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US: Thousands of same-sex marriage opponents and supporters to gather in Utah

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Reader comments

  1. Colin (Queenstown/London 28 Jan 2014, 7:01pm

    I so hope this amendment gets voted down
    My respects and best wishes to all those fighting for our right to love who we wish.
    This is human rights as well as gay rights
    Good luck everyone.

  2. These religious nut jobs, protesting against equality. Do they have nothing better to do with their time? Religion does not have a monopoly on marriage …. which in my opinion is simply a contract between two people you wish to formalise their union. If two people want a religious marriage, let them have it. But if they don’t want a religious marriage, why should they be prevented from formalising their union IN EQUALITY? To have a differently-named union union sends out completely the wrong signal that gay people are somehow second-class citizens. It’s high time religion realised it is a ‘belief’. Many millions of people do not believe. So why should the believers force the non-believers to do things their way?

  3. The numbers turning out for this should be interesting.
    It’s known that LGBT equality is now more popular than religious dictatorial attitudes, so it should be a slam-dunk for us in that regard.

    Bring it on homophobic bigots, you’ve already lost and every event like this will likely show it over and over again until support for this bigoted nonsense is well and truly dead.

    I wonder if those opposing same sex marriage at this protest understand at all that they are diminishing their following further with these outward displays of bigotry?

    Whatever it takes to lessen the religious lunacy I’m all in favor. I hope they carry on embarrassing and humiliating themselves until every young person in the US is refusing religion outright.

    1. Not in Utah it isn’t.

  4. On this topic, definitely watch…
    “Latter Days” (2003)
    “The Falls” (2012).

    For additional Mormon/religious fun, watch…
    “8 The Mormon Proposition” (2010)
    “For the Bible Tells Me So” (2007)

    But, if all you want is a quickie, watch this clip from Season 2, Episode 3, of the “West Wing”…

  5. They display a hive intellligence like insects, the Utah seal is very literal.

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