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Ivory Coast: Security guard hospitalised after violent mob attacks office of gay rights group

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Reader comments

  1. In recent years the Ivorian government has started talking more positively about rights for queer people. Now’s the time to see those turned into actions.

  2. Let me guess, American evangelists have been taking an interest in the country for the past few years?

    See. Christian missionary work goes hand in hand with the rise of homophobic violence.

  3. My theory is that these straight people haven’t got the balls to protest against their government. They don’t protest against unemployment, poverty, inequality because they know the government will be on them, so they pick on the weaker group of people in society because they know they can get away with it. Pathetic.

    1. Ivory Coast’s leader has ties to a group called “The Fellowship”. Based in the USA, The Fellowship had endorsed the original wording of Uganda’s ‘kill the gays’ bill and worryingly puts Ivory Coast as a ‘special interest’ country.
      I would not be at all surprised if the mob were convinced by missionaries that gay people are the reason for unemployment poverty and everything else bad in the country, it is quite likely that they genuinely believe that fighting LGBT rights will make them better off.

      1. There are more muslims in Ivory Coast than christians – so probably not good to blame one religion more than another. It’s a lack of education, poverty, unemployment and misery that cause people to lash out, the ‘gays’ are just the easiest group to attack.

  4. Christopher in Canada 27 Jan 2014, 6:03pm

    I just had a thought – all these countries in Africa seem to think that there are no black gays, or that being gay is a “white” thing. What if Rupaul went over as an ambassador and toured these nations? I know at first blush it may seem silly, but Ru is bigger than life and not an idiot – he’s a great communicator and would, if provided with adequate staff and support, be able to turn a few heads around with his intelligence and humour. Or would they just say that the whites got to him and ignore him?

  5. Colin (Queenstown/London) 27 Jan 2014, 7:09pm

    Religious nuts are at it again! Education for everyone please.

  6. Derek Williams 27 Jan 2014, 11:23pm

    That clearly reflects the popular attitude in the Ivory Coast, since the crowd got away with it and the police didn’t think there was any need to intervene.

  7. Sounds like a band of thieves using a ruse to steal other people’s stuff.

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