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Italian Prime Minister promises to raise Russia’s anti-gay laws at Olympics

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Reader comments

  1. Maybe the Italian PM should concentrate in allowing Civil partnership at the very least in Italy rather than worrying about other countries.

    I know a beautiful girl who about to enter into a Civil partnership here in the UK -when she returns home this is not recognised – so much for the EU

  2. Helge Vladimir Tiller 3 Feb 2014, 2:38pm

    An embrace to You, Mr. Prime Minister. — And remember, don’t use mild words. Let some of these diplomatic rules rest. Be a bit tough !

  3. Why not look to your own Country PM that does not recognise Civil partnership’s nor allows Civil partnership to take place in Italy. Sort you own country out first before poking your nose in elsewhere

    1. Although I can see what you are saying, the situation in Italy isn’t half as bad as what it is in Russia.

  4. It’s great that he is raising this issue but shouldn’t he put his house in order first then criticize others ! Italy is hardly a beacon of tolerance and rights for lgbt people ! Maybe he should lead by example

  5. From the home of the Vatican?? This is worse than Merkel standing up for gay rights, and her people used to round up gays and murder them in Concentration camps and still treat them as second class citizens.

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