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US: Virginia House advances bill to defend same-sex marriage ban

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Reader comments

  1. “Openly gay state senator Adam Ebbin was among those who introduced the legislation.”
    The legislation to defend the same-sex marriage ban?
    Wow, talk about a turkey voting for traditional Christmas dinner. No doubt brainwashed by ‘the faith’.
    Just because he’s got a fetish for discrimination, it doesn’t mean he should drag every other gay men and women down with him.

    1. The line immediately before the one you quoted: “A group of officials in the US state of Virginia earlier in January introduced the legislation to repeal the ban.”

    2. Jason, NYC 3 Feb 2014, 3:34pm

      Not necessarily a case of being brainwashed by the faith here…

      I can’t say I’d do the same in his position, but I think I can see the logic he’s using. Given his affiliations, I don’t think he expects the state to win this case, even with the best possible defense. Given that, it’d be in his best interest to make sure the law gets the best defense possible so that when it’s struck down, the quality of its defense can’t be used as an argument.

  2. Under the U.S. Constitution, laws must equally apply fairly to all citizens under said U.S. Constitution. I do not understand for the life of me just how these lawmakers believe that they can successfully create laws that go directly against this fair and balanced dictate by the U.S. Constitution. The very act of creating a law specifically and concisely to separate and elevate its one people over another is in direct violation of fair due process and equality under the law. Fundamentalists twats they are.

    1. Colin (Queenstown/London) 1 Feb 2014, 8:55pm

      I’m British so sometimes I do not fully understand some of the arguments fully in the USA. I’m grateful when some good people explain the nuances.

      On this one I suspect Burke quote may be apt.
      ‘All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing’
      In this case if we do not stand up to them they will triumph.
      Best Wishes

  3. Jen Marcus 1 Feb 2014, 5:56pm

    It seems the Republicans are a bunch of hypocrites. They allegedly stand for government fiscal responsibility and yet they are going to waste Virginia taxpayers money by pursuing this frivolous Religious Right driven litigation for votes that is grounded on a violation of the US Constitution,to wit,at the minimum, its First, and 14th Amendments

  4. Political grandstanding because the governor would veto it if passed.

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