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Tory councillor ‘disturbed’ over Ian McKellen school visit nominated for mayor

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Reader comments

  1. “It is important to emphasise here that throughout this process, the allegation of homophobia was neither substantiated, nor pursued through the Authority’s own complaints procedures.”

    All that tells us is that the procedures are flawed.

  2. Looks like we’re still rewarding bigotry and ignorance in this country ….. but I’m very pleased to see the Greens have taken a stance against this man.

  3. Midnighter 29 Jan 2014, 3:08pm

    “It is important to emphasise here that throughout this process, the allegation of homophobia was neither substantiated, nor pursued through the Authority’s own complaints procedures.”
    The substantiation for accusations of homophobia are provided by the original homophobic statement. What you haven’t done, Mr Windows, is explained your views in such a way as to convince anyone of your “true”, non-homophobic meaning.

    Even if we pretend he isn’t the bigot he appears to be, I would suggest that anyone who makes such a hash of representing themselves is the last person you’d want representing an entire city.

    1. That was my first thought.

      I think they call that “begging the question”.

      What else could have “disturbed” him about Ian Mckellen visiting Bristol schools? Was he afraid that kids might start emulating Gandalf or Magneto or that he might encourage schoolkids to turn thespian?

  4. It’s generally these over 50 patriachal authoritarian males (apart from a few infamous females with more testosterone than the English rugby team) that hold these prehistoric views about gay people.

    Give it a generation and most of them will have died out along with their antediluvian views.

    1. Well said … and hopefully vanishing with them … organised religion of the homophobic kind. Remember – religion is the last bastion of homophobia. For centuries, it’s taught those with doubts about their own same-sex attraction to self-hate which they, in turn, direct towards gay people. Oh! What a happier world we could have without religion’s division and spite.

      1. This is why so many of them are so vocal right now, they know they are losing power, their cult buildings are increasingly empty, many are closing, their power in government is waning, their power in media is almost over, people in a secular society now have the freedom to educate themselves and think beyond the delusional fantasies of the religious crazies.

        They are terrified, because they know that it’s only going to take one more generation before they have no more power than the cult of $cientology.

        Look at the US, they might be a little behind us when it comes to LGBT equality and the infestation of religious ideas on society, but the voting numbers of the last election show that the youth are rejecting the Republican party, mainly based on the constant moral and religious bullsh*t many Republicans espouse.

        The public is now more intelligent and evolved than those in such political/religious groups, therefore they will become redundant very soon.

  5. James Campbell 29 Jan 2014, 5:36pm

    As a straight man with the blessing of a brother who is gay, I too am ‘disturbed’ that he should be critical of any attempt to educate and inform young people regarding the facts relating to a large section of society, which is reflected in every school in the country. He obviously does not care about the serious bullying which goes on in schools and regards “the likes of a certain leading actor as a potential role model” as a source of harm to impressionable youth. I can think of several dozen people who should never be allowed near a school and a certain internationally renowned gay actor is not one of them.

  6. Mc over Windows any day!

  7. The Greens increasingly look like the only option left…

  8. His response to it all is rather telling, and incredibly arrogant. He hasn’t apologized, he hasn’t retracted his statements, he hasn’t changed his opinions and beliefs, he’s merely stated that it was resolved and he was let-off.

    The guy is clearly a bigot, probably a religiously delusional one too, and not fit for this role, or any role in representing a large and diverse group of people in any official capacity.

    People who express a bigotry toward groups of the public should automatically be refused from ever holding any public position in local or national office. We would not accept someone presenting racist or sexist views from the 1950’s in such an office, it’s time this was extended to cover expressions of bigotry toward any group.

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