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House of Lords votes against mandatory sex and relationship education in schools

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Reader comments

  1. Remind me again just why it’s considered a good idea to have an unelected HOL?

    1. So they can throw out crazy ideas like this!

      1. Crazy ideas like teaching kids about STIs, HIV, loving relationships, how NOT to get pregnant, the methods in which you can stay clean & not end up popping a baby out? Yeah they are some damn “crazy ideas” aren’t they? Heaven forbid we teach our kids how to respect our bodies and respect other types of relationships other than just man/woman…

    2. There isn’t majority support for this in the Commons either at the moment…

    3. Rhoderick Gates 29 Jan 2014, 8:14pm

      And why would you imagine elected politicians would pass the bill?

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 28 Jan 2014, 9:45pm

    Is it any wonder? We lag way behind most EU countries in this. So they’ve voted for ignorance. More teenage pregnancies than any other EU country, high STD rates, etc. I despair. You can bet religion plays a role in this.

  3. Because keeping kids in fangerous ignorance is bliss for some religious loons.

    1. fangerous dangerous bangerous

  4. So our establishment likes to pretend they take sexism and homophobia remotely seriously, yet when presented with a proposal that could actually make a huge dent into both of those things they turn it down. And yet still there are people who think the Tories have somehow changed their spots.

  5. Colin (Queenstown/London) 28 Jan 2014, 10:19pm

    Britain = Dark ages

  6. If it had got through there woukd have been so many religious opt outs less than 30% of kids would have been given support
    So we will allow the misogynistic degradation of woman in certain cultures to continue, the hatred towards us to go unchecked and the desperation to be loved by sex to go unchallenged. Self hatred is a powerful control tool well done HOL for keeping young people in the dark and ashamed guess you’re all happy with keeping us all in our place

    1. Colin (Queenstown/London) 29 Jan 2014, 3:51am

      I agree with what you say but even 30% would have been a step forward. There is no leadership in Britain, no education of the masses about a changing world.

      Today I feel ashamed of being British. What a lost opportunity. However the very best wishes to those who tried. You are an inspiration to us all.

  7. Mark in Halifax 28 Jan 2014, 10:32pm

    The irony of statements such as “Teachers are best placed to understand the needs of their pupils and do not need additional central prescription” appears to be completely lost on these people, with teaching “prescriptions” changing almost daily under Gove. The fact that this is not going to be made mandatory means another wasted opportunity; another lost generation.

    1. Colin (Queenstown/London) 29 Jan 2014, 3:54am

      Spot on.
      Teachers and religion is what is holding Britain back. They impose their moral code on others with no thought to the future youngsters are facing which will be very different from theirs.

      LEADERSHIP please.

  8. It would help so many LGB people and possibly T people come to terms in a really confusing time. The House of Lords pisses me off so much it is full of unelected people who are generally of an old generation. It should be balanced and elected so that people can get a full say. A wide range of people, Britain is said to be a democracy, yet sometimes it feels so undemocratic

    1. My parents, while not religious at all, were the most unimaginable prudes.

      LGBT issues weren’t mentioned in lessons, and despite being an autodiadact I couldn’t just look up gender and sexual identities on wikipedia back then.

      I’m amazed that it still hasn’t really modernized in all these years.

  9. Yet again – a bunch of unelected aristocrats, cronies and bishops block the legislation introduced by our ELECTED representatives. This is ludicrous in a country which has the audacity to lecture the world about the merits of democracy. It is a scandal. The house of lords should be abolished and the disestablishment of chuch and state must be a priority.

    1. I dislike the House of Lords too, but I don’t think you have really understood the situation here. This legislation (the Children and Families Bill) passed through the Commons without a provision for compulsory sex education – an amendment that would have added one was voted down. In this debate, the Lords went along with the view of the Commons.

      1. Ah. Thanks for that. I must admit I skipped through the item having only really read the headline which, now you have explained, is misleading. But I still stand by everything I’ve said about the Lord’s being totally undemocratic – even though we did get, surprisingly, support for equal marriage from them. It is an anachronism and needs to be disbanded. It’s just a very nice retirement hobby for unelected government cronies, the landed gentry and assorted people of religion. In a so-called democracy it’s an embarrassing farce.

  10. ALL sex education in schools should be scrapped. It’s a deformation of education and doesn’t belong in schools . It’s the responsibility of parents at home.

    As for reducing rates of HIV infection among gay and bisexual men, it’s quite simple. Stop having anal sex – with or without a condom. That would reduce the incidence of HIV in the UK by about 90% in a couple of decades. After you’ve red-arrowed, you may want to think about the fact that abstaining from certain sex acts never killed anybody.

    1. Why should sex education be scrapped? Not all parents know the facts about STIs, HIV! I imagine not all would be comfortable with discussing the topic. That is why it should be taught in school in PSHE or Science. Or would you rather we continue to raise kids who are either clueless about protection/infection or simply don’t care because “it won’t happen to them”?

