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Princess Anne to attend Winter Olympics, but David Cameron is too busy

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  1. these days tory prime minister only have time to protest european union and european human rights charter

  2. Philip Breen 29 Jan 2014, 8:31pm

    You are right there! Furthermore, the British Government opposes the ECHR on criminal disclosures of old, spent, specifically gay and victimless convictions on the basis that men who have been convicted of having had or having looked for sex with other adult men are safeguarding risks unless proven otherwise. However, the government does not provide/allow a system whereby a man can get his case notes looked at to establish the facts of whether children or a lack of consent had been involved and so get his conviction disregarded or filtered on the basis of the evidence.

  3. I wonder if Putin has worked out why the majority of Western leaders have declined his invitation to the Games.

  4. To put this in perspective, Putin declined to go to the London Olympics, and even declined to go to the G8 summit hosted by Obama the same year, (he sent his puppet Medvedev instead) so he set the precedent for heads of state snubbing him back….A pity Obama and Cameron don’t send their deputies to the G8 in Sochi as well…..

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