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Video: Disney Channel features first ever gay couple

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Reader comments

  1. shaun greig 28 Jan 2014, 12:42pm

    3…2….1, AND ACTION *bigoted moral outrage begins….*

  2. I’ll never understand this “family friendly” campaigning they do. I remember being told by a friend years ago that her young cousin was round and not to talk about “gay stuff”. I’m sorry, but unless someone is having a full on conversation about sex (in an explicit manner) in a straight or gay context, I do not see an issue. It’s absolutely ridiculous – did they expect a sex scene? Or do they genuinely just believe that even hearing the word gay/seeing a gay couple is going to affect their child’s cognitive development?

    1. Midnighter 28 Jan 2014, 1:42pm

      Short answer to your last question – “yes”.

      The euphemistically named “family” values are invariably referring to a conservative religious mindset.

      Religious people view any introduction of contradictory evidence as a threat: in daily encounters with reality they have to continually defend their incongruous fantasy which I’d imagine gets a bit tiring. Easier to ignore or run away from reality … or in the case of OMM try to edit it out of any reality they may encounter.

      These “Moms” are thus terrified of anything that might interfere with their own religious indoctrination – and what I consider intellectual abuse – of children.

      The very name “One Million Moms” epitomises this dissonance between their world view and reality. “Handful of Loud Harpies” might be closer to the mark.

  3. “Disney has decided to be politically correct instead of providing family-friendly programming.”
    The hatred and lies these bigots spout about lgbt people and any kind of family outside their suffocatingly narrow expectations denies them any right to assess Disney’s or anyone else’s ‘family friendliness’.

  4. It’s a sit com and the storyline is funny, based on the clip shown above. It’s not game changing – It’s just a funny representation of real life.
    I am weary of the concept “politically correct” though. We are all entitled to our opinions and we can’t please everyone all of the time.

  5. Lawrence Chevalier 28 Jan 2014, 3:31pm

    The clip was cute and relevant. I support any show with diverse storylines. My four-year old granddaughter would not even know anything was wrong if she saw the show. As far as I know, she watches the show and has not questioned anything said or done on the show.

    1. Lawrence Chevalier 28 Jan 2014, 3:35pm

      Additionally, all “52” members “One Million Moms” threaten to boycott all the time. I call it the grown-up equivalent to “I’m going to hold my breath until I die” child’s threat! ;-)

    2. Your grand-daughter is the future. These bigots know this, and know they can’t really do anything about it, and it has driven them even madder than they already are.

  6. Someone should tell one and million moms that they where just a normal lesbian couple. What I like about them was the lack of stereotypes, neither one of them was butch. Something which is often portrayed in can be seen in lesbians when they are on TV.

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