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Eastenders actress slams Nigeria’s anti-gay law as ‘absurd’

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Reader comments

  1. Yes, Eastenders is certainly doing something brilliant with this character.. Within a few weeks of being in the show she slept with Billy Mitchell on NYE! Her nephew kissed another man literally within a couple of episodes of first appearing on it, but the gay woman has only been seen kissing a man and shown leaving his house the morning after! I dont know what it is about EastEnders. They seem to be able to write decent gay men, but when it comes to gay women they are abysmal! Just to fit in all the other tv clichés, she’ll murder someone, have a mental breakdown and marry Billy by Christmas..

  2. Thanks Ms Bradshaw-White and all best with rest of the career. Still nostalgic for the days of This Life when I was a teenager and her gay on-screen cousin Warren was a pretty groundbreaking character.

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