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What this 4-year-old told the Australian PM about same-sex marriage will warm your heart

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Reader comments

  1. O good, let’s let four-year-olds decide all our national policy,

    1. I say let the four year-olds have a go. It’s bound to be better than the slimy, self-serving political class currently in power.

      Seriously, I don’t have time to wait for ageing bigots to die or retire.

    2. That’s actually not a bad idea. Kids often see justice and what’s right and wrong without being pressured by political opinions.

      There are only two questions that actually need to be asked when it comes to legislating for equality laws… 1. Will it improve the lives of citizens? And 2. Will it harm the rights and freedoms of other citizens.

      If politicians took their heads out of their religious back sides and used these basic questions there is absolutely no argument to prevent equal marriage.

      Separation of church and state.

    3. At least:
      a we’d have a national policy
      b it might make sense
      c not be embarrassing on the world stage
      d contain human rights

  2. It’s great that a PM that espouses “family values” can’t even support his own sister. I’m about to celebrate my 12th anniversary with my partner and would love to go home to Australia to get hitched, on an equal footing with my five brothers and sisters who are all married to their straight partners.

  3. Always good to know:Very young Children do not care about social standards, “love” is the matter of the heart.
    I remember a situation in the class-room many years ago. A 10 y old boy asked me: “Do you have a wife?”- “No”, I said, ” but I have a very nice boy- friend!” : He then: “Oh, me too!”
    Of course this short dialogue was not about being gay or straight, but just about being

  4. Indoctrinated by her pseudo ‘parents’ who belong to the homo-lobby , one can only feel sorry for the girl denied a mother and a father by a warped ideology .

    1. All religions require indoctonation to carry on their misguided views to the next generation, being gay or lesbian is a reality. This girl has more common sense than you Ray at least she doesn’t follow the dogmatic views of a faction of desperate old men who can’t even piss straight without having someone their to hold it for them and rely on mindless tools like you to do their dirty work, and being the good little puppet you are, you follow their every word. It seems to me Ray, that your better off letting others think for you since you obviously do very little of it yourself.

    2. You’d know all about warped Ray. I imagine your idea of normal involves a bunch of men poncing about in gold threaded gowns and mitres, speaking in latin whilst wafting incense about. Once they’re done with that they pop out for a bit of kiddy fiddling.

      Yep, that’s normal.

    3. glasgow1975 27 Jan 2014, 10:32pm

      You didn’t even read the story – the gay couple in question are not her parents, pseudo or otherwise – they just happen to be friends with the 4 year old girl’s mum.
      I can’t see how having a mother is being ‘denied a mother’ as you state, and nobody has mentioned the father in this story, so how do you know she’s ‘denied’ one of those too? Or did your imaginary friend in the shy tell you there wasn’t any father??

  5. de Villiers 24 Jan 2014, 6:40pm

    It is as bad to see four year olds writing letters in support of gay marriage as to see them writing letters against it.

    They are too young to understand what they are doing and should be allowed to live as much of a sheltered life as they can.

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