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London: Somali women protest over lesbian adoption decision

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Reader comments

  1. I’m sure in Somalia they don’t let lesbians adopt. Maybe they should return to Somalia, they’d be much happier there.

    1. I’m sure with their birth rate , they’ll be able to set up their own little sharia lawed,Somaliland in the uk in the not too distant future.

  2. These woman are bigots period.

    They shout loud when they are abused and yet have no tolerance toward other minority groups such as gay people.

    Gay people have right in law. Some people are gay, get over it.

    1. Broken link !

  3. Screw your Somali community and your bigoted religious beliefs. You are living in England now, so join us or F*uck off. We will not tolerate your ignorant behaviour. Nor your traditions of FGM.

    1. errr, its democratic country, they can protest what they like, your imposing views are exactly what england stands against. bit hypocritycal of you,dont you think, to have a go at fgm and then to ignore issue of male genital mutilation that is so popular in muslim and jewish traditions

      1. PantoHorse 30 Jan 2014, 9:10am

        So speaks someone with absolutely no clue of how much worse FGM is.

        1. victim of fgm? are you? speaking from experience? yes? no? maybe?

          so just because something is supposedly less harmful it can be ignored at the expense of more extreme practice? dont be ridicules

        2. All un consented genital mutilation, whether male or female is abuse. Why do anti fgm campaigners set a barometer on which abuse is worse?, why not be equally disgusted by both practices or is it because it’s easier to raise the issue and be outraged at fgm.

          1. Hi Rapture. I completely agree that any medically unnecessary circumcisions of boys is completely unjustifiable in this day and age and I don’t see why muslim and jewish support for the practice should stop us criminalising it.

            That said… it definitely does differ in severity from female circumcision. One (male) is an outdated, antiquated and redundant relic which has its basis in fairly reasonable hygienic principles, while the other (female) has never been anything other than a pointless attack on its subject’s sexuality, not just medically unnecessary but also dangerous with no benefit and which is used to justify the continuing sexual subjugation of women.

            Get angry about unconsenting male circumcision by all means, I’m with you all the way. But the overwhelming majority of circumcised men can look forward to sex as an enjoyable experience rather than the painful ordeal it can be for women who have been circumcised. That’s the difference – it’s not just the principle, it’s also what the principle means in practice. That said, like I say I agree that what to do with your foreskin is for your autonomous consent, not for some doctor acting under superstition.

  4. Kerry Hollowell 29 Jan 2014, 4:13pm

    “the mother and child’s religious beliefs”
    I’m not sure how old the child is but I doubt he/she holds any religious views that were not forced upon the him/her. I doubt the child was given any choice over the religion that was chosen for it.

  5. Children don’t have religious beliefs! You don’t ever hear of a baby popping out of a V and shouting ‘PRAISE LORD JESUS CHRIST’ do you?! Ugh. Children should be allowed to grow up before they’re forced with religious beliefs and stereotypes. Then they can make their own mind up about the world and its people. This is nothing to do with the fact these women are Somalian, it’s to do with the principle behind why they are protesting. Disgusting.

  6. Frankly if they do not like it then they should go back to Somalia. This child was obviously not cared for by their community or the local authority would have found a placement with a Somali family. A dangerous proposition at best, as we all know they culturally accept the practice of FGM.

    It is time they either accept our values, rules and law or went back to the hell-hole they come from!

  7. Robert in S. Kensington 29 Jan 2014, 4:31pm

    Ladies, this is the UK. If you can’t live by our laws then may I suggest you live elsewhere? Why didn’t one of those 50 agree to adopt the child then? Put their money where their mouths are.

  8. The UK sure has invited some rude houseguests over. (I guess it’s more of that Dappy diversity).

    1. dappy mj at it again, very hilarious

      1. MJ is obsessed with Dappy, I think he must be his publicist. Like most other people in the UK I’d never even heard of him till dear MJ, from the US (glamorous Florida the retirement state, I think he said), informed us of his importance.

        1. No, I’m from NYC. I visit Miami, Florida and in both states UK visitors won’t stop telling me about Dappy and those (stupid) Dappy hats. And Mdm. Tussaud’s (perfect guage of popular culture) will be putting Dappy in their UK legends of music room (probably replacing Benjamin Britten or something..)

