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US: Indiana bill to ban same-sex marriage passes House vote

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  1. Incredible… As much of the United States is moving forward (albeit some places faster than others) Indiana seeks to take a giant leap backwards.
    And this in the face that the state’s citizens opinions on same sex marriage has shifted hugely, in the last ten years alone.

  2. I was actually born and raised in Indiana. When I saw this posting I knew I should try and clarify what is going on here. Indiana has had in its law a definition of marriage limiting it to strictly a heterosexual union. The wording is carefully crafted to not point out the fact that this is to prevent gays and to not bring us up in any way what-so-ever. Legally, I don’t exist. My relationships don’t exist, and any discrimination against me doesn’t exist. This means I can be fired for being gay, having a relationship, or if I was in commitment for so much as identifying as gay. Applying for a marriage license in Indiana as a same sex couple legally fraud and you can be jailed for it.
    If a religious person preforms a wedding for a same sex couple he/she is committing fraud for implying that a union between two people of the same gender is valid. Now, you might ask then what this means for this amendment, what will it change? The answer is, if the sentence mentioned before was st

  3. Leigh Oats 30 Jan 2014, 6:10am

    Many a resident of that benighted state might well want to amend the first line of a song written and sung by R Dean Taylor as “Indiana doesn’t want me . . .”.

    But it would scan terribly.

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