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UKIP leader Nigel Farage presents spoof BBC Weather forecast on Sunday Politics

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Reader comments

  1. He knows how to milk the media

  2. The spoof shipping forecast was from Nicholas Pegg, not Simon Pegg.

  3. Am I being overly sensitive in finding him being allowed to milk his own councillors homophobia for publicity for himself and his party. I just found it rather distasteful that the BBC should allow this.

    1. barriejohn 26 Jan 2014, 3:03pm

      No, you’re not!

    2. Indeed you are, massively so.

  4. Oh dear. Farage has a sense of humour. Vote winner. Beware.

    1. It wasn’t funny though was it, rather it reeks of desperation.

    2. It is alleged that Hitler also had a sense of humour. Herr Farage is only allowing us to see what he wants us to see at this time. Remember the Nazi party were also a nationally patriotic socialist party. I see too many parallels between the UKIP movement and the early Nazi movement.

      1. Hitler was said to be “charming” on a personal level. Certainly he was charismatic. Boorish oafs like Roehm and Goering were WW1 heroes, but no-one voted for them, and no-one of influence would support them.
        No matter how ruthless the party or sect they need a “face” to show an acceptable side. Viz Putin and Cameron………

  5. Midnighter 26 Jan 2014, 2:13pm

    While I think it is perfectly fine and fair to point out the idiocy and hypocrisy elsewhere, the point Nigel keeps missing is no matter how many loonies everyone else has, his party does seem to attract them in far larger concentrations.

    1. What UKIP have is a larger concentration of people willing to say what they think in contrast to other parties.

      1. And they all seem to think the same things…
        Racist, sexist, ignorant, uneducated opinions that you’ll often find splashed all over the Daily Heil. Funny how they rarely have any REAL opinions on important things, like economic growth, education, tourism, healthcare, unions… I could go on.

        Daily Heil headlines do not make a party, but it’s all they seem to have.

      2. Midnighter 26 Jan 2014, 7:58pm

        @tommym yes, that is what makes it so funny

        “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.” – Abraham Lincoln

      3. What UKIP have in larger concentrations is a bunch of people who defected from the tories because they found them too left wing.

        Rather like Men’s health magazine caters for readers who like looking at topless buff guys in gymshorts but aren’t quite ready to come out of the gay closet, UKIP caters for people who can’t abide immigrants and gay people but don’t feel ready for the overt bigotry of the BNP or EDL.

        That’s essentially their unique selling point.
        Farage can’t use the “tu quoque” fallacy to deflect the fact he has more of them than any other party to the left of Nick Griffin.

    2. No. No. What you see is the media jumping on the bandwagon on everything that happens in this particular party. A lot of people will fool for it, which is the aim the media intend. Things Farage says is then twisted in to some sensationalist headline. If you read a bit deeper however you will understand the true meaning of what he says. Stop being sheep to the biased media.

      UKIP members also say how they feel and make their beliefs heard. Not whipped into shape by the party!

      1. What you see is a party, UKIP, ravaged and infected by people with lunatic beliefs. They are no more jumped upon than any other party they purports to want to lead this country. The difference is they want to lead this country backwards towards the 1950’s rather than forwards in the 21st century.

  6. barriejohn 26 Jan 2014, 3:09pm

    What an original idea – not! BBC Politics trying too hard to be funny again. I see that Farage also wants us to be allowed to carry handguns now, because that’s made America such a safe place for law-abiding people. The Monster Raving Loonies are becoming redundant now.

    1. Did you know that it is already in this country that everyone is entitled to own a shot gun? Unless you have been in prison for longer then 3 months or have a history of mental illness? Also hand guns have been illegal for 17 years but that has not stopped the criminal.

      1. Ridiculous statement. What next, everyone allowed to grow cannabis because that will reduce drug use?
        USA and Switzerland have the highest gun deaths per capita of any developed nations. Children do not shoot themselves accidentally in the UK.