          1. What strange UK visitors you must have. Certainly no-one I know has ever spoken of Dappy, as I said I didn’t even know who he was until you started wittering on about him.

            People who judge culture by ridiculous waxworks for tourists must have wax for brains.

      2. kane : what do you think of the opinions of these Somali guests ?

      3. Silly, but vicious, Islam is much more hilarious.

    2. I love Dappy. I do the Dappy dance, I wear the Dappy hat, I eat at the Dappy restaurant, I ride the Dappy train and I embrace Dappy diversity.


      1. We know. But what does Kane think of the Somali bunch ?

        1. Kane’s busy at the moment – he’s at a Dappy book signing where Dappy will be signing copies of his Dappy autobiography with his Dappy signature.

          1. I bet your Dappy can barely even write (yet you try to paint him as the new Nicolas Udall).

          2. And…as if you wouldn’t be there.

          3. intellectually intense stuff from lalocura with the bonus of sense of humour so dry it should be served with the glass of tap water

        2. mj, i dont have to agree with ‘somali bunch’ and vice versa its a democratic country where everyone has a right to protest

          1. Note you won’t answer the question.

          2. mj, since you insist (i thought, based on my earlier comments, my view was rather evident )

            in addition to what i have already said i think somali community had every right to rise its concerns with regards to the future of a somali child. clearly there was disagreement between the community and adoption agency as to what was more important with regards to the environment where the child was about to be placed, hence the protest. but also im glad that as a result of the protest the somalis recognised the need to work with adopting agency on raising the profile of fostering and adoption in their community to avoid similar situations from occurring in the future

  9. Go back home if you don’t like the fact that the authorities here try and place children with parents who are loving and not based on sexuality, religion or race.

  10. The irony of this appears to be that the child was in-care in the first place. Why? Presumably because it wasn’t being cared for suitably. So, they’d rather it was neglected than cared for in a loving same-sex household? Religious bigotry knows no bounds ….. or sense

  11. The mother may have religious beliefs but I doubt very much that the child has any at all, assuming that said child is only an infant of course. Either way, the child’s religion would have been forced up him/her.

  12. A child is not born with a religious belief, this is inbred into them at a young age. So, it has nothing to do with the kid, but more to do with their bigoted attitude.

    1. You mean indoctrinated rather than inbred, but I agree. Religious “rights” end where a child’s rights begin.

  13. These women might benefit from reading a bit more of what Ayaan Hirsi Ali has written about their birth culture.

  14. Jock S. Trap 29 Jan 2014, 4:53pm

    oh bloody religion again.

    This has nothing to do with the best interest of the child but the ignorance and bigotry of the adult.

    Fact remains the child will want for nothing and will probably not only be better off with the lesbian couple but will grow into better society. Not forced into religious cult and superstitions.

    I do wish people from wherever are told and even reminded of the laws in OUR land. If you don’t like it, native or not… you have a choice… don’t be here.

    1. No no no !! The Pink News gays say you have to respect THEIR beliefs ! It’s called Diversity ! And bring more and more of them to the UK !

    2. 1) Those protesters are a bunch of eejits … but …

      2) How many gay people who’ve commented along the lines of “we have laws which allow adoption regardless of social background/this is our culture … like it or leave it”, would have followed their own mantra had they been living here 50 years ago when our sexuality was outlawed? The whole “its our culture” argument is a crap one and gets applied so inconsistently.

      1. I’ve made this argument over and over again in the past (and in this article too). Why do we need marriage equality in this country? They already had it in Spain, why didn’t we all just move there? The answer being because this is a pluralistic society and we’re all allowed a bit of input, whether that’s queer rights campaigners or conservative Somalis. We can’t start telling people to leave only when they say things that we personally don’t like.

  15. friday jones 29 Jan 2014, 4:55pm

    Homophobia is neither an ethnicity nor a religion, it is bigotry that occasionally cloaks itself in religion or ethnicity in order to hide the nakedness of the bigotry.

