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Blackburn family jailed for kidnap attack on sister’s same-sex partner

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  1. Only three, and five years? What a joke of a justice system with sentences as pathetic as that. The poor woman could have quite easily have been killed.
    “Messed with the wrong muslims” If you want to live under Islamic laws then I suggest you move elsewhere. We won’t be having it here.

    1. If the quote had been “messed with the wrong Christians” there’d be about 200 comments to this story.

      1. Those poor, persecuted Christians… ;_;

        1. re. “tes” : see what I mean ?

        2. Christians and muslims like to moan about being persecuted but sure do enough persecuting of others.

      2. Double standards/hypocrisy is very evident here.

    2. They are English born and bred , this is their country, so all the send em back tripe means nothing. They want sharia law here and it’s happening already and being inflicted on us the dirty non believers as we are seen, go to tower hamlets, women being refused entry to electoral locations because they are not “modestly” dressed, muslim patrol units, you can no longer even say in this country that you are not offended by a religious cartoon, without getting death threats, look at the majjid nazam debacle. With the demographic trend, worse will come. People need to get their heads outta the sand.

      1. Worse WILL come, maybe even culminating in a sort of civil war. I’ll still believe that in the end the Brits (like Ms. Harrison did) will kick their Muslim arses and stuff them with pork.

        1. typical sh1t spouted by morons fro edl

      2. I never said “send them back”. This is not an islamic nation, I’d say the same to a white blonde haired muslim woman. If you want islamic law, go elsewhere. You won’t find it here. No more than we’ll have a Christian theocracy. Those days are dead.

        1. It’s not an Islamic nation yet, but that is the agenda. sharia courts operate throughout the uk, they do not need to go elsewhere, when they want Islamic law.

  2. Islam, the religion of peace. Possibly the most backward, hypocritical and bigoted belief system to hold any power on planet Earth.

    1. Midnighter 25 Jan 2014, 3:41pm

      “Possibly” lol.
      I’d suggest that statement applies to any belief system founded on religious faith in cloud-dwelling goblins as opposed to evidence, probability or indeed anything approaching reality.

      If we’re going to pick on fundies, lets not forget guys like the appropriately named Charlie Fuqua (pronounced … appropriately) of Arkansas political fame who believes that parents of rebellious children should seek the death penalty for them.

      You’d think he’d be bessie mates with the sort of Muslim in this article, but apparently he also wants to deport all Muslims.

      My point: don’t get too complacent about “the devil you know”. The issue is with ALL crazy religious fundies, personally I don’t care what they call themselves.

      1. Picking one individual makes a false equation. There aren’t enough other crazy people in the U.S. to give power to someone like Charlie F. That’s the big difference. Unlike Islamic societies.

        1. Midnighter 25 Jan 2014, 4:08pm

          “makes a false equation”
          This article cites one example, I’ve cited one example. That is in fact a perfectly balanced “equation” is it not?

          There aren’t enough other crazy people in the U.S. to give power to someone like Charlie F
          Sarah Palin? Mitt Romney? Should I go on? Seriously?

          You want to paint your own pet religion as somehow superior: as I keep asking prove me wrong. Show me with this “concrete and tangible” evidence you claimed to have that Christianity is somehow a lesser enemy to homosexuals. I still can’t see how you can begin to quantify and compare harms like attempts at gay cure or bullying, but I await with baited breath.

          1. Palin and Romney HAVE had power and no gays were executed, right ? Go to Alaska wearing a rainbow flag T-shirt, and then try it in Iraq. Then compare and let me know. (I wait with…uh…baited breath).

          2. Midnighter 25 Jan 2014, 4:35pm

            Your assertion was “There aren’t enough other crazy people in the U.S. to give power to someone like Charlie F”

            I have provided you examples of people like Charlie F who did indeed get given power.

            So to be clear, you were wrong.

            There are many types of harm that can be enacted as I have pointed out to you several times: at not time have I claimed that a count of executed gays was a meaningful measure of total harm.

            You can breathe now – I have no intention of going anywhere at your behest. If you can’t attempt to argue with reason and evidence then you certainly aren’t someone from whom I’ll take travel advice.

      2. So next time there’s a story about crazy christians, I presume you’re not going to pick on christianity, and you’re going to go make sure anyone who does just talk about christians remembers that its not just christians, but its muslims as well? I doubt it.

        My point: don’t think the devil you know it worse than the devil you do not know. And don’t pick on one devil more than another.

        and why would you use the word devil if you don’t believe in anything but rational facts?

      3. Why bring a christian up? The story is about crazy muslims. You never bring islam up in a crazy christian story. And you never remind people who comment on crazy christians to remember crazy muslims – I’ve just checked. You have one rule for christianity and another for islam.

