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Nigeria: Trial of men accused of being gay suspended due to ‘mob justice’ fears

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Reader comments

  1. So Britain wants to remain in Commonwealth with Nigeria ???

    1. And Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Jamaica, Belize, Kenya, Uganda, Cameroon … (etc)

  2. If, with laws, you create a hate-filled culture, you reap what you sow. Not a very civilized or intelligent government, is it?

  3. So they want to make sure the defendants don’t get stoned before they officially decide they should and the judges get their stone supply ready.

    what a shower of ………… (fill in your own expletive)

    1. It’s called the rule of law – in the same way as, in the days of hanging in the UK (until 1964) and in parts of the USA to this day, a judicially-administered capital sentence was/is considered preferable to lynching by a mob.

  4. I despair! What is behind the anger? Why do so many people need a scapegoat to hate?

    1. Poverty and ignorance.

    2. Midnighter 29 Jan 2014, 1:30pm

      Poverty and ignorance have created a void as Rehan says, but lets not ignore the fact that this void has been filled by religious fervour: as all this hatred is being whipped up by Imams and Priests.

      Being poor and ignorant does not automatically make you hateful: religion achieves that very successfully, however.

      1. Yes, but religion thrives where there is poverty and ignorance, and I can’t think of a single poor society that doesn’t have some sort of religion (arguably religion develops out of poverty and ignorance) – except maybe parts of China during the Communist Era, and I doubt they’d have been that much better for anyone who didn’t toe the general line.

        1. Midnighter 29 Jan 2014, 2:47pm

          “Yes, but religion thrives where there is poverty and ignorance”
          I think we are in vigorous agreement. The poor are comforted by the promise of riches in the next life. The ignorant accept religious explanations as they have no others to contradict them. Voilà.

  5. john lameck 29 Jan 2014, 4:12pm

    Nigeria is an oil producing nation. Cut off all imports of their oil until they decide
    to come into the 21st century and SCRAP those STUPID Sharia Laws.

    1. I agree Sharia Law is stupid, but “Cut off imports of their oil”? Seriously? You imagine that the UK restricts imports of Saudi oil because of its (far longer-established) Sharia law?

      Like anyone here is going to do that, any more than they’re going to cut off imports of Russian gas! But perhaps you should start and set an example. Otherwise it’s just talk, and talk is easier than action.

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