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UK: Man lured to house and viciously attacked in homophobic assault by gang of three

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  1. I don’t believe, as some people do, that all homophobes are closet cases, but if you read the article on Thisischeshire it would certainly seem as though Uhlar is – he got chatting with the victim on a website “for a joke” (yeah, right) and then, it would appear, felt he had to put up a show with his mates.

    Either that or, just as possibly, they’re three mindless thugs filled with hatred (for their useless lives, perhaps?) with just enough brains to find their victims online.

    1. I agree with you there. I think a lot of intense homophobes are closet cases, but definitely not all. Some are just bullies who see gays as easy targets.

  2. Homophobia is an irrational hatred of homosexuality. If one examines why some people are irrationally homophobic and some people are not, one has to come to the conclusion that it is something within the homophobic which drives them to their hatred. Every piece of research done over the past few years points conclusively to the fact that “the greater the homophobe the greater the closet case”. It’s about self loathing projected outwardly. Why was this person on a gauge outside in the first place? By beating-up someone gay they are in effect beating up the gayness in themselves.

    1. Sorry – gay website not whatever SIRI thought I said ….

    2. Every piece of research done over the past few years points conclusively to the fact that “the greater the homophobe the greater the closet case”.

      I’m pretty sure they have not. Sure, there are likely to be a fair few of people like this but we can’t tackle the problem if we just assume they’re all closet cases as a feeble way at pretend we know exactly what is going on to seem like ‘the ones in the right’

  3. It’s been proven over and over again that those who have the most violently homophobic views are themselves hiding same-sex desires. There have been numerous studies which show this to be the case.

    The subconscious response of the male genitalia cannot lie in this regard.

    I hope that all three are given lengthy prison terms, and if they are not British nationals they should be immediately deported the moment they are released from prison.

    Serve time in this country for committing the crime against our laws, then be ejected from this country too. That’s the only way to deal with scum like these men.

    1. Totally correct. Yet my comment above gets a thumbs down. Weird.

  4. Deport them back to Slovakia after serving their sentences. They do not deserve to walk our streets again.

  5. soapbubblequeen 23 Jan 2014, 9:29pm

    Send them back to Slovakia or wherever the hell it is they come from. Why should we have to pay for their bloody stint in jail?!! Dross.

  6. Robert in S. Kensington 23 Jan 2014, 10:32pm

    This seems to mirror the tactics used by Russian homophobes since the draconian anti-gay law was introduced by Putin.

  7. Before coming to the UK, every applicant should have to pass an anti homophobia test to see if they fit in with British values. If they don’t, their application gets denied.

    1. I agree with you, but the politically-correct gays of the UK would never allow it, as that would keep out too many Muslims. Don’t forget gays want a “diverse” UK.

    2. That should come after the anti-homophobia test that all UK residents should pass first, to ensure they fit in with British values, shouldn’t it?

  8. why are they not deported -hopefully they will be. Just be careful when using any dating site gay straight bi trans – very sad and hope the guy attacked is doing ok

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