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Mayor of Sochi: ‘There are no gays in my town’

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Reader comments

  1. Robert in S. Kensington 27 Jan 2014, 4:23pm

    Sexuality is a habit? Speaks volumes!

  2. “We don’t have them in our town” – is that because you’ve hounded everyone “non-traditional” out, Mr Mayor? Or do you prefer eliminating them altogether (discreetly, of course)?

  3. Their hatred and fear of our community is so irrational.

    Why they seem to think we would want to force anything on other is beyond me. Yet they think it is acceptable to force THEIR fear, bigotry and hatred on to their country.

  4. Kelvin Beer-Jones 27 Jan 2014, 4:46pm

    hmm, looking at him I’m maybe not surprised. Isn’t he saying ‘non-one ever made a pass at me’.

  5. lol – they don’t come any thicker

  6. Deluded idiot!

  7. I think he’ll find there is – try the Mayak club for starters. Persecuted yes, old fashioned yes, tacky yes but sure as hell has gay people and for some reason lots of drag queens and out of condition men willing to strip down to their pants.
    That is unless it’s gone in the last three months – mmmm
    There’s just something about Russian and it’s ‘old countries’ that makes men and woman so ‘macho’ and hateful towards anything they don’t understand so tragic. They all honestly need to get out more.

    1. Indeed. Sochi is listed in my 2006 Spartacus!!

  8. Well, maybe they ‘dwell’ or ‘reside’ there. It is Russia, after all.

  9. Lady Tanya 27 Jan 2014, 5:05pm

    where have we heard that line before /// oh yes from the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad …we dont have homosexuals like in your country.,, And do they think we want there kids, we the LGTB do not want to have sex with your kids or any others peoples kids.

  10. Sochi, twinned with Tehran?

  11. Gwynforsenior 27 Jan 2014, 5:43pm

    Time for Sochi to set up a twinning arrangement with Henley on Thames? Plenty of scope for exchanges of delusions – and of the deluded.

  12. A year or so ago I had no opinion on Russia or its people, now I know that they are nothing but a country of backwards, spineless idiots. I hope there aren’t any gay people in Sochi, for their benefit, not the mayor. My heart goes out to the people who have to live in any town, city or country that disrespects their basic human rights

  13. Christopher Coleman 27 Jan 2014, 6:05pm

    They’ve been exiled to Siberia until after the Games.

  14. If a racist Mayor said “there are no blacks in my town” after the country had passed racist laws, would the IOC still think it was okay to hold the olympics in that place? I think not.

    olympic committee = homophobic committee

    One rule for racism, another for homophobism.

    1. We are told that it would be against the Olympic rules to dismiss Russia from taking part in the games because of their laws. Yet the IOC that can’t ban Russia once went so far as to ban South Africa from participating in the Olympics for something like 30 years in response to it’s apartheid laws, only letting them join in when the laws were repealed. The very IOC even managed to force Arab countries to include women in their teams for the 2012 games, despite these countries having laws that specifically prohibit women from participating in sports.
      But like you say, just swap racial or gender discrimination for LGBT discrimination, and they applaud you, practically giving you a medal for doing it.

      1. And no one would play Sun City. Anyone who goes to Russia for any reason is complicit in its homophobia IMO.

        I wish that pop stars would join together and make a song like they did with ‘Sun City’ – about Russia, and the World’s homophobia. It would alienate those places and show a generation of kids that state sanctioned homophobia is wrong.

  15. Perhaps he is one of these people who seem to believe that gay/bisexual people always wear tight leather trousers and talk like Julian Clary? If not, they are not gay/bisexual.

    There are probably people in this country who believe that only the stereotype exists.

    1. I think you’ve actually got the nail on the head – it’s all semantic. I watched a documentary a few years ago called East/West about arranging the first guy pride march in Russia and it seemed that the attitude was live and let live if you’re invisible but absolutely brutal if you dare to identify as being “gay”. It’s as though you aren’t gay as long as you don’t say you are.

  16. well let’s put it to the test and run a few apps such as, grinder, gaydar and scruff just a few to mention and see.

    It is so sad in today’s modern world that there are idiots and representives of cities, state and countries that think like this!!!!

    1. Please share your findings, KDG. Will be most interested!

  17. Helge Vladimir Tiller 27 Jan 2014, 6:41pm

    Yet another proof how hard life is for gay and transgender persons in Russia ! Appearing in public saying this nonsense–by the Mayor of a large city. Are we living in the year of 2014 ?

    1. Sochi population in 2010 = 343,334. So, at approximately 6%, that means there’s 20,000 homosexual male and female citizens in that city!

      And this mayor dares to state there isn’t a single one! UNBELIEVABLE.
      SHAME on you Sochi Mayor!

  18. No doubt the mayors of a many German cities in 1945 boasted that there were no Jewish citizens in their metropolis too. What a really stupid and ill-educated man he is, he’s clearly unfit for office – an ape would be a better representative of this city.

  19. Well I know of three….. just saying

  20. Colin (Queenstown/London) 27 Jan 2014, 7:06pm

    Russia is not doing it’s self any favours.
    One uneducated, uninterested, person after another. And these guys are supposed to run the place.Russia your isolationist policy is working. The world has left you way behind. About a century!

  21. phil armond 27 Jan 2014, 8:24pm

    Information for 2010 (latest) shows the population of Sochi at around 345,000, taking a modest 10% ( excluding those deeply in the closet) that’s about 35,000 gays in Sochi.

    People attracted to their own gender exist in every corner of the world, every population, tribe, community and being attracted to ADULTS of your own gender does not make a pedophile. If Putin is so worried about pedos he should understand that there are millions, yes millions more hetersexual pedos in the world than homo ones.

  22. Derek Williams 28 Jan 2014, 1:15am

    reminds me of this man:

  23. Frank Landis 28 Jan 2014, 1:25am

    This guy is just trying to suck up to Putin.

  24. Why are we there? Why was it even acceptable to hold the Olympics to such inhumanity for others. We allowed ourselves to go backwards and hear ignorance and irrationality from a country that silences peoples voices and their rights for freedom to coexist. Shame on the Olympics committee we are better than this.

  25. It’s clear what’s happening here, this is the very embodiment of the proposal that lack of education breeds irrational bigotry. The fact is that Russia has such a low educational standard the people of that country don’t understand reality.

    Wherever there is religious indoctrination, there is low education, low intelligence, and this results in massive ignorance of the world, of Humanity, sexuality, nature and science.

    You can see it in states in the US with low average IQ levels and poor education, you can see it in several former Soviet nations, Islamic nations, African nations… where there is a severe lack of basic education there is a greater belief in cults, and a greater hatred of others.

    When even the so-called “leaders” of these nations function on barely a secondary school education this is what you get – ignorant politicians leading the ignorant masses.

    They should be embarrassed for showing their lack of basic intellect to the world.

  26. Not the sort of face that says Welcome to Sochi, more like stay away your not welcome

  27. Leigh Oats 28 Jan 2014, 6:39pm

    Russia—the world’s biggest medieval country.

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