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African traditionalist group rejects ‘troubling’ Archbishops’ request for anti-gay laws to be dropped

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Reader comments

  1. The Anglican Church created and have fed this monster for years. In recent years they have resisted modernizing and liberalizing for one reason and one reason only. They were afraid of offending the fasted growing Anglican community in the world. Now they have to deal with the fact that the monster is no longer satisfied with the bones that have been thrown to it. It wants to be alpha male and its starting to bite its master. The Anglican Church would be well served to cut the African Anglican Church free so that they can modernize (if there is any way to “modernize an iron age mythology) if they have any hope of surviving. I personally hope they don’t survive.

  2. The Anglican church with it’s African followers is rapidly turning into the African church with it’s Anglican followers.
    Anglicanism’s highest rate of growth is in Africa, and their largest population of believers is also in Africa (Nigeria), and it will not be long before the largest share of their income comes from African believers instead of the British ones.
    I do wonder what sort of demands we will be receiving from African branches once they realize just how much influence and power they have over the church.

  3. this is the expected response from anglican church in africa facing aggressive competition from popular plastic pentecostal churches (not longer run from garages, serious money making machines). and it seems (unlike in uk) conservative approach attracts bigger congregations.

  4. “He accused the pair of projecting a British debate about: “That which God calls sin”, onto the Anglican world.” I think he’ll find that it was the British who first introduced christianity into Africa. If only they had rejected all the silly, childish nonsense at that time, there would be nothing to debate.

  5. Lion in Winter 31 Jan 2014, 12:12am

    Interesting that the “traditions” these Africans choose to retain are not of their own heritage. But then, what of their heritage is worth retaining? Stone age tribes warring with each other… humans the world over are a shameful species.

  6. The real people to ask here are the evangelicals in the diocese of Sydney Australia. The then archbishop Jensen went to several African countries some years back stirring up anti-gay hatred. I note that he, his cronies and successor are silent on the issue. Shame on all of them. Where are the journalists to look into and publish on this??

    1. Missionaries throughout history have much for which to answer – spreading sectarianism, division and hatred. If these evangelists had stuck to the central message of christianity instead of twisting it for their own financial and selfish ends, what a different place the world might have been …..

  7. I love the fact these guys consider them selves an African “Traditionalist” group, more like idiots who a blind of the history of colonialism. Where homosexuality was normal in some tribes of Africa.

    Traditionalist Africans my arse.

  8. It seems ironic that if the rest of the world had stuck with a ‘traditionalist’ view of the bible, ‘Archbishop’ Eliud Wabukala and his compatriots might well still be being shipped across the oceans as slaves…Perhaps he should take a tour of some of the southern states of the US to gain another understanding of where biblical ‘traditionalism’ leads….

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