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McDonald’s #CheersToSochi Twitter hashtag hijacked by LGBT activists

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Reader comments

  1. Minimum wage paying, Obesity making McDonalds is not a good company? #Shocked!

    McDonalds supporting the Olympics is like Exxon supporting wind power.

  2. Colin (Queenstown/London) 24 Jan 2014, 9:53pm

    There is nothing good about McDonalds that i can think off. Had about 4 in my entire life. (4 too many)

  3. The only thing large corporations think about is brand image and money. It is easy for all LGBT people to hijack their marketing, go now and post a few comments on twitter with their # about beatings of LGBT in Russia. More effective than any boycott or petition, simply high jack the $millions they spent on sponsorship! It will take a second, do it a few times every day.

  4. The Sochi Games promotes homophobic bullying, it is not an appropriate message to be sending out to anyone, least of all school kids when here in UK there is so much homophobic bullying in the classroom. It threatens to undo all the good work that anti-bullying campaigns have been achieving.

  5. IBM, Ford & General Electric all colluded with the Nazis in the 1930s ( so it should come as no surprise that McDonalds and Coca-Cola support Putin’s tyranny and the Sochi Hate Games…

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