        1. Midnighter 25 Jan 2014, 6:38pm

          “Why bring a christian up?”
          Why limit your criticism to Islam? More specifically, because there were several other comments supporting Christianity as though it deserved special consideration.

          To be clear, I agree with your sentiment, what I challenged was simply the scope.

          “I’ve just checked. ”
          How? I’ve been posting on this site for years, so unless there’s some site functionality I’ve missed which allows you to search via user name, I’m inclined to think maybe you’ve checked one or two recent ones at most and this is a teensy exaggeration.

          If you can find a “Christian crazy” story where others have posted comments pushing Islam as a superior religion, you bet your bum I’ll have commented. Otherwise you are comparing apples and oranges.

    2. Agreed and relevant to the article regarding messing with the wrong muslims, rather than use deflective purposes to other religions, where there are plenty of articles on here relating to Christian extremists, but I don’t see comments deflecting to islam, must be a privileged position for some.

    3. Mihangel apYrs 26 Jan 2014, 12:26pm

      “Islam” means “submission” (to the will of god)

      Mohammed had little time for peace, and they’ve been fighting ever since, between themselves if with no-one else

      1. with everyone else who proposes a more evolved liberated way of life!

  3. Mark Y : Luckily Muslims more commonly just slaughter each other.

    1. Or Christians, but the Christian fundies in the west don’t give a sh*t about their brethren in the middle east, they are too busy attacking lgbt.

      1. Yes, I agree !

      2. Christopher Coleman 25 Jan 2014, 6:28pm

        The violence against Christians in Muslim countries in Asia and Africa has not received the publicity and open discussion that it deserves.

        1. most of muslim countries are non democratic regimes, so im not suprised, i would expect better from fully fledge european democracies like switzerland not to prosecute muslim communities by limiting planing permissions to build places of worship

  4. And watch how many thumb-downs one gets if they criticize Muslims here. UK gays are so self-hating and screwed up that they care more about having lots and lots of Muslims in their society to achieve that “Dappy diversity” (whatever they call it) than to actually say, “No……….our native UK gay men and women come first…”

    1. Midnighter 25 Jan 2014, 3:55pm

      If it helps you, my thumb-downs are for comments like “self hating gays”, and your continued and unsupported agenda of Christian apologetics. I personally do not want “lots and lots of Muslims” here.

      On that note, I’m still waiting for you to provide this “concrete and tangible” evidence of Christian superiority you promised me elsewhere.

      In the meantime, feel free to bash away at crazy Muslim fundies like these, but if you want to play the persecuted Christian card you really need to show how one breed of crazy fundamentalist is “better” than the other.

      1. Firstly, I’m not a Christian. But I’ll gladly give you lots of examples of Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist, Jewish, and Pagan superiority over Islam. If you disbelieve me go preach Gay Rights anywhere from Iran to Saudi Arabia.

        1. Midnighter 25 Jan 2014, 4:28pm

          Yes, well whenever you’re ready … ;-)

          Your claim is that Islam is a greater enemy of the homosexual than Christianity. Give me what you have and I’ll let you know how convincing it is.

          1. I already did. Which primarily Christian country executes men for homosexuality?

          2. Midnighter 25 Jan 2014, 4:41pm

            “Which primarily Christian country executes men for homosexuality?”
            Fallacy: moving the goalposts.

            Your contention was that Islam is a greater enemy of homosexuals than Christianity. Yet again I’ll point out that there are many manifestations of enmity, of which that measure would only be one. As an aside – do you have that figure?

            Still waiting for this “concrete and tangible” proof …

          3. Midnighter : anyone who has an agenda of none other than the truth knows I’m right (or “I won” if you want to measure our argument like that). You won’t go to Dubai and start preaching gay equality. You’ll stay in the comfortable west (where Christianity is still the primary religion) and ….pretend all religions are the same and vote for more Muslim immigrants to the UK for Dappy diversity.

          4. Midnighter 25 Jan 2014, 5:02pm

            MJ the only way to “win” is to convince me of your argument. To do that, you first need to provide some substantiation for it.

            You claim Islam is a bigger enemy of gays than Christians, which I challenged on the basis that I couldn’t see any reasonable way of measuring and comparing the full spectrum of “harm”.

            You have now claimed that they execute more gays but
            1) you have not provided any figures or sources
            2) this does not address other harms which I have from the outset mentioned such as bullying, attempts at curative therapy and so forth.

            If you can convince me you are right, I’ll personally consider that a “win” too because I’ll have learned something.

        2. What about all the Christians who throw their gay kids onto the street because of the EXACT same concept of “Family Honor”? This really is no different. It’s just Keeping Up With the Jones’ Muslim Style.

        3. so mj, what the story with buddhists killing muslims in burma?

