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UK: Tribunal hears boss called gay man a ‘c*** sucker’ and asked if he had AIDS

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Reader comments

  1. Such hilarious “office banter” at Chambers Waste Management PLC.

    Presumably Mr Chambers thinks anyone who considers it harassment to insinuate that all gay men “have AIDS” is suffering from sense of humour failure.

    In the spirit of such effervescent wit, I ask: “Mr Chambers, what’s wrong with you? Were you dropped on your head as a baby?”

  2. 30 years on from the AIDS “epidemic” and this still exists. Shows exactly why things like Sochi are so important to make a stand and educate bigots.

  3. Robert in S. Kensington 29 Jan 2014, 12:16pm

    Meanwhile, the Lords just voted against a mandatory sex and relationship education amendment. That is part of the problem and so are they! Homophobia in the workplace will continue as long as ignoramuses such as Chambers can get away with it. Would he have asked a heterosexual if he or she had AIDS? NO! Prosecute the bastard!

    1. The Commons is still able to overrule the House of Lords as it is sovereign over the upper chamber. Whether Cameron will see what benefits the Bill will bring and order it to be pushed to Royal Asset is another issue.

  4. The managing director claimed he was not his “usual self” that day as he had been at a coroner’s inquest into the death of his father who had died in an accident months earlier.

    It is truly amazing how many times these odious toads will use a family bereavement to excuse their “inappropriate banter”. Didn’t some pop singer try the same excuse not long ago?

    When my parents died I didn’t suddenly start uncharacteristically insulting people, and I don’t really understand how that could happen with anyone else, unless perhaps they were having a nervous breakdown.

  5. Selena Aldridge 29 Jan 2014, 12:28pm

    that a point

  6. Joe Henderson-tang 29 Jan 2014, 12:54pm

    I hope the Tribunal throws the book at the homophobic tosser and fine him lots of money

    1. William Burd 30 Jan 2014, 5:38pm

      The problem is that it’s not a question of book throwing. With the decision made the Tribunal does not have the power to enforce it as a judgement. Appellants still have to initiate action via the Sheriffs when the respondent does not comply.

  7. James Campbell 29 Jan 2014, 5:51pm

    There is obviously a niche in the market for a ‘bigots guide to office banter” (with a companion volume dedicated to “playground humour”). What I find depressing in this country is that any action against homophobic language is slow to get off the ground and yet a similar comment in relation to ethnicity is immediate (as it should be). I suspect (although I could be wrong) that behind the rhetoric lies the idea that whilst a person’s race is down to biology, being gay is a ‘choice’.

  8. soapbubblequeen 29 Jan 2014, 7:20pm

    I hope their company goes down the waste disposal unit where it belongs, and him with it. Stupid bastard.

  9. Pat Davies 31 Jan 2014, 1:15pm

    Well was Mr Chambers behaviour out of character or not? Had the inquest made him tetchy? It’s possible you know so don’t jump in and condemn him.
    Why wasn’t this situation reconciled amicably is a question in my mind?
    Tetchy behaviour caused by personal stress which hurts somebody can surely be reconciled…or is the victim a little bit tetchy too?

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