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Eastenders star Danny Dyer: I’m proud I’ve helped gay men to come out

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Reader comments

  1. I dont think we need the shirtless photo of him.

    good on Danny for taking the stance that he didnt

    note to editor: we might be gay but we dont need to stoop so low as to have photos like these attached to serious articles, its not a soft porn publication.

    1. oh come on, it’s not like he’s got his arse hanging out or showing you his particles! If it was a story about Tom Daley would you expect him covered up too, or would a speedo shot be fine cos he’s a diver? Danny Dyer appears on screen in his shanties all the time. In plebs he was only covering his modesty with a towel at one point….

    2. Why would you think a photo of someone with no top on is ‘stooping low’? What’s wrong with a Man’s chest? You sound like Mary Whitehouse.

  2. Hey, I’m sure Danny D is laidback and comfortable enough with his own massive appeal to straight women and us alike to have a little laugh at his shirtless photo. His significant female other is a very lucky woman!

  3. Glasgow Oliver 31 Jan 2014, 8:59pm

    Why the topless pic? Is it just because this is a gay website that everything must be sexually charged? Aren’t we trying to get past all that?

  4. E Carpenter 1 Feb 2014, 2:00am

    Danny’s the same fine man shirted or shirtless. He’s had my respect for a long time.

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