight months for implementing Scotland’s bill would take us into October.

    The Equality Network is pressing for implementation of the bill to be as quick as possible (assuming the bill passes tomorrow!). Previously the Scottish Government have said early 2015, and the latest on the record quote from them is “by the end of 2014”.

    1. Well said – this is very exciting and my partner of 22 years and I are looking forward to planning our wedding. We didn’t celebrate our CP but I’ve been in touch with the Government to ask if they anticipate people not in a CP being able to marry at the same time as those not in a CP. I’ve said it would a shame if there were delays in Scotland as seem to be inevitable for existing civil partners wishing to marry in England or Wales.

      1. Duh – of course I meant “anticipate people already in a CP being able to marry at the same time as those not in a CP.” Oh it’s just all so complicated! I just want to marry my man!

        1. Equality Network 3 Feb 2014, 4:08pm

          There will be two ways of converting a CP to a marriage in Scotland. One will be to marry in the usual way – with a civil, humanist or religious (from those religions willing to do same-sex marriage) ceremony. We’re hoping that that will be available from the first day same-sex marriage is available in Scotland.

          The other way will be administrative, by submitting a form to the local registrar. There will be no ceremony, and so this option will be significantly cheaper! However, it may not be available from the first day that same-sex marriages are.

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