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Nigeria: Thousands of protesters throw stones into court urging executions of gay men

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Reader comments

  1. CH Brighton 22 Jan 2014, 5:47pm

    1933 all over again.

  2. How utterly disgusting. It’s not 100 years since white Americans were doing the same sort of thing to blacks. Wouldn’t you think they would have more sense of their persecuted history before they start doing the same thing to their own ….? But then that’s the power of religious conditioning for you.

    1. sense of their persecuted history

      Why do you expect the occupants of the Islamic Nigerian states today to consider the history of the southern states of the USA in the 19c “theirs”? Perhaps the usage “blacks” indicates that you think they’re all one and the same all over the world. How patronising.

      1. You are always so politically correct – and patronising, Rehan. Any ‘minority’ – especially those with a history of being persecuted and repressed – has, in my humble opnion, a duty to be ulta-cautious about its own morality before subjugating anyone else. It’s the same revulsion I feel for christians who do not see the irony and hypocrisy of persecuting gay people when they suffered persecution themselves in the early days of their cult. I feel exactly the same about the way in which Israeli Jews treat Palestinians. I mentioned black Nigerians simply because we were discussing black Nigerians and their treatment of their own citizens. But you are so busy on your crusade to protect us all from the racism you believe you see in comments that you don’t bother to consider the true meaning.

        1. You’re talking absolute rubbish

          Rehan is entirely right – you’re assuming that all black people (and ‘black’ is an adjective – it’s a descriptive word – it needs a noun after it …like ‘people’) are culturally and historically one and the same the world over – they’re not.

        2. @ “Truth”: if, by ‘politically correct’ you mean I strive to avoid making wild generalisations about vast groups of people, thank you. In fact, I agree with much you say above; however, I think you routinely overestimate the knowledge and education people who don’t live in advanced societies are exposed to. I also wish you could understand that Nigerians, like other African “blacks”, are not and never have been minorities in their own countries, and the most of their nations’ populations have grown up in post-colonial times.

  3. Midnighter 22 Jan 2014, 5:58pm

    “No one can be sentenced to death until confirmed without a reasonable doubt”.
    The desperate cry of a failing democracy besieged by theocracy.

    1. Untrue. Nigeria has a thriving economy and government. Look it up.

      1. Midnighter 23 Jan 2014, 8:00pm

        Germany’s GNP rallied considerably under the hand of Herr Hitler, and his Government was (almost) world beating. Democracy, not so hot there.

        China has the worlds second largest economy which by your criteria might mean it is “thriving”, yet is has no democracy and a closer look at the economics shows that it ranks behind almost 200 other countries in terms of per-capita GDP.

        So while you haven’t explained your criteria for “thriving”, even ignoring that asinine simplicity for the moment it is clear that neither of the factors you mention are reliable indicators of the health (or existence) of a democracy, nor do they tell us anything about the liberty and well-being of the individual.

        If reality isn’t your thing (as appears to be the case) then I suggest you go read Brave New World to see how an economically stable society with a thriving government does not automatically equate to a nice place to live.

  4. Imagine if the courts in the UK were trying men accused of being muslims and people were throwing stones at the court room to get them executed. What a load of brainless bigoted imbeciles. Don’t they realise how pathetic and stupid they look to the rest of the World? Islam the religion of peace – unless you’re not a mulsim, a woman, gay or a muslim that doesn’t agree with the local iman.

    It’s time that the UN and the international community stood up for gay minorities in these islamic states.

    1. Mihangel apYrs 23 Jan 2014, 10:00am

      we do need to get this right: “Islam” is not the “religion of peac”e (except that of the grave), “Islam” means “submission to the will of Allah”

      1. Whatever it literally means, it’s certainly been more destructive trouble than not (since the Mongol invasion).

  5. Colin (Queenstown/London) 22 Jan 2014, 6:10pm

    10 Million people at risk. Where is the United Nations forces to provide a safe place for 10M refugees???????

  6. There should be a simple international rule adopted by the UN – no state that inflicts religious “laws” on people should be accepted into international markets, agreements or protections. There should be a raft of economic and political sanctions ready to be used against any government which uses any religious doctrine to found their laws and persecute members of society. There should be similar punishments for any nation which ignores these sanctions and supports these despotic regimes.

