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UK health alert issued for gay men over rising cases of Shigella dysentery

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Reader comments

  1. Should’nt this ‘health alert’ be issued to the wider hetrosexual community as well, because we are all well aware, we are not the only sexuality who indulges in anal sex!

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 31 Jan 2014, 7:57pm

      Of course but give it a few days and the religious right wing nutjobs will make hay out of it reinforcing their homophobia and damning gay people. I’m holding my breath the trolls won’t be coming in here to agitate. They revel in this stuff.

    2. RJ Waters 4 Feb 2014, 9:45pm

      No, because the overwhelming number of cases have been in gay men. That’s the point of targeting this campaign and press release at gay men.

  2. Look forward to tabloid report “DEATH KNELL FOR RIMMING”

  3. More needs to be done on sexual health education with young people (especially). Youth Services continue to focus their efforts on contraceptive advice, rather than on safer sex and schools are just awful (in the main) beholden as many of them are to the religiots who run them. When I was younger I was very affected by the HIV/AIDS advertising. I think young people today think things such as HIV/AIDS have gone away or there is a cure etc.

  4. How could some activities like rimming (gay/straight) not lead to disease?

    1. By being clean?

      1. Does being clean prevent viral transmission then, such as hepatitis transmission?

        Isn’t there a difference between being clean and being sterile?

      2. Does being clean prevent viral transmission then? eg hepatitis.

        Surely there is a difference between being clean and being sterile?

  5. Nothing wrong with rimming, provided there is the minimum hygiene, of course. It’s just that people are losing their immunity by various reasons: hiv, malnutrition, eating meat from sick animals who have been abused; pesticides which are making our gut bacteria resistant to almost anything…

    1. Don’t forget (ab)use of antibiotics, which wipe out natural gut flora, and allow pathological bacteria a foot-hold.

  6. “Risk of infection can be reduced by avoiding oral contact with faeces during sex…”
    Do people really have to be reminded/advised about that?

  7. If someone is rimming, then just use cling film and strap up before you slide in. Just basic hygiene practices should deter a lot of cases, you would be surprised how some need reminding of that, just look at how many people have faecal matter on their hands after using the bathroom.

  8. Education, education, education. Frenzied lust often removes common-sense, all of us older sexually active pre-aids men understand this fact. But the world is now global and what can be a local out-break can be a national one the next week. Antibiotics are losing their efficiency and I wish sexually active humans would understand this. I watched a doco last night featuring the Manchester STD clinic. 2 gay boys, as sweet as they were and working in the bare-back porn industry, were tested. One had both gonorrhoea and chlamydia with 80 partners during the last 3 months. A daunting task for the dedicated staff at the clinic to follow up the contacts but also a glaring need for a tough love approach to the porn bare back makers and the boys involved.

  9. Well maybe men (and women) who don’t use a condom when having anal sex shouldn’t be sticking a d*ick in the mouths after it’s been up their backsides.

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