          1. You Muslims pushed them so far you’ve even gotten Buddhists to turn on you.

          2. ‘…you muslims…’???

            try harder pet

      2. And yes, you do want “lots of lots of Muslims” in the UK for your “Dappy diversity”. Your agenda is to thusly annoy a few irrelevant Christian conservatives, and you don’t care that it will mean more horror against UK gays. In fact, you subconciously wish for that terror.

        1. Midnighter 25 Jan 2014, 4:47pm

          I don’t know what “Dappy diversity” is but it sounds rather silly, so I’m quite sure I don’t want it.

          You seem to be implying that Christianity is what is holding back a Muslim invasion, is that it? I suggest that any principle which affords special treatment for religion of any kind is as likely to work in the favour of Islam as it is Christianity, which is why my agenda is for a secular society. If that annoys Christians, that is unfortunate but not my goal.

          Hope that clears it up for you.

    2. This is laughable. There is a mass of anti-muslim feeling here. Quite often, as in your case, it manifests itself in outright bigotry. If you want to know why you’re getting thumbs down it’s probably got less to do with the popular opinion here that muslims are backwards and more to do with using phrases like “Luckily Muslims more commonly just slaughter each other.”

      Interesting you say you can give lots of examples of other religious superiority over Islam when during the middle ages it was islamic societies in places like Iran where homoerotic poetry flourished.

      As for “go preach Gay Rights anywhere from Iran to Saudi Arabia”, well try Uganda or Zimbabwe too. I’d rather take a chance in Albania.

      1. I know all about the Persian and Sufi poets. That has nothing to do with gays being murdered in modern Islamic societies. And….absolutely its lucky that Muslims more commonly slaughter each other. Who would YOU rather see them slaughter?

        1. I’d rather they slaughtered no-one. And the reason I mentioned history is precisely to point out that the problem is a cultural one rather than a religious one. After all, executing gays clearly can’t be islamic if muslims have also historically tolerated homosexuality can it? I mean, which muslims were right?

          So do we say all muslims are inherently savage? Condemn the ones who don’t hate gays along with the ones who do?

          1. Okay. Then it’s a cultural thing that….only happens in Islamic countries ? Doesn’t help the guys who are executed.

      2. Eκηβόλος 26 Jan 2014, 3:31am

        Albania is a muslim country .

        1. I know, that was my point. Life for gay people there is far from ideal but agitating for gay rights is a hell of a lot easier there than it is in largely christian Uganda and Zimbabwe. It was in response to MJ’s point that he could “gladly give you lots of examples of Christian […] superiority over Islam” as though that meant anything.

    3. on these boards, people are almost terrorised to critique islam or even be offended by aspects of it. some commentators on here are out of touch with the growing, religious, extremism going on in the uk , because they are insular in their personal lives to multiculturalism and just want to appear as sheepish saying the public popular, pc view at the current time.

      1. E Carpenter 25 Jan 2014, 5:04pm

        Have you noticed the Chrisian terrorists (Russian Orthodox priests at the forefront) who have started the anti gay pogrom in Russia? All religious extremists should be condemned, not just some.

        1. I agree ,and I do condemn all religious persecutors , if you have ever read my previous comments regarding Christian/jewish extremism also., but i’m keeping within the context of the article

      2. People are actually *not* terrorised to critique islam on these boards. As I mentioned above, far from it. You are frequently in the majority and get plenty of thumbs up for your own anti-islamic comments. It’s fine to disagree about the issue in hand, but please don’t go mischaracterising the debate or claim you’re somehow the one being shouted down when you’re in the majority.

        I don’t care about popular PC views, I care about trying to be intellectually consistent, considerate and compassionate. When I’m not those things I expect to get called out on it regardless of who it is I’ve upset.

      3. These gays that defend Muslims are probably self-hating and have a hanging (execution) fetish. And notice no one here has praised Ms. Harrison for fighting off her attackers? (Guess their god wasn’t with them).

        1. The concern here does not be for the innocent lesbians abused by the extremists , but more apologetic , insincere idioms in support of the terrorists who terrorised this couple rather than empathy with the true victims.

        2. Of course everyone is concerned about innocent lesbians being abused. I also didn’t realise we had to praise Sarah-Jane Harrison for defending herself seeing as on a gay news website comments section you’d sort of take it as read that people think she did the right thing. Nice shifting of the goalposts though, why bother engaging with people’s arguments when you can just make up strawman arguments and suggest they have an execution fetish instead. I believe that’s what’s known as trolling.

          Rapture, find one quote from me which is “in support of the terrorists who terrorised this couple”. Just one. Quite obviously I don’t support them. But nor do I think the problem of homophobia will be solved if we tar all muslims with the same brush. This isn’t an especially complicated world view and I think you have to be willfully ignorant to think I’m somehow on the side of this couple’s attackers.