    I’m so fu*ked off with the weakness of the international community right now it’s unreal. The UN is a weak and pathetic organization more interested in its own wealth and position than the rights of people around the world. There’s enough bureaucracy, we need action to be taken against these states immediately in order to prevent future genocide at the hands of cults.

  7. Accused of being homosexual people instead of heterosexual people!

    It’s as ridiculous as accusing a person of being black, or accusing a person of being left-handed, or accusing a person of being short in stature.

    This is a horror. Goodluck Jonathan is a criminal. He should be carted off to The Hague and prosecuted for a crime against humanity, for persecuting approximately 10 million of his own citizens.

    1. You are attempting to rationalise the actions of the irrational. These people are ill-educated and brainwashed by religion. You may as well try to talk a racist into letting his spare room to a Nigerian. Once the seeds of ‘revulsion’ have been sown by an outfit which claims to have a hot-line to the Sky Fairy, it is almost impossible to de-programme them. Only education which discourages superstition and encourages rational thought can do this ……

  8. And, lets not pretend that this is an extremist “Islamic” issue, this is a representation of the extremes of every single insane cult on this Earth. We need to eradicate these delusional beliefs as soon as possible, they are all a scourge on Humanity and an offense to all right-thinking people.

    Don’t believe for one second that this kind of insanity and hatred is exclusive to one cult, factions of all mainstream religions would do this in a heartbeat if they could get away with it.

    There are Orthodox nutters in Russia, right wing extremist Christians in the US, hateful “Catholics” in the UK and Ireland… they are a disease all over this planet and would slaughter many hundreds of thousands to increase their dominance over others. This is the very nature of organized cultism.

    Stop legitimizing these religions, call them what they are – CULTS.

    1. While partially true, your attitude prevents getting to the chase. The Left has qualms about attacking Islam given that Muslims are often targeted themselves by EDL and the like. So they frame it as “oh, yeah, religion is a bitch” than ignore Islamic homophobia (which is more violent and extreme than that promoted by any other cult) and sweep it under the rug. Islamic homophobia needs to be given its own special place in the general fight against homophobia, as it is the most ruthless. As bad as Christians can be at times, you hardly find THOUSANDS of people demanding someone’s death outside a court.

      1. The Gay Left is so stupid that it can’t walk and chew gum at the same time. Or, in these cases, can’t understand that just because some of their “enemies” hate Muslims doesn’t mean that Muslims aren’t an even bigger enemy to gays. (And, yes, they do try to hide behind the “ALL religion is a problem..” thing when it’s almost totally only ONE religion that’s the problem).

        1. Midnighter 24 Jan 2014, 9:51am

          “when it’s almost totally only ONE religion that’s the problem”
          Is one Islamic stoning worth 3 teens scarred for life after “gay cure” therapy? I don’t think you can meaningfully quantify it like that.

          If your religion involves trying to control how non-believers live their lives – as do both Islam and Christianity – then it should be robustly circumscribed by law for the protection of those of other faiths or none.

          Both faiths have fundamentalists who seek to supplant democratic rule with theocratic rule. Sharia law is simply a more obvious codification of the same principles you will hear frequently expressed by many Republicans (and some Democrats) in the US who almost universally identify as Christian.

          1. There’s a vague truth, yes, floating about in there in what you say. But, in a concrete tangible way, today, there’s no equating vast and varied Christianity with Islam (and spare me, you other guys, about Islam being just as vast and varied…)

          2. Midnighter 24 Jan 2014, 7:01pm

            “There’s a vague truth, yes, floating about in there in what you say.”
            Please do feel free to point out the parts that challenged you and I’ll see if I can help.

            there’s no equating vast and varied Christianity with Islam
            Yes there is. They are both Abrahamic religions from the Middle East. Both groups believe in the original gospel of Jesus. etc. I just equated them twice, right there.

            This is also shifting the goal posts: you raised Islam with the specific context of their enmity to gays, claiming that they were “an even bigger enemy to gays” and this is what I challenged.

