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Ugandan boyfriend of deported British man receives death threats from neighbours

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Reader comments

  1. I believe that neither Mr Cheptoyek nor Mr Randall has given a statement describing each other as “boyfriend”. I believe they have referred to each other as friends.

    Given Mr Cheptoyek faces 7 years in jail for gross indecency (sex with another man) it would be prudent to respect the terms preferred by the two men.

  2. NickDavisGB 26 Jan 2014, 2:19pm

    I hope the UK extends the hand of friendship to Mr Cheptoyek if he can get out of the country.

    1. I wouldn’t trust the UK to appropriately handle an asylum application if he made one, not with the way it has dealt with other LGBT asylum seekers from Uganda and other homophobic countries.

  3. I hope Randall will help Cheptoyek get out of Uganda and, given the publicity this case has generated (and the consequent unlikelihood of Cheptoyek being able to live safely there), I would also hope there’s a good chance of Cheptoyek being given asylum here.

    1. Let’s hope so.

  4. If I really cared for someone I wouldn’t risk their life for my own purposes. This man goes to Uganda to live with a man half his age and gets him into this mess. Sexual acts on a laptop not encrypted in a country like that is just plain stupid. The man must be an idiot.

    1. It does seem extraordinary foolhardy to come out of the closet in late middle age and immediately skip off to one of the most brutally homophobic countries in the world to live there with your native boyfriend. I wish them both well and hope Mr Cheptoyek can find asylum in the UK.

  5. I know it easy to sit here in the Uk and judge but why would anyone want to go to such a homophobic place -to carry any kind of sexual act on your phone or laptop is dumb no matter what country your travelling onto. Im sure if the US border folk found gay sexual acts on your laptop or phone you stand a good chance of being returned back to country of boarding.

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