      As a gay man in a committed relationship I have NEVER had an STI and I don’t have HIV. You can still have anal sex and NOT contract anything. You just respect your body and practice safe sex. It’s not difficult.

      Besides not every gay man has anal sex… You might want to have a word with all the straight guys that like a bit of anal with their “birds” though because funnily enough it’s not only gay people that do it.

      So while you would be happy to live in the dark ages, full of ignorance, I’ll live in the 21st century where this sort of thing SHOULD be taught

      1. are you a lord or lady -sound liken you are or a troll.

        em don’t straight people have anal sex what a potty mouth you are Johne

    2. Did sex education ever kill anybody?

    3. It’s deliberately keeping young people in the dark of ignorance about sex and how best to protect themselves that kills them, informed young people can still choose to abstain from engaging in sex with another but they’ll also know how to reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections when, as is inevitable for most, they naturally do meet someone they will want to engage sexually with.

    4. This has to be a troll. I invoke Poe’s law.

    5. Johann Fourie 29 Jan 2014, 1:10pm

      LOL… and if heterosexual men stopped wanted to break into the butcher’s window, we would have fewer abortions, fewer unwanted children, believe it or not but also less HIV as 70% of the HIV in the world is transmitted heterosexually and fewer broken relationships…

      So why don’t we just all stop having sex on this planet and let this sad old human race die out?

      JohnE… your comment does not deserve a reply, but I am too tempted to walk on by.

      Impotent parents like YOU who CANNOT be relied on to educate your child about sex at home is the sole reason why sex education HAS to be mandatory in the national curriculum. Ensuring that all children are education to a certain minimum standard would ensure that all children know how to protect themselves and against what… You are so ignorant and naive that by the time you finally scrape the guts together to talk about sex, your repressed slut of a daughter would have had two abortions and a course of PEP at your local clinic…

  11. Leigh Oats 29 Jan 2014, 5:16am

    We all know that sexual ignorance and reckless sexual behavior, whether heterosexual or homosexual, occurs even among our—um—peers.

    1. Leigh Oats 29 Jan 2014, 5:19am

      Oops. I meant to write “occur”. Why no self-editing facility?

  12. this is a national disgrace -old farts so out of touch. Children NEED sex/relationship education

  13. So how are teachers best placed to address sex education without any regulated curriculum when thery may not be addressing questions or concerns of children either gay or straight who may be too embarassed or unable to articulate their needs. An agreed curriciulum may not be perfect but at least it can cover general information for both straight and gay children without the prejudice of a particular teacher or school

  14. Teachers are best-placed to understand their students’ needs? Even if that were true (and I highly doubt it) those circumstances might change in whcih case they would have missed out. Besides, everyone should know about same-sex relationships regardless of their own orientation: demystify it, replace the fear, eliminate homophobia.

  15. Helge Vladimir Tiller 29 Jan 2014, 11:38am

    WRONG DECISION, WRONG DECISION ! Totally wrong decision. Yes, as Robert in S. K. says- You lag behind many EU countries. ( Sorry to say, Dear UK. )

  16. Selena Aldridge 29 Jan 2014, 12:31pm

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  17. Johann Fourie 29 Jan 2014, 12:59pm

    This is ridiculous. A couple of months ago a 19 year old guy, on Grindr and in London, asked me if you could get HIV from kissing and sucking.

    How on god’s earth is it possible for a 19 year old in the UK to NOT know this information??

    Mandatory sex education is crucial to equip young people with the skills and tools in order to safely navigate the minefield of STI’s and other chronic conditions that can be transmitted through sex.

    How can it be that the House that overwhelming voted for gay equality cannot see the importance of mandatory sex education? WTF is going on?

  18. Lady Tanya 29 Jan 2014, 2:08pm

    Pavios That is why religion was invented to keep the masses under control, and for 2.014 years it has, until we can brake away from the idea that we were put hear by a god

  19. RELIGION AGAIN !!!!!!

  20. James Campbell 29 Jan 2014, 5:00pm

    If anyone is interested in the real world (as opposed to a warm, fuzzy make-believe TV add for Hovis world) I can state categorically, based on experience, that young people in the UK are on a slippery road to a level of ignorance that could prove fatal, socially as well as clinically. Parents either cannot or will not inform and guide their children to a point where they understand the facts re. STI; HIV; unwanted pregnancy; what is ‘normal’ and how and why to respect themselves and others. As a doctor I witness the results of gross ignorance that places the heath & well being of our children in jeopardy. Obviously neither the Commons nor the Lords have any experience to inform them that they are WRONG. Well planned and delivered sex education is essential, both in terms of health and social cohesion since it would include respect for self and for others, be they male; female; intersex; homosexual, heterosexual or trans (gendered or sexual).

  21. Cameron definitely an advocate of same-sex marriage though. Obv.

  22. “Keep the children ignorant of themselves, and you’ll control them for life”, is what this vote truly means.

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