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Stoli vodka pledges $300,000 towards programme to develop global LGBT leadership

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  1. fagburn 31 Jan, 3:46pm

    You forgot to say Stoli is owned by a company based in Luxembourg and made in Latvia.
    That was a well-thought out boycott, Dan!

    1. BlokeToys 31 Jan, 10:05pm

      Although they try to ignore mentioning the fact, Stoli is made using Russian grain, and they even operate farms in Russia’s Tambov region. It is DISTILLED in Russia. They state this on their website.
      They also then filter it through Russian Birch.

      Stoli is far from separate from Russia, they preach about their Russian connections on their site, so the belief that it’s “not Russian” when the grain comes from there, and it’s distilled there, is ignorant.

      Stoli is Russian and proud, the bullsh*t marketing is for people who don’t bother to look deeper.

      1. fagburn 1 Feb, 9:18am

        Well, I’m sure Putin really gives a fck that it’s put through Russian birch!

        Another victory for #teamgay!

        1. BlokeToys 1 Feb, 12:04pm

          So you ignore the other facts and pick out the smallest one. I couldn’t give a rats ass if Putin gives a damn, the fact is Stoli is a RUSSIAN product through manufacture and ingredients, and they make a big song and dance about this on their own website. So, to claim that it’s not Russian at all is a lie.

          It’s akin to Apple creating a marketing site telling the story of how minerals are mined in China, the components made in China, the phones assembled and packaged in China – then claiming their product has “nothing to do with China”.

          A Boycott is against the product, because the product is primarily Russian. There are other options, ones that do not lead to money flowing into Russia. THAT is the purpose of a Boycott.

      2. Thanks for the info, Bloketoys. Despite their generous donation they are still Russian. One hopes they are also exerting pressure within the company as well as trying to appease the US GLBT community.

  2. BlokeToys 31 Jan, 9:58pm

    This shows that boycotts do actually work, just the threat of it against Stoli, whether you agreed with it or not, has encouraged them to act in support of LGBT equality more openly and with financial backing rather than statements.

    When a company’s profits are going to be hit, they have no choice but to submit to the will of their customers.

    The same now needs to be done against Coca Cola and McDonalds.

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