            A (forgive me) vague reference to the size and variety of Christian faith versus Islam doesn’t explain which is the bigger enemy of homosexuals. If it is so “concrete and tangible” you should have no trouble demonstrating it with some statistics and so forth.

  9. This is what happens when constructed ignorance is verified by law.

  10. Lion in Winter 22 Jan 2014, 6:34pm

    The peasants are revolting.

  11. What is it they motivates those thousands of people to leave their homes and places of work to come and throw stones at people that have done them no harm? I say cut off all aid to countries who’s leaders populations show these savage tendencies. I used to give to African charities but no longer. Why pay to let these people breed more murderous bullies? Harsh, I know, but I’m angry.

    1. “I used to give to African charities but no longer.”

      Nothing says tolerance like taking out your dislike of certain people on an entire continent.

    2. Cal, countries like Nigeria have histories of violence (look up the Biafran War) largely because a nation was created by a colonising power, in this instance Britain, regardless of existing ethnic/religious differences. There are 3 major and countless minor ethnicities in Nigeria, which is nearly 4 times the size of the UK and has nearly 3 times the population: think of the strife in Northern Ireland magnified. Whole generations have been brutalised by conflict which means the general populace, without anything like an even distribution of wealth or a powerful middle class, can enthusiastically seek scapegoats for their latent violence. Cutting aid to education would have a disastrous effect.

  12. David Mason 22 Jan 2014, 7:38pm

    This is heart breaking to read & terrifying. Things are going to take too long to change, & governments won’t put on the necessary pressure because it is just ‘gay issues’.
    We should be getting people out of there, getting someone to the prisons so we can remove prisoners – to make them safe.
    The statement & poem by Martin Niemoller, ‘First the came for …..’ has come true. When I close my eyes I can see someone lying in a cell, scared, worried what tomorrow brings, now after reading this piece, i am made to feel sick.
    Letters, emails & petitions, must continue, but in the mean time, I wait to hear of the first executions. Then no doubt the neighboring countries will start.
    This is a humanitarian crisis. I have never felt so powerless or upset.
    Please someone tell me I am over reacting then it means we have time.

    1. Things are getting worse in Nigeria, so I’m guessing the UK authorities will want to send any LGBT Nigerian asylum seekers back there.

    2. Did you feel upset over other mass murders in Africa? Or just this anti-gay situation? What about refugees from Zimbabwe who are actually set on fire by South Africans who don’t want invaders? Or…have you heard of the child slave trade?

      1. James Campbell 29 Jan 2014, 6:18pm

        The report that these replies are targeting concerns the maltreatment of gay people in Nigeria, Given the limited character count in Pink News replies, then it is not surprising that the main focus is on the persecution of homosexual Nigerians. I may be wrong, but I suspect that many who comment on this thread are just a s concerned about all examples of human rights abuses anywhere in the world. For the record, I am a member of Physicians for Human Rights, but here I am writing about gay people in NIgeria.

  13. So, assuming this is correct, the 11 men were “arrested for belonging to gay organisations”. But we still have anti-gay groups over here publicly saying that they are being ‘persecuted’ for their associations, and things they say and do.

    Just today in fact, I read through an article from the “ex-gay” group ‘voice of the voiceless’ saying that countries such as Nigeria, Uganda, and Russia are doing what they’re doing in retaliation to the advancement of human rights in the west. And that by their legislation against membership of certain groups, they are somehow protecting free speech and association rights.

  14. Robert in S. Kensington 22 Jan 2014, 8:18pm

    Throughout all this horror, has anyone noticed the deafening silence of the CofE, the original key player in promoting homophobia and upholding a law against homosexuality imported into the former colonies? Why the silence, Welby? Religion is where this is all coming from, Christianity and Islam especially.

    1. You do realise this story concerns Nigerian Muslims right…?

  15. Garland Tillery 22 Jan 2014, 11:03pm

    Nothing will change in oil-rich African countries until the West no longer needs oil. Western corporations will continue to do business and fill the pockets of despots like the thuggish President of Nigeria and will continue to allow gays to be murdered by savages.
    As an American, I am no longer surprised by the immorality allowed by unfettered capitalism.
    So sad.