          1. Your comments on here are more sympathetic towards the persecutors of the couple by stealth as you seem to deflect away from the actual article and the fact that it involved the “wrong muslims” in a strange defence of the religion in this circumstance and insist on a comparable with others. And yes, I do not support and am anti any dogma or ideology that is homophobic and purports the violation of my human rights. I find your devil advocate playing, politicking , trying to be all things to all people ,a failure.

          2. Thanks for your reply Rapture. Please indicate where my comments have been sympathetic to the perpetrators of this crime. Like I said, just one example will do.

            I don’t disagree with people criticising muslims for homophobic behaviour, in fact I support it just as I would support the criticism of anyone else for the same behaviour. I’m not taking a devil’s advocate position. I know you’re not stupid and would appreciate it if you’d quote the sections of my text you disagree with and why you disagree with them rather than engaging in vague quasi-criticism.

        3. MJ and Rapture, this has been a most interesting thread to read through, long after the event! You are both right and those resisting what you have generally said are typical of those Brits who have little or no direct and extended experience of the world beyond Britain’s shores. I lived and worked for many years in Islamic states and yes, MJ, you are completely correct: there is no comparison between the modern persecution of homosexuals by Christians and the modern persecution of homosexuals by Muslims.

          Britain is a terribly insular little island and most of its native inhabitants are still clinging onto a form of arrogant superiority, believing that Britain still rules the waves though now by showing the world how fine “our multiculturalism” is. Meanwhile UK Muslims have been demonstrating extraordinary antipathy to us and they continue to do so, hence a few moves recently by the Home Secretary to more closely monitor Muslim meeting places.

          1. Thanks for your reply Eddy.

            I agree regarding your point about what an insular island Britain is, although I disagree that this is exhibited through multiculturalism – I’d point instead to our endemic snobbery and elitism, and our attempts to portray genuine alternatives as eccentric fantasies rather than ideas worth pursuing.

            Regarding “islamic states”, you say there’s no comparison – but have christian fundamentalists not hunted down and killed gays in Africa and Jamaica just as surely as muslim fundamentalists in Asia? Where you have a point is in regard to government-sanctioned killing (particularly in Arabia) – but is this inherently muslim? 500 years ago would the muslim/christian gay-killing ratio have looked the same? And if not why not? It suggests that societies in islamic states have undergone a cultural shift over the last 200 years generally inverse to (predominantly) christian states. But if that’s the case, then as I asked above is there any more inherent homophobia in islam than christianity? Is the koran more homophobic than the bible? And by shutting muslim out of progressive debate do we help or hinder the cause of queer people in islamic states?

          2. Thank you, Eddy. Hopefully not ALL UK citizens are so ignorant, though. Just…..certain gays and academic types. They all need a short stay anywhere from Riyadh to Baghdad.

          3. People have only to look through the PN archive to see how I have railed for years against the homophobia of all religions. What has emerged, yet again, in this thread is how fearful we non-Muslims in Britain are of alighting upon the homophobia and other injustices of Islam. We revel in lampooning that deluded person Jesus Christ, as well as the other deluded founders of all the other religions, but sadly, and most unfortunately, so many of us have completely succumbed to the threatening Muslim demand that we never speak a word of ill against Islam.

            Jesus was an ill and deluded man. Mohammed was an ill and deluded man.

            We must all be proud to say it, to ridicule Islam as much as we readily ridicule Christianity and all of the hundreds of other religions.

            So, I’ll say it again!

            Christians are mentally ill and deluded.
            Muslims are mentally ill and deluded.
            And so on.

          4. “What has emerged, yet again, in this thread is how fearful we non-Muslims in Britain are of alighting upon the homophobia and other injustices of Islam.”

            That’s not actually true though, is it.Plenty of people here are criticising the muslims in question and religious homophobia more broadly. No-one’s been scared to say anything.

    4. While I agree the Idiosyncratic concept of “Family Honor” often adhered to by muslms is obviously not compatible with British life and law, one does have to question how common this kind of thing is. If you look at them, you can see they are quite clearly a poor family, they don’t seem very well educated in general, and are probably better described as “Chav” then “Muslims” on appearance alone.

      This really isn’t much different than the hordes of Americans who toss their LGBT children to the street because “What will the church think!!!” it’s keeping up with the Jones’ at its most extreme. When those fears of shaming and blaming are no longer a risk, the need to purge gay people in the name of “Family Honor” melts away.

      These are poor people. These are uneducated people. These are chavs. Do you think feeling shamed by having gay kids is something unique to Muslims? I imagine many “native” families aren’t much different in this regard. Look at Shameless for example.

    5. While I agree the Idiosyncratic concept of “Family Honor” often adhered to by muslms is obviously not compatible with British life and law, one does have to question how common this kind of thing is. If you look at them, you can see they are quite clearly a poor family, they don’t seem very well educated in general, and are probably better described as “Chav” then “Muslims” on appearance alone.