  16. Having worked with children’s services in several London boroughs getting children adopted within ethnic minority communities is rare – 4 years ago in one large London borough only 10 children were legally adopted and all by white couples. It seems it might be a cultural thing who knows. Saying that a very large number of paid foster placements are within the Black African/Caribbean community.
    It’s almost impossible to get black, some Asian or mixed race children a permanent home.
    Would those narrow minded woman rather a childhood was spend in care – and the damage that always does – than give someone who has offered to provide a loving secure home for an child in need a chance.
    I can guarantee none of these Somali woman would ever consider adopting a child.

    1. adoption doesnt have to be at all costs, smart adoption takes into account biological and cultural backgrounds of a child and then consider applications sympathetic to those backgrounds

      1. What is the “cultural” background of a child?

        I know very well that adoptive kids have very poor outcomes for a wide range of reasons and that these are worse where they have been adopted by parents of a different ethnicity. I’m just not convinced that that’s because of some inherent dischord rather than societal prejudices against biological non-conformity.

        1. ‘…What is the “cultural” background of a child?…’

          its something that child inherits from parents… a system of shared beliefs, values, customs, behaviours etc. that shape cultural identity and create sense of belonging

          1. Can you inherit beliefs from parents? You have your own beliefs. You can be indoctrinated into someone else’s beliefs, but you don’t inherit them. Customs and behaviours likewise. These are learned, not innate.

            Is small-town Tory a cultural background? If that was my biolgical parents’ background and I was place dinto care, should I only be adopted by small-town Tories?

            Like I said I know that there are very real issues with cross-cultural/inter-ethnic adoption, I’m just not convinced that those are the problem of the adoption itself – but rather of a society where biology is the be all and end all.

  17. Steven Young 29 Jan 2014, 6:04pm

    What about the rights of a potentially gay child not to be adopted by people whose religious beliefs would cause them to instil a sense of rejection and self hatred in the child if they turned out to be gay? Have Harrow not considered this? I really don’t like the subtext of if you don’t like gay adoption offer yourself as a potential adopter. Pretty good turn out for a rainy working day though.

  18. Lady Tanya 29 Jan 2014, 6:21pm

    dont like OUR ways then go to a backwoods red neck religious country where the poor kid will grow up with the rath whatever of your make believe man in the sky ,, least with the Lesbians the kid will grow up to be enlightened respectful and good to others

    1. ‘…dont like OUR ways then go to a backwoods red neck religious country..’

      what? u mean usa ???

      ‘…least with the Lesbians the kid will grow up to be enlightened respectful and good to others…’

      and thats automatically guarantee?

  19. Darren Simpson 29 Jan 2014, 6:28pm

    This child is going into a loving and caring home and will have stability for once in there life, if theses women are that concerned why are they not coming forward in fostering and adopting the children from there background, I wish the couple all the best in there future happiness with there new child god bless you all

  20. Lady Tanya 29 Jan 2014, 6:28pm

    just found out fgm is,,, fcuk me they are just not worthy of being called human

  21. And note how Pink News won’t DARE put a photo of the protestors here to accompany the artcle. Instead they insert a photo of anonymous (white) hands.

    1. Have you heard of copyright? Have you noticed that PN only uses stock images, presumably because it’s a free service? I’m sure if you were prepared to pay the royalties on pictures of the protesters they’d be happy to hear from you.

      1. If that’s why, that would be okay. I figured they’re just hiding the images of African Muslims to be p.c.

        1. See? Jumping to conclusions again.

          1. I change my mind. I was right the first time.

  22. This is another example of a public display of shocking HOMOPHOBIA by Muslims. This religion is inherently anti-gay & wishes to take us all back to the dark ages. It is the fastest growing religion/immigrant group to the UK & is bringing nothing but bigotry, misogyny, hatred & division to this country. Ignore this threat & the future is scary!

    1. Glasgow Oliver 29 Jan 2014, 7:06pm

      Booo! Racist! DM reader!
      Just kidding. Multiculturalism is sh*te, though. 1 in 10 young people in England are Muslim. What a bloody future we have – I’m rather glad I have no desire to have kids.

      1. The irony though would be that Muslims becoming the majority and changing all the UK laws would eventually just create a dysfunctional mess like the places they came from. Then lots of them will be looking to immigrate to the next more-functional non-Muslim country, and try to impose the same religious stuff again..!

