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Australian Olympics boss: ‘Athletes should keep protests off the podium in Russia’

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Reader comments

  1. Australia is quickly turning into another Russia under “liberal” government

  2. So freedom of speech is now being restricted for Australia. Where does the Australian government stand on this gagging order?

  3. Mean while across the ditch the New Zealand Parliament yesterday unanimously passed a motion supporting gay rights in Russia – proud to be a kiwi and sending love and aroha to aussie mates:

    1. Colin (Queenstown/London) 31 Jan 2014, 9:19pm

      New Zealand could teach the world an awful lot if it would listen. I think Kiwi’s are awesome people and your country more beautiful than my words can describe.
      Good Luck to all participating in the Games.

    2. As long as you’re not Maori. Àsshole.

  4. Just look at the gagging restraints that are being placed upon competitors, what a vile Olympics Sochi really is, totally against the spirit it is supposed to represent.

    1. There’s always censorship and corruption, even in supposedly free countries when the olympics come to town.

  5. He says keep protests off the Olympic podium in Russia. I say keep the Olympics out of Russia if you don’t want protest. You made the bed mate…

  6. Increasingly fraught time in Australia on many levels. Our Great barrier Reef about to be trashed so coal can still power the making of all those lovely products we are hell bent on up-dating. Time the Olympics returned to Greece for good and became what they should be, fair competition between all concerned.

  7. James Campbell 31 Jan 2014, 10:15pm

    “We’re asking them to respect the Olympic movement “ Ah yes, the once sporting event which emphasised the taking part and not just a fist full of medals. This obscene exercise in one-upmanship based on who can spend the most and get the most is way past its sell by date. There are thousands of athletes living and attempting to train in appalling and/or dangerous conditions who can out run, out jump and out score many athletes from wealthy nations, but they don’t get the chance. As a student I was an international athlete, but now I cannot bring myself to watch the overblown spectacle knowing that the millions spent on this pi**ing contest could fund a worthier cause. The only use for this debacle today is to use it as a platform to protest on the world’s stage.

  8. Helge Vladimir Tiller 31 Jan 2014, 10:26pm

    A decent protest for gay and transgender rights is always correct, even if it is performed on the podium. You don’t have to slap somebodys face !—You can behave in a nice way, saying what you mean with politeness— and bow your head at the same time, to show your respect for persons you do not know. LGBTQ people are suppressed in Russia. They are suppressed by The Regime. If you are brave enough to give a short demo. like this–millions of gay and lesbians everywhere Russia will just LOVE YOU ! Athletes and other participants, are you listening ? !

  9. So human rights is lesser than some baubles and glory.

    This goon seems to forget the purpose of what these “games” are meant to be.

    The bringing together of all peoples on this rock, not just those who write the fattest cheque.

    The Olympic ideal is now dead and only serves middle aged white bankers.

    Its worthless, pointless and corrupt, corrupted by these men, more interested in themselves.

    1. This the olympic spirit or ideal is nothing but a myth.
      They’ve always been heavy political. Always corrupt, and always lead to some minority being gagged and silenced.
      And now hijacked by an orgy of American style corporatism.

      Summer 1936. Many countries considered boycotting the Berlin games over abuse of Jewish and Roma athletes. Germany used it as a platform to promote Nazi ideology.

      Summer 1956. Seven countries actually boycott the games for a variety of reasons including “all the usual middle east problems”.

      Summer 1976. Half of Africa boycott the games.

      Summer 1980. 29 countries boycott over the invasion of Afghanistan.

      Winter 1980. IOC deny Taiwan their identity and right to compete under it. As usual.

      Winter 2012. Oppression of sexual and gender minorities gets swept under the rug. Protesters will be violently suppressed.

      Seriously, if it must exist at all, it should only be hosted by countries that have reached the highest levels of social and human development.

  10. floridahank 31 Jan 2014, 11:15pm

    The Olympics is not the place to protest sexual behavior, abortion, divorce, corruption or any other action opposed by people. The Olympics is a sporting event and should not be tainted by social/medical/financial/ disagreement by anybody. Nobody has a right to inject their own belief response into an athletic competition gathering. You only look more biased and judgmental which nobody appreciates.