    2. Exactly, it wasn’t original, it was a poor imitation of the brilliant send-up of UKIP that Nicholas Pegg already did

  7. Not good enough, Mr. Farage! You can only bring yourself to speak of the Same-Sex Couples Act as “David Cameron’s gay marriage bill”! Now why is that? Can’t you bear to acknowledge that the bill is now an ACT? Can’t you bear to accept that it democratically passed through parliament and is now enshrined in law? Is that why you must continue to refer to it only as a “bill”, and as belonging to David Cameron? Can’t you BEAR to associate yourself with it?

    And Mr. Farage ends his risible piece of meteorological theatricality by hoping for “outbreaks of common sense”! Ha! “Common sense”, that well-known and easily-identified tactic of the bully who prefers to avoid REASON and RATIONALITY and who simply pronounces that anything that HE or SHE believes is “common sense”.

    Nah, Nigel! We can see right through ya! You’re a joke, mate.

  8. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Jan 2014, 3:47pm

    True, there are other loons in all parties, more so in the Tory party but I’ve not heard one claim that inclement weather is a result of equal marriage, slippery slope nonsense aside. At least they keep theirs in check, unlike UKIP. What a cry-baby he is!

  9. Very funny and I am totally amazed that the BBC showed it, a level playing field for once.

    1. But it wasn’t funny, it was a poor imitation, Nicholas Pegg was funny when he did the UKIP shipping forecast.

  10. Having spent some of today looking at ‘middle England’ blogs for a job can I just say that no one and I mean no one should underestimate the potential of this party. British people – and I’m not just reading messages from the lowest – are sick of so much that is going on – immigration and in particular from EEU are a huge issue for many. Few seem to mention LGBT – good or bad who knows – but this party may seem stupid – and are- but really all these people need is some investment in a good PR/media company and they could be laughing at us. Please don’t laugh we may be a real risk but only on the back of something that we can do nothing about. The major parties need to stop treating this as a joke threat -this is real and we may be drawn in to something that will really hurt us because of a sense of being superior. Don’t please underestimate these people.

      1. Absolutely agree with the above – all its going to take is the continued apathetic attitude of the British voting public – or not voting public – towards voting and these clowns will be in a much more influential position very soon.

  11. Caul_Shivers 27 Jan 2014, 12:21am


    That was actually pretty good.

    It’s also a fair point, that weather loon was saying the same things when he was a Tory and no media took any notice. UKIP kicked him out so well done.

  12. Mark in Halifax 27 Jan 2014, 7:22am

    Another case of bandwagon jumping from Farage after Nicholas Pegg’s superb parody. Does Farage have a single original thought in his head?

    1. It was a smooth presentation of a scripted piece but Farage’s smugness and the total lack of originality made it unfunny.

    2. No is the short answer. Not even any original policies just old recycled previously failed policies. Oh sorry they do not have any polices at all now he, Nigel Farage said on the Daily Politics last week that the old manifesto is totally torn up since he had no idea what was in it and was more than a little embarassed by his lack of knowledge which he tried to laugh off. One party of lunatics being led by an individual that wants to try and put forward an affable clubbable nature as his one redeeming quality.

  13. David Waldock 27 Jan 2014, 8:25am

    Why do you think so many people who hold racist, homophobic, xenophobic, misogynistic and disablist views are flocking to your party, even though you’ve said that the party stands for none of those things? And what can you do about it?

  14. David Waldock 27 Jan 2014, 8:31am

    Would you describe the bulk of your party membership being right wing authoritarians?

  15. Yes, David Silvester made similar loony comments when he was a Tory. And what a wonderful welcome he got in UKIP afterwards.

  16. Um, as far as I’m aware, being gay doesn’t make people become thick, so what’s with the dumb comments? This was clearly an attack at media bias and mainstream party hypocrisy. Sheesh. Go back to school you lot.

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