      This really isn’t much different than the hordes of Americans who toss their LGBT children to the street because “What will the church think!!!” it’s keeping up with the Jones’ at its most extreme. When those fears of shaming and blaming are no longer a risk, the need to purge gay people in the name of “Family Honor” melts away.

  5. Ms Harrison and Nazma Ditta have been through a horrible ordeal. Ms Harrison has permanent scarring, and has been forced to leave her job and sell her home. Ms Ditta has learned her family are not the people she would have hoped them to be. I wonder if either of them will ever really feel safe again.

    The judge said the case “is about power and control… about striking terror into the heart, in order to control not just the body but also the will. There must be a clear message that what each of you did and what all of you planned cannot be tolerated.”

    The Ditta family could not accept that Nazma is free to make her own choices. When she asserted this basic freedom, they used violence. Their assault was not just on Ms Harrison but also on the fundamental principles of a free society.

    The law must take a firm line on so-called “honour-based violence” (what a misnomer). But as a society we must firmly defend our core liberties, and be utterly intolerant of intolerance.

    1. Well said Atalanta. I worked in Southall and had quite a few Indian and Pakistani friends there. One of my friends had an elder sister who was forced into an arranged marriage with a Pakistani man from her parents’ home village. He raped and bullied her and it was only when he tried to assault the youngest sister, 11, that the family allowed divorce. However, before then, he kept his wife in the home, only allowing her out for work, and asked the rest of the women on the street to tell him if she went out. Now the whole family has been ostracised by their community for the divorce. While I was working in Southall, there were several instances of attempted honour killings or maimings reported in the local press. We should not shy away from defending basic human rights because it is somehow perceived to be acceptable on the grounds of culture or religion to attack a particular group of people.

      1. get some proper perspective mate, majority of southall residents are law abiding citizens

        1. Did snowy suggest anything but? Saying the family had been “ostracised by their community” wasn’t, I think, aimed at the population of Southall en masse.

        2. @kane I have no reason to disbelieve snowy’s claims. This sort of backwards intimidation would not be possible without the support of the whole community in these ghettos. It is too rarely that Muslims speak out against these crimes, which they must know are going on around them.

          1. @Xal – and what about child abuse in the Catholic church? What about gang mentality in London? What about corruption in government and business? These are not “Muslim” problems, they’re wholly British.

            So where were all the Catholics and Christians who must have known what was going on in the church?

            The notion that “all Muslims know each other” and they all therefore have to know that these freaks were preparing to harm someone is utter tripe.

            I agree that anyone who follows these religious groups while ignoring the damage they do is just as open to criticism, but this is not limited to Muslims.

        3. Sister Mary Clarence 27 Jan 2014, 1:25am

          Sounds to me like snowy has plenty of perspective, but if I were you I’d go and see a doctor about that nasty chip you’ve got on your shoulder.

          Unfortunately the type of behaviour that Snowy refers to goes on because other people haven’t got the b0llocks to stand up and challenge when they see something wrong, often becoming defensive and denying the very existence of any sort of problem.

          I don’t know if any of that sounds remotely familiar Kane.

    2. Colin (Queenstown/London) 25 Jan 2014, 9:18pm

      Well put.

  6. E Carpenter 25 Jan 2014, 4:25pm

    The attack on Ms Harrison violated quranic teachings, but most middle-eastern muslim cultures practice social violence that’s not supported by the quran. Sort of like the many christian communities where gay bashing is still encouraged. At least the jewish god was an out-and-out gay basher himself, so when jews beat up gay people they can claim they’re not being hypocritical.

    So many religious people are also hypocritical and violent – it’s as if they’re afflicted by a multitude of mental disorders, religiosity being one of them.

    1. Only in primarily Muslim countries do they still execute for homosexuality. And the people just go along with it.

      1. September Meadows 25 Jan 2014, 4:43pm

        Apparently not only.

      2. E Carpenter 25 Jan 2014, 5:01pm

        Have you noticed the support that Christian authorities have given to the push to execute gay people in Uganda and Nigeria? And have you noticed the news reports of Russian Orthodox priests attacking and beating up gay people, as well as their full-blown Christian support of the anti-gay pogroms that have begun in Russia? If you are anti-Muslim because some of them are gay bashers, your reasoning should also make you anti-Christian, since some of them are equally virulent.

        1. They don’t execute for homosexuality in Russia.

          1. Midnighter 25 Jan 2014, 5:37pm

            Who is “they”? Someone is.

          2. Christopher Coleman 25 Jan 2014, 10:19pm

            Give ’em time.

        2. Paula Thomas 25 Jan 2014, 6:04pm

          Uganda has proposals as do severa other African Christian countries.