    1. When people criticise the nebulous masses, who are uneducated, bigoted, easily lead, believe everything they see on television, and subscribe to an entirely unoriginal pre-packaged world-view; that haven’t had a single truly original thought of their own their entire lives,
      The sheeple
      The reason democracy doesn’t work
      … It’s you.

    2. Just die.

    3. You on the other hand thinks it your right to inject your absurd religious ‘belief response’ into every damn thing you can. You are such a vile hypocrite coming to this site with your ‘jesus’ face on as a mask to cover your own self loathing. Do try to get this understood you are as transparent in your hypocrisy as your ‘christian’ religious evangelising is repellent. You fool nobody here, we know what you are.

  11. Keep quiet contestants as I have just been offered a large financial sum and penthouse suite in the Russian mountains to make sure your mouths are shut.

  12. Wearing a RAINBOW FLAG on the podium isn’t a “PROTEST”….!!!! ;-)

  13. How unbelievably ignorant to compare Australia to Russia, A worldwide study to attitudes about gay people had Australia in the Top 10 as most accepting.. Yes equal marriage is not likely in the next few years under the current government but i much prefer living here than in so called civilised Europe where people can’t even protest.

    1. Yeah, enjoy being ruled by a man who is “threatened” by homosexuality! It’s not long before he introduces “gay propaganda” ban to please his christian dinosaur voting base.

    2. That’s quite funny, you can’t protest in Australia either. I was following the Occupy protests as they spread around the world, and the sight of ten musclebound men in police uniforms dragging an elderly grandmother from the group of protesters sticks with me, as does the beating and kicking of younger protesters by those same thuggish police when they were on the ground.

      Australia is NOT the free and civilized democratic country it likes to pretend to be, not even close.

      We are not much better, with our oppressive laws against protest in London, our thuggish police using what amounts to physical assault and direct application of pain to break up protests, and the massive use of provocateurs in protests to justify a crackdown, but to suggest Australia is better is ludicrous.

    3. Christopher in Canada 2 Feb 2014, 10:49pm

      Somebody’s in the Strawberry Patch with Sally.

      – Tony Orlando and Dawn

  14. jackAlison 1 Feb 2014, 10:29am

    Its heartening to know gagging is in place. It just means that Putins regime will be subjected to a torrent of protest from some very brave atheletes. And, his thugs who carry out his infamy wont be able to do a thing because THE WORLD IS WATCHING. Its going to be a very proud moment for gay rights.

    1. You have more faith in these athletes than I do. I don’t think there’s going to be much protest at all from any involved, they are after all attending to aggrandize themselves with glory and medals, it seems to me that the vast majority don’t give a rats behind about the Human rights abuses taking place there – they just care about their fifteen minutes of glory.

      That’s not the kind of person likely to utter a whisper of protest.

  15. Lets make something clear here, the IOC has already stated that ANY act of protest in participation of the games risks punishment, including the removal of any awards gained. This is not just one lone IOC bigot making this statement, the entire group of the IOC has attempted to silence the entire international community at the Olympics.

    I just wanted to point this out. While the guy is an odious cretin, he is in a club of odious cretins who have all threatened exactly the same thing to ALL participating athletes of ALL countries.

  16. Auntie Babs 1 Feb 2014, 1:44pm

    I think that the IOC is hoping that they’ll get to the closing ceremony when they’ll be able to say, “look everything went tickity-boo and all that fuss over nothing” and that we’ll all forget all about it….but as far as this guy is concerned this is NOT going to be over after the games…not by a long chalk.

  17. Further proof the IOC is homophobic. Repulsive organisation.

  18. jackAlison 2 Feb 2014, 2:32am

    oh and btw
    john coates is closeted gay with a shrill inner homophobic voice
    just disgusting

  19. NickDavisGB 2 Feb 2014, 2:57pm

    I am so embarrassed by the current Australian government. Send them all to Naru.

  20. Christopher in Canada 2 Feb 2014, 10:51pm

    This from a man whose pic looks like Dusty Springfield did his eye makeup.

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