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LGBTory Chairman Matthew Sephton steps down from post

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Reader comments

  1. The chief apologist steps down – time for the next apologist

  2. Wow. I never knew gay Tories actually existed. I’m guessing those that do are either bankers or have posh dads, neither of which know what Section 28 is.

    1. You’re not very well informed, are you?

      The Tories have more ‘out’ MPs than any other party !

      1. Yet despite this over 50% of current Tory MPs are bigots who believe we are 2nd class citizens.

        Their self hatred is pathetic.

  3. While I am in no way a Conservative supporter, Sephton has done a good job in fighting his corner in his own political party and on the pages of Pink News. I don’t know how effective he was in lobbying for the Same Sex Marriage Act, but he and his fellow LGB Tories nailed their colours fairly and squarely to the equality mast – unlike gay and lesbian conservatives in other countries.

    So, well done Mr Sephton and even if I disagree with you on a lot of policy, I wish you well in what you do next.

    1. errrr – Ed Fordham and Adrian Trett (Liberal Democrats) were at the forefront of the same sex marriage campaign.

  4. Good riddance.

    Self hatred is always ugly to see.

    Sephton never once condemned the homophobia of the majority of Tory MPs.

    I hope his replacement has more integrity.

  5. LGBTossers

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