          1. Yes , you are right, both religions persecute many , but the comments here seem to have deflected away from the article as some seem to be in some bizarre defence of islam, which is also anti gay.

          2. rapture, article is about some kind of ‘wrong muslims’ that see fit to punish relative’s sexuality for normal behaviour

    2. Bob Michael 27 Jan 2014, 3:41am

      Speaking of bashing, enough with the “jews beat up gay people” libels. Judaism has always condemned violence of any kind unless in self defense. And in Reform Judaism we are proud of our LGBTG members, families & clergy. I personally am extremely grateful to the worldwide gay liberation movement for teaching us all some badly needed lessons about basic human rights, love, & tolerance.

  7. Such awful eyebrows.

    1. HEY !!!! UK gays scream you’re not supporting Dappy diversity when you say things like that !! Now be a good gay and say that family is much better looking than the typical English one !

      1. Little observation for you MJ. Like at MikeUK’s opening comment. It includes the line “If you want to live under Islamic laws then I suggest you move elsewhere. We won’t be having it here.” And note that it’s the most popular comment so far

        Now note how unpopular your comments have been. Maybe people’s problem with your remarks might not be because you don’t like islam or “dappy diversity” [definition pending] but because you just come across as a hate-monger.

        1. Most of your observations ARE pretty “little”.

          1. Hi MJ, thanks for the reply.

            If you think my observations are so pithy then I’d really appreciate you engaging with why they’re wrong. I don’t enjoy being in a position of ignorance about anything and if you want to put me right on anything I’m happy to hold my hands up, but so far you’ve made minimal engagement with my points and have instead built up strawman arguments about me having a an execution fetish. If I were to do the same I would argue you’re a white supremacist with a fetish for killing muslims. I doubt that’s what you really are – I have no evidence to support that – and I would appreciate being treated with the same minimal courtesy.

        2. BTW : The more down-votes I get (with the Pinky Dink crowd) the more I’m assured my statement was correct. The gay-ghetto members of the UK (like the gay ghetto of NYC) just doesn’t like having their foolishness and dysfunction recognized.

      2. Who the fûck is this cûnt?

        1. Screw you ! Because we KNOW that if James! commented on the awful eyebrows of any white non-Muslim you’d be cheering him on.

          1. james, mj is bigoted delusional prescription drugs abuser

          2. Oh it’s a closet case that gets titilated by these hostile interactions. Shoo you weirdo.

        2. It’s about 8 years since I started writing on these threads at PN, and only now, James, have I discovered how to insist that they let me write the words “fûck” and “cûnt”! Thank you!

          1. I feel so proud

  8. When are they going to outlaw Islam?

    1. E Carpenter 25 Jan 2014, 5:08pm

      And Christianity. They’re also a bunch of hypocritical, violent people who attack gay people for “religious” reasons. Outlaw all religions! That’ll work really well, and stop all human stupidity, won’t it?

    2. When we turn in to a fascist state.

    3. nikky, how such simple brain activity gets u get by?

      1. kane : learn some correct English before posting

  9. And, Ms. Harrison, if you ever read this : Good for you for being strong and skilled enough to fight off those barbarians. Too bad you didn’t have some pork-coated bullets. You set a great example, and all admiration to you.

    1. You see MJ, I’m pretty sure if the attackers had been jews and I’d said to the person defending themself “Too bad you didn’t have some pork-coated bullets” I’d be understandably accused of anti-semitism. You mentioned a double-standard regarding islam and christianity above, I’m interested to know if you think there’s a double-standard at play here too.

      1. No double standard. I don’t care if people say I’m a bigot or anti-Islam. That I am. Even if they didn’t wish execution on me for my sexuality…..any religion that forces cartoonists to go into hiding and forbids the artistic portrayal of the (human being) Mohammed is my enemy.

        1. Thanks for the reply. You didn’t clarify your position though – if someone had said regarding a jewish attacker “Too bad you didn’t have some pork-coated bullets” would that be anti-semitic or not?

          1. I don’t think it would be. Not just by making that statement. If you made the statement against innocent Jews who hadn’t attacked you…..then, yes, it would be anti-Semitic.

          2. Thanks for taking the time to respond. That doesn’t seem like a consistent line of logic. You’re saying it’s anti-semitic if they’re not guilty but OK if they are guilty? Does the same apply to black people? If I addressed black people who attacked me by a racial epithet, would that be OK? If someone attacks you, then as far as I’m concerned you should criticise them for the fact that they attacked you. Any other factors are peripheral and irrelevant, and by dragging them in you invoke bigotry.

  10. Christopher Coleman 25 Jan 2014, 6:32pm

    Pity the sentences were not heavier. Still, it is good to have these ugly people off the streets for a while.

  11. This that old “Family Honor” at play, no different to the Christians who kick out their LGBT kids because “What will the Church think?!?!?!”

