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Russia: Despite anti-gay law, twin toilets unveiled at Sochi Olympics venue

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Reader comments

  1. Mumbo Jumbo 22 Jan 2014, 1:39pm

    Perhaps the builder was running a Buy One Get One Free (BOGOF).

    1. I’m surprised others haven’t yet shown adequate appreciation for your wit ;)

    2. Colin (Queenstown/London) 22 Jan 2014, 6:49pm

      Very droll….I’m still laughing.
      Clever you are!

  2. The Kitty Channel 22 Jan 2014, 1:49pm

    A communal privy! Traditional Russian values!

  3. Taking a traditional dump next to a total stranger seems a little too intimate to me, possibly even worse if it’s someone you vaguely know. This must be just another way to make non-Russians feel very uncomfortable, avoid the Sochi games.

  4. As a sixty year old gay man I would find these toilets quite offensive. Do they honestly think all gay men like meeting in toilets. I never have and never will

  5. There are other cultures that have similar attitudes to bodily functions, but they are generally more open and free with regard to gender and sexuality too. It seems a little odd that Putin is on his Orthodox crusade about “gay propaganda” while this is also being done in mens rooms.

    Surely, if the country is so concerned about these things as it claims to be, there should be partitions up between urinals too, or only cubicles in a mens room?

    This is a good example of the hypocrisy of the Russian state, claiming their laws are about one thing while they’re actually about something completely different.

    If the laws were really about “protecting kids” these toilets would not exist in Russia. This would be one of the first things the state would have rectified if it were.

    1. Partitions cost money, and this is simply an example of Russian frugality (or corruption). The humor mitigates somewhat the fact that Sochi is on track to be the most disastrous Winter Olympics ever.

  6. I imagine it’s reserved for Putin and Medvedev.

  7. Obviously for the married heterosexual males attending the Olympics…as we all know how much they like to bond with other males…which of course does not make them gay.

  8. I don’t understand how toilets without a partition have anything to do with homophobic laws. Are they saying that men will likely engage in sex if they can see each other while pooping?
    Somebody please shed some light on this story for me.

    1. Are you possibly American? You seem to be having difficulty recognising ‘irony’? A ‘private’ cubicle … with TWO seats? Wouldn’t you think the ULTRA homophobic Russian government would have wanted to avoid ANYTHING which might appear to be seen as potentially facilitating ‘cottaging’? If you can’t see how weird this is, I think you must have had a humour-ectomy as a child.

  9. Maybe it’s a roundabout way of discouraging any friskiness, after all I can think of few things less likely to bring on any amorous feelings than someone defecating in full view of me (or vice versa).

  10. Christopher Coleman 22 Jan 2014, 4:19pm

    It’s a clever plot to increase the Russian medal count. These double lavatories are intended to inhibit use and, therefore, increase the incidence of constipation and bladder malfunction. Intestinal discomfort and wet leggings will adversely affect the athlete’s performance. I am surprised that other sports hosts have not indulged in tricks like this. Nice to see that Russia can still give us truly creative “firsts” and that Sputnik and Gagarin were not flukes.

  11. Tear off some of that difficult-to-get-at paper BEFORE sitting down, indeed, and in full view of the person s(h)itting beside you!


  12. It would be interesting to learn if this is the only pair of toilets without individual privacy in the complex or not. Surely all the cubicles are not doubles, or triples? Have they created large “defectaria” consisting of 20 or so communal toilets? If so, we clearly have not realised just how really out of touch with the modern world these Russians are!

  13. Since Putin seems so determined to model himself on the emperors of ancient Rome, it’s perhaps hardly surprising that his admiration should extend to their sanitation…

  14. douglas in canada 25 Jan 2014, 3:09am

    “A picture of the toilets was originally tweeted by BBC’s Steve Rosenberg from the Biathlon Centre.”

    Maybe the construction company misunderstood the meaning of “BI-athlon.” Maybe, in order to compete, there is a time trial, in which you have to use both toilets?

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