      2. That’s very noble of you to choose not to have kids, especially if their future is doomed to islam.

    2. soapbubblequeen 1 Feb 2014, 9:34pm

      Deport the whole bloody lot of them who are unemployed and who are not born here. for starters. There’ are 3 million of them here now and they breed like rabbits. So in 30/40 years time it’s a real possibility the UK. It’s in the Qu’ran apparently. They are told by “Allah” that they won’t reach paradise until the whole world is converted to Islam.

      1. I’d rather we deported you to be honest.

  23. Glasgow Oliver 29 Jan 2014, 7:13pm

    I remember seeing images of lefty activists in Israel with banners saying ‘Queers for Palestine.’ A bit like ‘Jews for Germany’ in the 1930s. Peter Tatchell has called for ‘gays and Muslims to unite’ in order to combat the far-right. What is it with these demented gays supporting people who want to kill us? I say send ’em all back to their native homelands.

    1. Gays sure can be demented idiots. But maybe when sensible gays, young gays, straight allies, women who enjoy their freedom, Hindus, Pagans, non-religious, etc, people unite they’ll be able to stop the Muslim invasion and…..preserve England.

    2. ‘…I remember seeing images of lefty activists in Israel with banners saying ‘Queers for Palestine….’

      perhaps its got to do with the fact that some ‘queers’ recognize importance of basic human rights… a concept that has been abused in palestine by israel for decades

  24. That’s because it is normal for them to see their kids rotten and dieing of hunger and poverty. Disgusting people. Now if you get them a lovely home and a lovely family, it makes them angry and protest. These Somai women are not even disgusting they are grotesque.

  25. I wonder how those women actually got information about this adoption procedure. Seems rather strange to me.

  26. soapbubblequeen 1 Feb 2014, 9:27pm

    I think people, both gay and straight, are now really fed up to their back teeth with certain sections of the Muslim community demanding that we respect their “right” to intimidate, harass and even be violent towards gay people because it is their “right” because of their religious beliefs. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. If you don’t like living here and you don’t want to abide by our laws and you are an immigrant, then go home. If you are born here and you don’t want to accept that being gay is both legal and socially/culturally accepted then, quite frankly, you should piss off back to the desert darlings.

    1. Hi soapbubblequeen.

      When an immigrant moves to this country do they have to accept every facet of life in that country? Isn’t democratic protest part of life in this country too?

      Put it this way – if you were a hypothetical asylum seeker from Somalia who had been granted asylum in India, would it be morally acceptable for you to protest against the homophobic laws there? If you didn’t want to live under India’s homophobic laws should your choice be either put up and shut up or go back to Somalia? Or do we accept that one of the fundamental tenets of our society – freedom of expression and association – applies to all people, not just people who share our cultural background/political ideas?

      These women are wrong. But the solution is not to tell them to shut up or go home. It’s to tell them why they’re wrong and that we’ve no intention of budging an inch on queer equality just because they aren’t used to the idea.

  27. James Orr 2 Feb 2014, 8:02pm

    it saddens me that the place i grew up in has groups like these who condemn those who are homosexual and wish to adopt. If I’m not mistaken the birth parents of the child can say who they wish to adopt their child so if that was not a problem then why should they care what happens. Sexuality doesn’t make you a bad parent, it’s the person who makes a bad parent. Think of all the scandals which have happened in the news about child abuse and children being mistreated. If I’m not mistaken none have been about homosexuals. Scientific research has shown that homosexual parents are just as competent as those who are heterosexual. Those who do not understand or “fear” it are the main protagonists with the issues that surround sexuality and adoption. If anything I do feel bad for the children who are raised by these women as it will only make the children think that homosexuality is wrong -which it isn’t- and these negative and backward views need to be pushed out of society. Can’t continue

  28. We let you in our country and you have the audacity to protest against the very ppl who have no choice but to let you in, who would like to adopt children!! Go back to your own country, if you are not happy about the freedom and the rights of gay ppl. It shouldn’t even matter whether they are gay or not, everyone has the right to adopt children! They are probably even better off being adopted by the Brits!!

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