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Russia: Woman charged under anti-gay law over social network page

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  1. Helge Vladimir Tiller 31 Jan 2014, 10:51pm

    Lena Klimova is a brave and intelligent person-a journalist and an activist.”Children 404″ is an org. trying to help young LBGTQ people in Russia. They need support and help from everybody who have the possibility. Take contact ;
    I had the great pleasure to listen to Russian activists during Stockholm Pride last year. Real lovely persons ! Greetings from Norway !

  2. Erica Cook 1 Feb 2014, 1:56am

    Apparently if they do they are fined. What if the site didn’t originate in Russia? What if the names were blotted out and posted in another nation but was accessible by Russian youth. Kids could Email the letters which could be gone over by someone who knew the language then posted so their voices would be heard without them being able to be punished.

    1. Helge Vladimir Tiller 1 Feb 2014, 10:28am

      I hope they read your suggestion, Erica ! For sure they have limited resources. But these Russian organizations also have fairly close contact with gay org. in other countries-in Norway and Sweden for instance. So there are many possibilities. Hope they NEVER give in to injustice. Thanks, Erica !

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