    It’s just Keeping Up With the Jones’: Muslim Edition

    They’re quite clearly poor and uneducated “Chavs” is a better word to describe them really, this is not uncommon in “Chav” families either.

  12. When did these people come to England?

  13. They should have been given a lot longer than that!
    What was their plan? Did they intend to murder the poor girl?
    I find it hard to believe they only intended to rough her up and let her go, these are fanatical religious nutters.

    They should have been given at least ten years each. They are a danger to society, and when they are finally released they should be monitored.

    I would consider supporting any legislation proposed to eject people like this to a country more suited to their fanatical opinions, like Iran or Syria. I don’t care where they were born, their race or their religion, the moment they attempt to hurt someone they should face the prospect of being ejected from the country to a place more suitable to their fanaticism.

  14. british and/or edl xenophobia at play

    1. Your stupidity at play.
      It is more than obvious that ALL forms of Islam are dangerous and need to be eliminated from secular societies. There is no secularity if Islam gets too strong.

      1. Really? All forms? Even the quranists who say that women are equal, that there’s actually no quranic basis for killing gays? That people of other religions should be tolerated and appreciated rather than attacked? Isn’t that throwing the baby out with the bath water?

        1. How many of THEM say that ? Because there’s obviously not enough of them to persuade the population of Moslem countries to change the laws. I say : throw that baby out !

          1. So to be clear – you want to expose muslims to hatred and bigotry, even when they side with us against sexism, racism and homophobia? As far as you’re concerned, the likes of Salma Yaqoob, Rushanara Ali, Sadiq Khan and Shabana Mahmood should be thrown under the bus? Because to be honest, as a queer person I’d rather have them on my side than have you on my side.

        2. ha ha !!! You self-hating creature. You didn’t say ONE word to Kane who is defending that homophobic family. Instead you’re scolding the gay guy.

          1. Actually I did say “one word” to Kane in response to snowy’s remark above (scroll up). The reason I haven’t said anything else to Kane is that I’m not entirely sure what it is Kane is saying. That doesn’t make me self-hating.

        3. People often appeal for consideration of enlightened Muslims. Well, I’ve met such and known such intimately. And it is really hurtful when after years of having close and loving sexual relationships with homosexual Muslims, even when they have joined you in the drinking of alcohol, they ultimately tell you that both you and they are destined for hell, but particularly YOU because you are an infidel, because you don’t acknowledge “Allah”, that even your Xian god is simply not good enough. That’s the true extent of the Islamic liberalism for you.

          The only acceptable enlightened Muslim is the same as the only acceptable enlightened Xian: the one who’s come to acknowledge that it’s all a pile of complete bullsh*t and who’s rejected it all, hook, line, and sinker.

          There a few Muslims who have done that, become atheists/freethinkers/humanists/sceptics, but, my goodness, those few know to keep their heads down, and in view of the threatened vengeance they’re wise to do so!

          1. Well said , I have met ex muslims, who have been liberated, but they have to be very careful in admitting that, for fear of death threats/honour killings for apostasy. And anyone who has an alternative view to islam to the masses is constantly in danger of murder, just this week , there was the case of majjid Nawaz. And salmon rusdie, ayann hirsi ali ….

          2. So there ARE “enlightened” Muslims, but they don’t dare say anything because they’ll get killed ? When are we going to see a little bravery ? (And I know that’s easy for me to say but…….if things are suposed to change….)

          3. So the people you’ve had relationships with speak for all muslims at the liberal end of the spectrum do they? That’s good, I don’t need to bother meeting any actual real people and finding out what they think then. I can just ask you if you’ve met someone a bit like them and you can tell me all about them.

            To be serious – if what you describe as “the true extent of Islamic liberalism” is right – that is to say, if Salma Yaqoob, Rushanari Ali, Sadiq Khan and Shabana Mahmood all believe that gay people are going to hell, why have the voted for/vocally supported gay marriage? Why are they supporting “infidels”? Won’t they be sending themselves to hell too?

            I have no time for islam just like I have no time for any religion. But some people seem to like it. And if they do, I’m happy to stand with the ones who’ll respect and treat me as an equal human being rather than the ones who won’t.

    2. You’re in the right place. The UK Gay will cheer you on for that one. They agree that any prosecuting of any non-white non-Christian is xenophobia ! (And the only foreigners you’re allowed to hate are Americans, and usually Irish and Australians).

      1. Man, what total EDL lunacy.
        ALL religious groups that attack other people or try to inflict their will on society should be prevented from doing so.

        This is not an Islamic issue, this is a fanaticism issue.

        I don’t care what religion someone believes in, when they break the LAWS of this country they face the consequences.

        Just because some people are more intelligent than you and don’t believe the Daily Heil bullsh*t you claim that all gay people are too scared to be critical of anyone non-white?

