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US: Indiana committee to hear arguments around bill to ban gay couples from marrying

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Reader comments

  1. God said so.

    That is there argument.

    1. They also have another ‘argument’. Those gay boys and girls have sex in a different way to how I have it. They are ‘icky’ and therefore I don’t like them and so we shouldn’t share an important social institution with ‘those urgh people’ and maintain straight privelage.

      1. They do all the same things we do, they just pretend they don’t.

  2. It is highly tedious that the same tiresome material has to be regurgitated in each State, It’s not as if they suddenly have any new argument as David North pointed out already. You’d think existing case law would be able to decide the case without the waste of time and money unless there was some new and compelling argument to consider, but we all know it’s just a delaying tactic by the anti-gay loonies who have nothing better to do.

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