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Former Arsenal goalkeeper: Coming out ‘would be nuts’ because football ‘is a man’s sport’

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Reader comments

  1. I’m gay- I play football with a bunch of straight guys (who all know I’m gay btw)- Best get back in that closet considering I’m no longer a man- cheers Jens.

  2. Midnighter 28 Jan 2014, 7:02pm

    Funny, I thought the “girls” were “allowed” to have teams now too. Next thing you know they’ll be letting women and queers vote, eh Jens?

    Gender stereotyping at its worst. My guitar teacher advised my mum to get me a nail file when I was a kid, and my dad went berserk. Fortunately my dad has grown up.

    You may think you are a man, Jens, but you seem like a naive boy to me.

  3. Classic projection. “There would be problems in the showers”. Yes dear, but on whose part? Why on earth do heterosexual men believe every gay man fancies them? Does this supposedly heterosexual man fancy every woman he sees? His views demonstrate a fatuous, childish, immature understanding of the true nature of homosexuality. It’s as ludicrous and offensive as me saying every German is a Nazi …..

  4. “Former Arsenal goalkeeper comes out as Idiot!” There, that’s better!

    1. Barrybear1980 29 Jan 2014, 5:16pm

      We’ll said :)

  5. Colin (Queenstown/London) 28 Jan 2014, 7:38pm

    So this is what we are fighting according to Lehmann. Showering together.
    Well every day all around the world in gyms gay and straight men shower together without a issue.
    He may be a good goalkeeper but a pretty stupid individual. Sorry I said individual….no he goes with the pack. An individual uses his/her brain first.
    Just as straight men do not want to have sex with every woman they see then believe it or not most gay men have no interest in straight guys…simple eh.

  6. So…yesterday’s man peddling yesterday’s crap. The world has moved on, Jens. Try and catch up or wave it goodbye. It’s your choice.

    1. The world has moved on…Really?

      So where are all the openly gay professional footballers then?

      1. Indeed. Homosexual and bisexual players who are still in the game and not retired are notable by their virtual absence. Would I be a bigot if I said that football was not a man’s sport but a game for neanderthal, intellectually-challenged thugs as that is what it seems to be composed of in the main!

        1. Football is so backward and immature, when the much more manly and physical game of Rugby has long been open about gay players and they never seem to have any trouble from the fans, teams or national bodies – unlike football – which has a mental age of about 13 all across the board.

          He thinks Football is a “mans game”, I think it’s a game played by immature teenagers trapped in mens bodies. Now Rugby, that’s a REAL mans game, with real men playing, with real adult personalities and more mature attitudes.

          Differences to note… Rugby players creating anti-bullying and LGBT equality charities. Rugby players coming out and getting the full vocal support of fellow players, teams, managers and sporting bodies. Rugby players becoming male models and engaging with a male audience.

          Compare that to football, where mention of gay rights makes those at a news conference giggle and blush like little girls, dismissive and ignorant.

          I guess Jens is in that immature club with the rest.

  7. I love the “some people would be making jokes” – by which of course he means HE would be making jokes. I love bigots who say that equality can’t happen because “some people would have problems with it” – it’s never them you know, it’s always “those other people”. Bigots AND cowards.

    1. Christopher Coleman 29 Jan 2014, 4:17pm

      Would any gay man worry about the jokes? He’d probably make the best ones himself.

  8. What a cock. And not in a good way.

  9. Sparky Nolan 28 Jan 2014, 10:23pm

    What a classic asshole. It’s like me saying don’t mention the war

  10. Nobody told this idiot that gay guys are MEN?

    The showers trip seems to be shared by straight and gay men alike. I had never felt so embarrassed as I did when I read about Russell Tovey’s imagination going wild: footballers and players from team sports constantly playing with each other’s DICKS, and …

    I played football all my life. I was the only gay in team. I’m still friends with the guys and their wives. They still make fun of me because I, the only gay, was the only prude one about tapping our butts to celebrate. It was just that, a tap.

  11. He’s ALREADY showering with gay players- only he doesn’t know it ’cause they are still in the closet-partly due to attitudes like his!

  12. Christopher in Canada 29 Jan 2014, 12:06am

    Being North American, I have a hard time seeing soccer as anything but asexual. Omnisexual, if you prefer a more positive spin. Football here is an entirely different entity. Now, rugger – that’s a sport!