        You’re showing your ignorance and racism, and it’s proving many of us absolutely right about the EDL knuckle-daggers.

        Even little Tommy realized those in his own gang were u*king nutters, almost no better than the religious extremists themselves. It’s a shame so many have carried on the nonsense without him.

        1. I don’t know much about EDL, but if they agree with me on this, they’re absolutely right. Let’s see YOU say one thing to the poster kane, who supports the homophobia of that Muslim family and blames their imprisonment on xenophobia. Or do you welcome Muslim homophobia because of the self-hatred and hanging/execution fetish you secretly wish for ? (And if you think that’s a farfetched suggestion….what about the guys who actually get off on the photos of those guys getting hanged in Iran ? Snuff fetishes, and variations, are not THAT rare).

          1. It’s funny how despite lacking any evidence whatsoever you keep bringing up this stuff about an execution fetish. You sound like you know an awful lot about it, you even know how common it is. I wonder how you found that out? Not by doing lots of your own “research” online, I’m sure.

            Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

  15. The scariest aspect of this story is that it is religious ‘belief’ that made these disgusging bullies do it. Yet our society tolerates this brainwashing of children precisely because it’s done in the name of ‘belief’. Isn’t it time we started to have more balls in tackling it? WHY do we tolerate it and alllow it such deference? We HAVE to become less accepting of radicals. We cannot contnue to be intimidated by ‘believers’. They do not have a monopoly on opinion.

    1. Surely a sensible place to start would be in the eradication of faith-based state schools. I mean I’d go further and argue for the total abolition of private schools (the bare minimum should be that they have their ridiculous tax-exempt status removed), but surely the idea that all state schools should be secular is non-controversial with the vast majority of people. It wouldn’t be a panacea, but telling all kids that all religions are equal and all are subordinate to British law would be a fairly healthy start.

      1. Christopher in Canada 26 Jan 2014, 1:29pm

        British law, as it stands presently, is personified by the Queen who is also head of the Anglican Church. Time to deal with that glaring issue, as well. Canada’s constitution also opens by declaring a belief in “the supremacy of God”. We really need to address these issues at the core.

        1. The Pinky Dinks aren’t going to know where to go with that one.

        2. As far as I’m concerned we should chuck the monarchy out for reasons entirely unrelated to religion, but the religious angle is another good reason to be rid of our medieval traditions too.

          1. Because your kind wants ALL tradition gone. You want to do the Dappy dance of diversity. You don’t like the UK, and don’t even want it recognized as the UK. You want to take advantage of its achievements at the same time you dismantle it. You thought the riots, and the soldier almost getting beheaded by Muslim invaders, was a good start. I know it, you know it, and everyone who gives me a Thumbs Down DOES know it.

          2. Thanks for the reply honey. I don’t want all tradition gone per se (although probably most of it). I certainly want all tradition challenged.

            You keep mentioning dappy diveristy – if a definition of what this means is forthcoming then that would be appreciated, although whatever it is the dappy dance of diversity does sound fun. I don’t like the UK, you say? Not really, no I don’t. I think it’s dysfunctional in a multitude of ways on institutional, economic and societal levels. Having lived my whole life here I think that’s a view I’m entitled to. I want to keep the good achievements and get rid of the bad ones. In this sense I think I’m probably like most people, and just disagree on what the good/bad achievements are. You’re certainly right that I don’t want it to be the UK – the Republic of Britain sounds much better to me.

            I didn’t think the riots were a good start. Mass demonstrations around a united political cause of tolerance, equality and social justice would be something I’d like, not unfocused dissatisfaction manifesting as misdirected and wanton violence. As for the soldier murdered by muslim fundamentalists, I actually think that going round killing people is, you know, wrong. Despite your claims to the contrary, you are not me, you do not know me and neither does anyone else here.

          3. Dappy diversity is the UK’s adoration of the singer Dappy. His songs became themes the rioters chanted as they looted. Dappy is meant to be the new face of the UK, the replacement of everyone from Shakespeare to Mick Jagger. I consider it, and him, the definitive example of how low the UK has sunk.

          4. Ah. I thought you were probably a real person, but this:

            “Dappy is meant to be the new face of the UK, the replacement of everyone from Shakespeare to Mick Jagger.”

            has given the game away :-)

            Nice one, you got me.

          5. MJ, it’s so strange to be lectured by someone from the US on the person of Greek-Cypriot origin we apparently worship in the UK, especially when most of us haven’t a clue whom you’re referring to – or, if we do, it’s due to a recent incident reported on Pink News.

            I’ve tried finding any reference to the songs that became the “themes” of the 2011 riots; strange that those of us who actually lived through them are so ignorant of this individual’s importance. Perhaps you could provide a link to some authoritative account that supports your theory?

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