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US has no plans to withdraw aid to Nigeria in wake of anti-gay law introduction

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Reader comments

  1. Midnighter 22 Jan 2014, 9:27pm

    I’m not sure what the “controversial” nature of single sex marriage has to do with the execution and incarceration on Nigeria, but by linking the two in this context it rather sounds like he is excusing a lack of meaningful action on the premise that “its a controversial issue, see we even have problems with the pesky gays over here in the USA”.

    “The issue of same sex marriage is very controversial all over the world, including my country where 17 states out of 50 have considered it. Some are saying it is not legal.”

    It would be hard to cite the currently position with a more obviously negative spin than this.

    17 states have considered it .. and adopted it as law. Rather significant omission than.

    As for “some” – well clearly following the SCOTUS ruling on DOMA and the national trend, they are being shown state-by-state, bigot-by-bigot that those “some” are in fact totally WRONG.

  2. “Only a marriage contract between a man and a woman shall be recognised as valid in Nigeria,” the law states.

    But as the majority of Nigerians have become totally inhuman in their treatment of their fellow gay Nigerians they can hardly call themselves men and women , rather they have become something less than animals now with an insect-like hive mentality brought about by an extreme corruption of religion as they trample over anyone a little different to themselves.

    1. Nicely put. It sounds very much like the way things were during Mediaeval times in the UK – right down to the cruel pleasure taken in the humiliation and suffering of others.

      Religion defines membership it’s in-group and so long as it is permitted to behave heinously to those they deem outside it, everyone is increasingly desperate to show they are part of that group.

      Any time any theist claims unlimited free speech, remember that it is because they don’t merely lack empathy for those they offend, but a great many of them would as gladly throw literal stones as easily as insults.

      1. Medieval? The last men hanged for buggery in England were Pratt and Smith, hanged “in front of a larger crowd than usual” in 1835 – not exactly the Middle Ages.

        1. Midnighter 23 Jan 2014, 3:02pm

          A point well made, however even hanging seems rather tame and merciful by comparison to what can be found in Abrahamic scripture (eg crucifixion for starters). I picked the Mediaeval period because during that time they seemed particularly fond of a spot of torture that was largely inspired by – if not limited to – the bloodthirstier edicts of scripture. Things like plunging thieves’ hands into boiling oil, forcing rats to gnaw through live “criminals” bodies to escape a heated cage etc. As a homosexual one might have been subjected to the “Pear of Anguish” (or the red hot poker via the same orifice if you were lucky).

          Thumbscrews, the Knee Splitter, the Breast Ripper … religious fervour frees human ingenuity from compassion allowing it to devise all sorts of ways to punish evil. Fear of being on the receiving end of such instruments inspires those wielding them to commit atrocities.

  3. friday jones 23 Jan 2014, 1:05am

    The USA’s federal government can only continue to send aid to Nigeria by violating law in one or the other country now. That’s because in the USA, federal law prohibits discrimination against someone for the purpose of employment due to race, sex, religion, national origin, or sexual preference. And to administer aid, we have to send employees of the federal government to Nigeria.

    How the hell are we going to satisfy the laws of both countries if the only way to remain legally active in Nigeria is to create job positions in Washington DC that specifically prohibit LGBT people from successfully applying?

    1. Colin (Queenstown/London) 23 Jan 2014, 3:30am

      Thanks for the explanation. Got it.

    2. well, the jobs in america would be open to all, without discrimination thus satisfying the federal law requirements, but gay people who would get the job would have to then obey the laws of the land they work in. american laws cannot override the laws of another country, but federal government as employer would still be responsible for the safety of its employees. in this case it would come down to explaining the local laws and culture.

  4. western world’s reaction to new homophobic laws in russia and africa just shows that any country can get away with violating international conventions, treaties and laws as long as it concerns gays. i mean what worst can happen, condemnation in diplomatic tone?

  5. It’s really only about oil and gas. The aid is given to Nigeria to smooth the way for the oil companies and their shareholders to make profit and be left alone.
    Similarly no EU country will boycott or make too much fuss about Russia because that is where most of their gas comes from and ours will too when the North Sea drilling runs dry.
    What do you really think the unrest in the Ukraine is about – gas and a pipeline – with Russia being a key player.
    Politicians will sound off in support of LGBT rights but at the end of the day when money is key to power – equality comes a long long way behind wealth and wealth is the vote winner every time.

  6. iwouldliketoknow 23 Jan 2014, 12:17pm

    If funding is withdrawn, how are those affected by hiv aids to be treated, are they to be left to die? How would the UN deal with this or other agencies?

    1. Nigeria is a rich nation perhaps it could spend its own money on tackling its peoples problems

  7. GulliverUK 23 Jan 2014, 2:34pm

    I don’t know if Obama and Cameron sleep easy with their condoning witch hunts and murder of LGBT people in Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, etc. That is exactly what they are doing by refusing to suspend aid. That aid cannot ever benefit LGBT people in countries where saying you are gay can bring you arrest and a jail term. If the aid is not for all, then it should be for nobody. It will forever haunt both of them if those people in Nigeria’s north, on trial for simply being gay, are stoned to death. People worldwide will hold them responsible. Nigeria’s Jonathan only passed the law to shore up his massive problems at home by appealing to the religious right – who have been heavily influenced by freaky right-wing nutters from the US. They exported the hate, they must put this situation right. Same in Uganda. I understand completely what I’m saying about aid – does anyone seriously believe that I don’t want aid to go to people in need? The situation is dire with strong action needed.

  8. The headline of this article is misleading. It is HIV/AIDS prevention/treatment funding that the US is not going to cut. For the life of me I can’t figure out how defunding HIV/AIDS prevention/treatment funding would help gay people in Nigeria. If there is anything left in Nigeria that I support funding it is this.

    1. But why can’t a nation that ‘misplaces’ billions of dollars of it’s oil revenue to Swiss bank accounst and has ‘pastors’ with personal fortunes of 150 mmillion dollars and the highest number of individually owned jets in Africa pay to treat it’s own people
      And it seems if you’re LGBT the onky treatment you’re likely tio get is prison if you’re lucky or stoned to death if you’re not.
      The aid is not about tackling poverty the exact opposite its about protecting and creating wealth

  9. Any funding to those countries is a direct support to their human rights violations. Shame on America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Kelvin Beer-Jones 23 Jan 2014, 7:12pm

    I will now check very carefully where my charitable contributions go. As far as state aid goes, others are right here, it follows oil.

    1. You should do exactly that, if the government will not do anything. Nearly all the money that is given to Oxfam and Christian Aid goes to Africa, the same with donations to charity shops, find out what happens to the money raised from the goods we donate, if it goes to Africa just dump or burn it.

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