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Nigel Farage vows to oust councillors with ‘extremist’ and ’embarrassing’ views from UKIP

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Reader comments

  1. Good luck with that one Nige!

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 29 Jan 2014, 4:47pm

    Yeah, right! So he won’t refuse huge donations from wealthy loons though will he?

  3. Don’t ever under estimate where this is all going – he will have the money to pay for slick targeted campaigns – it might come from loons yes or from unlikely wealthy sources – but it will buy clever people who will target his know audience. And while his policies may seem none starters to many, including many of us, he will, with the right approach and using words and phrases that mimic the concerns of many in the UK, be considerably more successful than we imagine.
    Who ever would have thought the Liberal Democrats would be in power.

    1. Midnighter 29 Jan 2014, 5:53pm

      I agree. He’s nothing if not a slick (some would say slimy) operator when it comes to handling the media and some people seem to lap it up. I always feel like he’s just come off the set of Only Fools and Horses after a turn as Boycie (something about him of the second hand car salesman stereotype).

  4. That There Other David 29 Jan 2014, 6:06pm

    If ever you’re talking to a UKIP supporter and they’re doing their usual waffling on about how wonderful UKIP are and how “LibLabCon” and the EU have ruined the country etc. ask them who they would like to see as Home Secretary or Chancellor.

    Then watch their faces blank over.

    When most say they support UKIP they actually only know Farage, and as he showed last week on the Daily Politics he doesn’t agree with or even in some cases know about much of UKIP’s platform.

    There’s a reason UKIP are a one man band. Whenever anyone else gets in front of a camera they embarrass themselves. From Robert Kilroy-Silk onwards.

  5. No councillors at the end of it then.

  6. If a political party is reduced to single figures, does it still count as a political party?

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