    1. Actually maybe it’s because I live in Australia but I know more women and girls who play soccer than men and boys…. so the whole “It’s a man’s game” thing made me spit my coffee…..

  13. What does he even mean by “it’s a man’s sport” is he saying that football players are physically tough? I’m no pro athlete but I could snap this moron’s lanky ass in two, why do football players of all people think they are the pinnacle of manliness? It might be the least manly sport out there.

  14. Ah I remember football.
    That’s the sport where not joining the rampaging naked homophobes in the shower for after-class homoerotic fun, caused my sexuality to be questioned.

  15. Patriarchy and gender stereotypes strike again its men like this that are the cause of all homophobia and sexism in the first place.

  16. Sinead Harkin 29 Jan 2014, 9:12am

    Football’s a long way from a man’s sport,it’s utterly childish.Boxing and rugby are men’s sports,there’s been a few gay boxers and rugby players who’ve come out without problems.

    1. All games are childish though, aren’t they? Boxing – beating each other up – most of all. I don’t think competitive “manliness” is particularly helpful in this instance – unless you think that’s why football has become popular with women now.

      1. Sinead Harkin 29 Jan 2014, 11:15am

        In a way they are I suppose.Boxing and rugby seem more manly and real men don’t have a problem with gay men.

    2. This is a really misandric comment. So for you, the ‘masculine’ is violence and brute force? That is as insulting as someone saying the ‘feminine’ is cleaning and cooking. Just because our culture encourages people to perform masculinity as violence does not mean those things are synonymous.

      This guy is an idiot exactly because he is confused and ignorant about gender politics. We can’t fight fire with fire.

  17. Dave North 29 Jan 2014, 9:30am


    The art of kicking an inflated pig skin round a field with the aim of getting it between some sticks whilst wearing a t-shirt and shorts.

    Doesn’t sound very “manly” to me.

    More like a child’s pastime.

  18. Is ‘one step forward, two steps back’ a football strategy? Should it be renamed The Lehmann Move?

  19. Im gay. I play football (go man united btw ;)) and I love football more than men anyways lol

    Wait…what was that? Its a mans sport? Oh man!! Better hide that bag of mine :(

  20. Sinead Harkin 29 Jan 2014, 11:22am

    Football,a game where “straight” men scream their heads off at overpaid prima donna’s in shorts kicking a bag of wind around a muddy field.The players roll around on the pitch at the slightest physical contact screaming and then can’t play for weeks later.because of a minor injury.They steal each other’s girlfriend’s and crash overpriced ridiculous cars while drunk.All very”manly” and grown up

  21. come on – do not get at the guy – he couldnt post a response as the arithmetic on the bot check would be beyond him.

  22. Duh what the hell does this prat think he is saying. “A mans game” Well first of all then, why is he playing it, he states it’s for men, not poofy hair died made up poncey clothes and plucked eyebrows Ronaldo…..grow up little twat.

  23. Richard Jones 29 Jan 2014, 7:26pm

    You guys (and gals) have said it all except for one thing. If you are a naturist, you may shower together with other men and women (straight and gay) at a naturist camp but you don’t find everyone running around after each other. Of course nudity can be exciting. But what is this automatic connection between nudity and sexual activity?

  24. There are plenty of gay men far more ‘manly’ than he’ll ever be.
    Football’s hardly a manly game anyway. Rugby’s much more ‘manly’. If you value that sort of thing, which I don’t. I’m not one for sports at all, really. But each to their own.
    But I am 6’3″ broad and fit as I visit the gym more or less daily, if I wanted to be immature about it, I could say that I looked much more ‘manly’ than this little twerp.
    But that’s not how I roll, or what I value. Being a man can mean many things, and has nothing to do with sports or heterosexuality.

  25. Marcus Holt 30 Jan 2014, 2:04pm

    So football is a mans sport? Well I think fighting on the front line for your country would probably top that as being “macho and Manly” and I manged to do that no problems, but clearly I’m not macho enough to be a footballer. Oh and I manged to shower with Straight guys who resisted the temptation to shag me! Please go back to your stone you twat

    1. Sinead Harkin 30 Jan 2014, 11:10pm

      Well said Sir!

  26. Another athletic closet-case with too much access to the media.

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