    1. Oil is also, no doubt, why the U.S. doesn’t criticize the way Saudi Arabia rules. Did you know people are actually put on trial for casting witchcraft spells there?? Did you ever hear the White House criticize that ?

  16. But they are animals, less evolved the majority, ruled by pheromones still.

    1. That’s an insult……to animals. Animals would not act this way. These ‘people’ are inhuman monsters.

  17. Charles Darwin was right about Africans.

    1. Were lynchings in the USA performed until the mid-20c by Africans?

      1. No…but the murder rate in the black communities in the U.S. are FOUR times as high as they were before the Civil Rights movement. More blacks are killed in the U.S. by other blacks in exactly every ten months than were ever killed in the entire U.S. history of lynchings. (And that’s just one of many reasons I agree with Darwin).

        1. Nice stab at “logic”, MJ. So you aren’t trying to deny that US lynch mobs right up to the 1960s were made up of white people, with mainly black victims?

          Incidentally, you might want to start comparing US gun crime statistics generally with those of more advanced nations like Canada or the UK. What do you think Darwin would say about those?

          1. No, I’m not denying the lynch mob thing at all. I never said white people can’t be bad too. But how does that negate anything, in any way, Darwin said about sub-saharan Africans ? (Darwin also cited the Indus Valley civilization as a superior example, but there are still SOME dysfunctional and murderous Indians).

          2. I’m glad to hear you’re capable of some nuance after all MJ, that certainly wasn’t the impression you’d given so far. You might find this article interesting (though equally you may well dismiss it for being too leftie/pinko/commie):


    2. Racist rubbish, MJ

      Pink news – please remove this

  18. This is tribalism at its crudest, manipulated by organised religion and given the cover of authority by law – how frightening is it that Sharia law was only introduced within the last 15 years? Mobs can be so easily whipped up to find scapegoats, let’s not forget that lynch mobs operated with impunity sometimes in southern US states even in the second half of the 19c. The fact that the law protects these men only to possibly condemn them later is what’s most terrifying here.

  19. soapbubblequeen 23 Jan 2014, 9:23pm

    Ignorant peasants. I hope they all starve to death.

  20. “When religious extremists… found that their war against homosexuality was floundering on home turf, they scrambled to capture a world ripe for scapegoating, using the Bible to spin their hateful yarn on African soil. Uganda became a target and they were successful,”

    “Their target included, not only the general Ugandan populace, but also the Ugandan politicians and Members of Parliament, who subscribed to their interpretations, that Gays are not fit to live ‘because the Bible says so!’ This trend has spread across the continent. And anti-gay laws have been passed, compliments U.S. Evangelicals.”
    (Melanie Nathan, South African gay rights activist)

    1. Though the above quote was specifically referencing Uganda, it applies equally to Nigeria.
      “If you look at the worldwide Anglican communion, the former head of the church in Nigeria, Peter Akinola, was at the forefront of the campaign against gay people.”

      Malawi’s President Joyce Banda tried to buck the trend in 2012, promising to repeal laws which banned homosexual acts.
      But she dropped the idea after a backlash from the Malawi Council of Churches, a group of 24 influential Protestant churches.

  21. marshlander 24 Jan 2014, 6:35pm

    Superstition and organised religion may be the engine that powers these terrible events, but throwing off the shackles of ignorance is made more difficult by living in a country with a dysfunctional education system and adult illiteracy running at more than 70%. Surely any withdrawal of aid that threatens goals for universal education will have a negative impact on the people who are most at risk? That girls in particular are often denied a full education must mean that the most basic tools for fighting superstitious prejudice are not even in place.

    I realise that we may not have made the most of the educational advantages we have, but how do people get access to new ideas when they can’t read and are only fed the hate that surrounds them every day.

  22. Stop Aid to African Nations that go the same way: Uganda, Cameroon, Nigeria.. and all the others!

  23. they that kill will be killed – No weapons formed against us will prosper.

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